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The Hottest Baseball Wives and Girlfriends - Part Two

Here is Part Two of our post on the hottest baseball wives and girlfriends. There were so many candidates that we had to separate them into two posts because all of the pictures wouldn't fit into one!




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Archangel said:

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You Sir are shameless....I viewed all pictures

David Kaplan said:


Thank you! I am!

cubswinin2010 said:

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Kap, Kap, Kap...

First I will say this. I am a big fan of yours and highly respect your work, opinion and accomplishments. I've also spoken with you several times on sportscentral. You have expressed these recent Hot wives/girlfriends posts as "good fun" and "harmless" etc. If the pics you posted weren't borderline porn, I might agree with you. Why you chose the most sexual and risque poses of these women, I have no idea, but it makes you look cheap. I'm also quite certain that the players and wives/gf's would have appreciated a more tasteful selection of pics. Lets get back to baseball my friend. By the way, you haven't just offended your female fan base either.



Cubbinstrong86 said:


I see nothing wrong with these photos Kap. People need to get off their high horses. Keep up the good work.

Brandon said:

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So, Cubbinstrong86, quick question: you'd be satisfied with your mom or sister having pictures of her posted wearing these outfits? And you'd be satisfied with the Kapper checking them out?

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