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The Weekend in Sports

It was an interesting past week in the sports world with the Tiger Woods scandal hitting new levels each and every day. Not a day went by that we didn't hear about another woman who was allegedly sleeping with the Tiger. Who knows where this whole sordid mess is headed. Here is the latest information on a deal that Tiger reportedly made to keep a story about an affair from being published.

In addition, the lurid details about his sex life are now surfacing which has turned the intensely private Woods into a late night talk show punch line. And with the count of women coming forward now at six who knows when this story will leave the news and allow Tiger and his wife some time to work on repairing their relationship.

Then you had the Bears who were coming off of an embarrassing blowout loss to the Vikings. Well, on Sunday the beloved Bear finally put a game into the win column by beating the completely inept St. Louis Rams 17-9 at Soldier Field.

The Bulls finally won a game after they beat the Detroit Pistons at the United Center earlier in the week. However, they were drilled both Friday and Saturday by the Cavaliers and Raptors respectively with the latter winning by 30+ at the United Center.

The Blackhawks won 2 of 3 this week with an 11 round shootout deciding a tough win over the Columbus Blue Jackets on Tuesday evening before the Hawks lost to Nashville on Friday night at the United Center. However, the Hawks bounced back quickly beating the defending Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins 2-1 in OT on Saturday evening.

Baseball now grabs center stage with the Winter Meetings officially underway in Indianapolis. Both the Cubs and the White Sox are expected to be very active participants with the Cubs hoping to move Milton Bradley while the Sox are considering dealing closer Bobby Jenks.

So who makes our week in pictures? Check em' out because we have the stars of the week and the women who are reportedly chasing a Tiger.

Enjoy and get ready for our updates of the Winter Meetings which are in high gear through Thursday and where we have a ton of great sources. Also, please make sure you tune into Chicago Tribune Live at 5:30 p.m. on Comcast SportsNet and Sports Central on WGN Radio at 7 p.m. Have a great week! Kap

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What a Weekend in the Sports World

What a great weekend of intrigue if you are a sports fan, especially a sports fan in the Chicago area. With the Notre Dame job now officially open, the speculation is starting to intensify as to who will replace Charlie Weis.

Then you have our Chicago Bears, who were so completely dominated in every facet of yesterday's 36-10 loss to the Minnesota Vikings that it is now painfully obvious that the entire front office of the team has to be cleaned out and overhauled. The same goes for the coaching staff, which has seen a Super Bowl team in 2006 slide into oblivion at astonishing speed.

Finally, the weekend's most bizarre story comes courtesy of Tiger Woods, who was involved in a one car accident as he was leaving his home in Florida. First reports indicated that his wife, Elin, had rescued him from the wreck by taking a golf club and smashing out the windows in Tiger's 2009 Cadillac Escalade. Then, we started to hear that perhaps his facial lacerations were not from the accident, but from the wrath of his wife after she reportedly found out about another woman in his life.

Here is the latest on the Woods story courtesy of the fine folks at TMZ.com. which just seems to keep getting stranger every day.  Tiger reportedly told a friend that he needs a "Kobe Special", which refers to the enormous ring that Kobe Bryant bought his wife Vanessa after his episode in Colorado a few years ago.

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Jimmy Clausen in Fight Outside S. Bend Bar

Notre Dame QB and Heisman Trophy candidate Jimmy Clausen was involved in a fight Saturday night just hours after the Irish were upset by Connecticut in what may have been ND Coach Charlie Weis' final home game as coach.

Multiple sources confirmed to me that Clausen and his family were at CJ's, a bar in South Bend, on Saturday evening. An altercation reportedly took place around 2:30 a.m. EST outside the bar, and Clausen received at least one and perhaps two black eyes from a punch to the face.

This is not Clausen's first problem since he arrived at ND as a heralded high school recruit. He was cited in June of 2007 for transporting alcohol as a minor. He also had embarrassing pictures of him allegedly drinking alcohol posted on a website.

Last week he told the media how much he has matured since arriving at ND. Well, it appears he hasn't matured as much as he wants us all to believe. I know that college kids drink and party. I was a fraternity member and had a ton of fun during my college days.

However, I was not a Heisman Trophy candidate at one of the most high profile schools in the country. I was not the quarterback at Notre Dame looking to head to the NFL very soon. When you are Jimmy Clausen, you are not a normal college student. You have to be very careful every single day. One major screw up could impact your life forever. Much more than a regular college student will ever have to deal with.

Is it fair? Maybe not. However, it is the way the world is today. With cell phone cameras, flip videos, and more a person in the public eye can not ever let their guard down. Jimmy Clausen should have learned that message far earlier than now but if he hasn't the black eye that he received should serve as a reminder.

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