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There is no better city in America for sports than Chicago and with the end of the year fast approaching it is time to ask for your help to vote for the best in Chicago sports in 2009.

Each year on Chicago Tribune Live we award The Kappy's to honor excellence among Chicago athletes. Click here to vote now! Your help is greatly appreciated!



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arch21002 said:

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Jay Cutler on biggest disappointment? Shouldn't that be the Bears? Milton Bradley is easily the biggest disappointment.

And the most "missed" athlete is why Chicago isn't that smart of a sports city. I like the category, but look at those names on that list..haha. Do we really "miss" those guys? Benson is the most talented of the bunch, but he was a headcase here that didn't work hard. DeRosa is a nice, above average utility infielder. Wood was absolute garbage in Cleveland, Orton is pedestrian at best....nothing special, and never will be. I loved Ben Gordon, but I don't "miss" him that much. I guess I'll pick BG, because at least he was entertaining and could fill up the basket......aka, at least he was good. The other guys, debatable.

UGODOG said:


Before anyone hangs Cutler..give him an offensive line and TALENTED receivers with a football IQ above a grapefruit.. FARVE,BRADY,PEYTON COULDN'T HELP THIS TEAM!

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