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Cubs Will Sign Bobby Howry

As I reported earlier tonight on Chicago Tribune Live on Comcast SportsNet the Cubs will sign reliever Bobby Howry to a deal that will be announced sometime in the next 48 hours. Howry was released by the Arizona Diamondbacks earlier this week and after clearing waivers the Cubs will only owe him the pro rated league minimum salary.

Howry spent the 2009 season with San Francisco where he appeared in 63 games with a 2-6 record and a 3.39 ERA. The Cubs are denying the signing but friends of Howry have confirmed that he and his wife have told them that they are indeed returning to Chicago.



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*dan bradley said:


He was done after 2008. But I'm surprised Milwaukee didn't jump in first, since they love they love extending the careers of everybody else's washed-up relievers.

joeydafish said:

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How excited Jim Hendry must be!

davesime said:

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That is what need Bobby, Good job Jim. How about Fergy Jenkins next. How much will hot dogs cost now? what sign are they going to put up to get Bobby?. Jim realease them all and bring up the youth and give them time to grow for our future just like Tampa has done and the last time I checked how many times have they ben to the world series?

chuck said:

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Jim Hendry needs his head examined. I can't believe it. Then there's Ramirez who seemingly cannot be benched for his lousy performance. I don't understand any of this. There needs to be a clean sweep of the Cubs from top to bottom and start over again. With friends like Hendry, who needs enemies?

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