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Mike Ditka gets angry ... in his underwear

I recently spent some time with a good friend who I will call Al. Al is a former police officer who is now retired. Al had one of those very first satellite dishes, you know, the ones that were enormous and you had to have built in your backyard? Back then if you were watching TV via a satellite dish, you not only got the program you wanted, you also got the off camera interaction while the station you were...

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SpawnOfDitka said:


Beautiful! Nice to see that Johnny could hold his own with 'Da Coach.

Mike Burzawa said:



*dan bradley said:


That was so awesome. MAN i miss that!

Garrard McClendon said:


Dave Kaplan and Matt Knutson:
I wish Lovie had this much fire...Ditka was crued, harsh, un-sandpapered...but he won a SuperBowl. Johnny Morris had guts to talk to him like that...The respect was tremendous between the two. Morris was also a great player on the Bears, back in da Day.

Great post...great tweet and YouTube. Enjoyed it... Thanks Dave.

Max Power said:


That. Was. Awesome.

I miss the days when the Bears were good and pretty much everything abouth them was entertaining. Kind of the opposite of today's Bears.

Johnny Morris, who came across as incredibly stiff and vanilla on the air, was anything but, like this shows. He used to frequent a couple establishments owned by a company I once worked for and he was a total different off camera. Pretty straight shooter, but a good guy. He would give away Bears tickets as tips. This was back when the Bears were DA BEARS, so that was a big deal.

David Wallach said:


I wonder how Da' Coach would react of someone pulled that on him, now that he is on the other side of things? Great job Kap.

Balboa said:

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Kap, Awesome......John and him go way back, like a couple of old ladies....

SouthSideGT said:


It's sad (but not surprising) when a 21 year-old clip featuring a fired Bear coach in his skivvies generates more interest and excitement than the present day Bears. At least it wasn't a clip of Abe Gibron in his underwear (shudder).

Edelweiss said:

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The last time I saw Morris was at Arlington Park, playing the ponies, two years ago. He looked good then, for his age. Since the Bears are hard up for receivers, they ought to resurrect Morris and Ditka.

jdbcubfan said:

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Classic Ditka!!! I'm not so sure Da Coach was actually wearing any underwear... Keepem coming, Kap...

arch21002 said:

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Ditka was a tool and a mediocre coach that got people to love him because he spit fire and acted like an ass. I'll take Lovie's personality all day before someone like this clown who shows no respect to anyone and has no class. Lovie greater man than Da Coach will ever be, at least he is a gentlemen. Ditka didn't win anything without Buddy Ryan, and that is the facts. Sucked in New Orleans as well.

People like him, Bobby Knight, and Bill Parcells rip the media their entire careers and then they become media members right when they retire. All a bunch of ego-maniac hypocrites.

Darrylx77 said:

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Mike Ditka is the man. I wish that he was still apart the the Bears organization. He brought the fire, he held players accountable, he wanted to win, and if you did not have passion for wearing the Chicago Bears uniform, you were gone. He gave not only the Chicago Bears an identity, he gave the city of Chicago an identity. It was a sad day in the city of Chicago when he was fired!!!!!

Illini said:

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Ditka and Knight have both addressed the irony of being jackasses to the media and now having the shoe on the other foot. Kap, more of these and less inflammatory editorial a la Skip Bayless in your blog posts, please. :)

Mr.Simple said:


Yes Ditka was an ass and spitting fire but he had a good point. Getting asked the same questions over an over again with the media hoping for a different answer must get really old. I get that it comes with the job and the pay and all that, it was just nice to see a coach wear his emotions on his sleeve and call it like it was. No BS. Like him or not, he added a hell of a lot of fun to the Bears.

harvey said:

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Dave....a little fact checking never hurt anyone, even a pro like you. Open up any Bears media guide and you'll see it was against the LIons on the road in the Silverdome, not Vikings , that this locker room classic took place...

tim leslie said:

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Ditka was at his best (worst?) when he had been drinking. He would literally say anything that popped into his mind. I get so sick of listening to the utter pap that spills from the mouth of our current coach!

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