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A Tribute To Ron Santo: Audio Edition

Whether you were a Cubs fan or not, you had to love Ron Santo's passion for baseball.  And that passion shined through each and every day as the radio analyst for the Chicago Cubs.  There were so many hysterical moments each and every year with Ronnie, and the conversations between him and Pat Hughes were great.

Here are some of those great moments to listen back to, and enjoy.

Ron: Flossing and Cake

"They Oughta Shoot Him"


Ron yells at a fan in San Diego
ronny yells at fans.wav

Ron and Pat discuss his famous hair piece
ron's hairpiece segment.mp3

Ron's reactions were as good as any.  He embodied the Cubs fans' spirit every play.
ron mad reactions.WAV

There are countless other moments that exemplify Ron and the humor and entertainment he brought to the broadcast.  I would love to hear your favorite moments or post a clip if you have it of your favorite Ronnie moment.



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Cubbinstrong86 said:


I was at a game and was walking back from the concessions in the upper deck. I happened to notice that Ron was standing outside the entrance to the press box talking to someone. I said to him can you please stay here so I can get something for you to autograph. I returned to my seat and grabbed my score card. I headed back over to where he was standing and sure enough he waited for me to come back and he signed my score card. Obviously he didn't have to wait, but he did and I'll never forget that. A true class act in every sense of the word. You will be greatly missed.

C.F. Pouch said:

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One of my favorite Ronny non sequitors was when he and Pat talked about the "Animal Actors Hall of Fame" during a game back in probably 2003 or 2004. I was driving with the windows down on a gorgeous summer day, listening to Pat and Ron as usual, and for whatever reason, Ron brought up the "Animal Actors Hall of Fame" and who he would put in as a first ballot hall of famer. If memory serves correct, after arguing with Pat about Lassie, Flipper, and a few others, he declared Toto a first ballot hofer based on his show of courage in defeating the Wicked Witch of the West. Cub baseball will never be the same. Miss you, Ronny.

trent said:

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The best clip ever though was when Harry asked Ron if he takes off his hair piece when making love to his wife.

jbear3 said:

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Found the following on the web... just like I remember. It would bee great to hear the audio again.

The end of the Cubs-Rockies "Angel Hernandez vs. Steve McMichaels Grudge Match" game. Ron ran the gamut. It was positively a Best of Ron Santo Medley:

Pat: And the pitch, Girardi lines one into left field!

Ron: Yeah, YEAH! Come on!

Pat: Gutierrez around third, he's going to try and score!

Ron: Oh NO!

Pat: Gutierrez falls down!

Ron: Oh NO!! (This last one really breaks your heart, if you're a Cubs fan...)

Pat: He gets back up! The throw to second not in time...now they're running Girardi back to first...

Ron: *Unintelligible; sounds like a muffled obscenity, but perhaps is just "Aw, nuts"*

Pat: ...Girardi being run towards second...now Gutierrez gets back to third...the throw to first for Girardi, he's in a rundown; Gutierrez trying to score! The throw to the plate, he slides...he's safe!!

Ron: *Unintelligible shout of joy in background*

Pat: Cubs win! Cubs win! Cubs win!

*Ron is silent, perhaps weeping...*

iowakorn said:

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I always enjoyed Pat and Ron's interaction with each other. During a game this year, Theriot got picked off of first. Ron yells "What is wrong with that man!" I think the batter makes the 3rd out and they go to break. They come back and after a few pitches I believe there was a foul ball into the stands. Pat describes it as the fan dropped it and a guy next to him yells "What is wrong with that man!" Those moments will be missed.

cannbase said:

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I was absolutely hysterically laughing outloud! Thanks, Kap!

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