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Brett Favre Likes to Play - Off The Field Too....

Via our friends at Deadspin comes this ridiculous story regarding Brett Favre and Internet hottie Jenn Sterger. Allegedly, Favre likes to take pictures of his manhood and send them via his cell phone. Sterger says that she was the recipient of such photos and has a photo saved on her phone as proof. In addition, also via Deadspin comes another story in which a friend of Sterger's (also ridiculously hot corroborates Sterger's story).Favre has not commented on the story but...

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--MGb said:


Poor girl. Can't even afford a whole shirt. We should start a collection...

cubstacy said:

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looks like she's getting her money's worth out of that boob job!

Edelweiss said:

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Those pictures could have been taken by anyone in the Vikings locker room. That kind of stuff does happen. A man who lives in my building is a brother of someone in the Cubs organization. He has a YouTube size video of some of the Cubs players taking batting practice with their manhood and a nerf ball in the clubhouse. He showed me his Smart Phone with the video on an SDHD card. (He likes to shock old ladies). I doubt that Favre is dumb enough to leave a digital record that could be traced to him. I don't think the Cubs players involved knew that they were being filmed. One of them, though came in as a pinch hitter exactly three monthe ago, and was not wearing his cup or sliding shorts. He hit a grand slam, and was photographed rounding the bases in "all his glory". Let's hope his mother and fiancee don't see the photo.

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