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Quade Gets The Gig....Will Sandberg Leave the Organization?

The Cubs have removed the interim tag and have named Mike Quade their full time manager giving him a two year deal with a club option for 2013. So how did General Manager Jim Hendry arrive at this decision after interviewing several candidates over the past three months?

According to Ryne Sandberg who just appeared on multiple radio shows and spoke with the Chicago Tribune's Dave Van Dyck, he was informed by team chairman Tom Ricketts on Tuesday morning that the Cubs were going with Quade over him because, according to Sandberg, Ricketts said, "it was a tough decision" choosing Quade over him, but that "it was (general manager) Jim Hendry's call and he was going with his gut feeling."

"I told him I'm disappointed and that I appreciated the process and being involved," Sandberg said by phone. "That was the end of the conversation."

Sandberg was not "offered anything" by Ricketts, including the top job at Triple-A Iowa, where he was just named Pacific Coast League manager of the year. "I'm just kind of digesting it right now and I've got my agent getting feelers out," said Sandberg, who wears a Cubs cap on his Hall of Fame plaque. Asked if he would return to Iowa, Sandberg said, "I don't know. I'm hoping there's something else out there. I'm hoping to manage or coach at the big-league level."

So now the question is why was Sandberg passed over and why wouldn't the Cubs wait to at least talk to Joe Girardi whose contract with the New York Yankees is up whenever the Yanks finish their postseason run? These are questions that will be asked at the press conference this afternoon to introduce Quade. The answers should be very telling.

Quade is a solid baseball man and a terrific guy. He grew up in the Chicago area and he understands the Cubs culture. He was well liked as a member of Lou Piniella's coaching staff and he impressed the current Cubs players when he was named the interim manager for the last six weeks of the 2010 season. However, whether or not he can take the Cubs where they haven't been for 102 years remains to be seen.

This much is for sure. General Manager Jim Hendry has made his final managerial hire for a long time because if this one doesn't work he probably won't be around to hire the next one. He needs to have a solid winter and he must show that the direction of the club is pointed upward because after a rough 2009 and a horrific 2010 he must get things turned around and it must happen relatively quickly. He turned the trick when he was named GM in 2002 and had his first team 5 outs from the World Series in 2003. He turned the trick again in 2007 after a terrible 2006 season winning back to back division titles and crafting a team that won a National League best 97 games in 2008. He had better be able to pull a rabbit out of his hat in 2011 or he may be looking for work. 



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joeydafish said:

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Now THERE you go Kap, reading between the lines I can easily ascertain your disdain regarding this decision. We can only hope Hendry is looking for work sooner rather than later. Welcome aboard to the "Hendry had his shot wagon"... now move him out! And of course you mean is Quade the man to take the Cubs somewhere they haven't been in 102 years...in only TWO YEARS...with THIS roster?? Ha! What high vote of confidence Hendry gave Quade. "Hey Mike, how about you walk on water AND get this sorry team I saddled you with in the World Series? Can you do that for me lap dog? This way I won't be the biggest laughingstock in the world by embarrassing either Girardi OR Sandberg. Demmpster is the ACE, Soriano is your big gun, Fukodome is your imported dynamo and don't forget about the newly acquired DeWitt at second base, JUST what the team REALLY NEEDED a top of the line lead off man!!! NOT.
Way to go Jim, you finally managed to put the cherry on top of your crap sundae.

willemaze said:

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Well, at least now, Hendry's and Quade's contracts are in synch, both running through 2012.

That way, they can get fired and both ride off into the sunset together.

TracyT said:


Does Hendry have to save his job? I'm thinking more and more, especially now that Quade is the new guy, that this isn't the case. Either he was given the nod by Ricketts that no matter what, Hendry's going to be around a while or he already knows that his fate is sealed.

If Hendry has to save his job, there's no way he'd go with Quade, but with someone with experience and a proven recdord, like Wedge.

Add the newbie manager to the aging, overpaid vets and the youngsters learning how to play and you get a club that is more in transition than contention. You're not going far in the playoffs with that equation, no matter how anyone spins it.

joeydafish said:

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Tracy, that is a good and SCARY point you make.

George Bliss said:


This is a smart move by Jim. Here is why. Have any of you ever managed a private corporstion??
You always pick the employee that knows the most about
The inner workings of your plant. You do your best and mr quade
Is someone that has the knowledge of all phases. He can reach out
To his minor league staff and get a straight answer. He was one of
Them. Respect follows respect. He will succeed. Bet on it.

joeydafish said:

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Sounds like you're describing Sandberg. You know the RESPECTED HALL OF FAMER.

Edelweiss said:

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As I said a few days ago, the Cubs had no desire to pay top dollar to a big name manager like Girardi, as long as they have a club with so many issues. They still have players whose contracts outlasted their playing ability, and who make the bulk of the payroll. They still have problems with team morale, and players they cannot unload because no one wants them. Although Quade put an end to the clubhouse shenanigans, the lingering effects remain. Quade is familiar with the team - Sandberg is not - the players causing the most trouble did not play in Iowa. Sometimes people like Kap make predictions based upon their own desires, but reality is often otherwise.

backslap said:

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I am fine with Quade...Ryno is inexperienced and I had a feeling he would be melting down by July with the power struggle that inevitably would happen with the veterans. Quade is a teacher manager and the guys will respect his teaching and he will hold them accountable. The team supposedly responded to him because as he showed repect to the players while holding them accountable and did not make a big deal out of things. He either did what he demanded or he did not play you. Lou on the other hand would rip a guy a new one behind closed doors and then cart him out there the next day. He will have a quiet toughness. Sandberg would be a mess....did you see how many games he was thrown out in the minors (can you say Larry Bowa Jr.) Also the Yanks are not letting Girardi go because their is no heir apparant after Mattingly got the Dodger job. I don't see the Yankees giving their job to a Bobby Valentine anytime soon....

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