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Derrek Lee Says No Thank You to a Trade

The Cubs were approached recently by the Los Angeles Angels and the Texas Rangers regarding a potential trade for first baseman Derrek Lee. No names were discussed but the Cubs then went to Lee to see if he would waive his 10 and 5 rights which under Major League Baseball's collective bargaining agreement allow him to block a trade.

Lee informed Jim Hendry that he will not accept any trade and would like to wait until the season is over to decide on his future. His current Cubs contract expires at the end of this season.
Several reports have criticized Lee for his position but who are we to determine what is best for his future? He has the ability to block a trade and he exercised that right, plain and simple.



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Edelweiss said:

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There may be a good reason for Lee's wanting to stay. He has the same agent as one of his team-mates, who is currently being bullied by Lou, and he may be trying to protect that player. I'll bet that if Lou were to step down now, Lee would be willing to go to a contender in his home state.

cadarnell said:


pretty selfish on Lee's part ... he really should have gone for the good of the team ... it was only going to be for two months one of which he would have been on the road anyway.

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