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Video Interview with the Cab Driver in Patrick Kane Incident

Thanks to loyal ChicagoNow reader VinMan who e-mailed a link to TSN sports out of Canada with information on the Patrick Kane arrest this morning in Buffalo, NY. Included is footage of Kane being led into the police station and an interview with the cab driver who relates his version of the events that led to Kane's arrest.

Check it out here. The cab driver sure comes off as very credible and as a guy who is still stunned over what transpired.




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cubfan2323 said:

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This kid is a scumbag. He's also the same person who tries to escape hit after hit on the ice. Against Detroit in the playoffs he had to sit out because of getting wrecked the game before. What a pussy.

toomanypets said:

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Kaplan. I want to play poker with you. You think that the cab driver comes off as "very credible". Look at how he rolls his eyes every time he lies. He has a very obvious tell. He says that he didn't know who Kane was, that he could not unlock the door, that the car was in drive, that kane stole an additional $100 dollars from him, and that both men attacked him without provocation. Each time he rolls his eyes. When the truth comes out we'll really see, but I wouldn't trust this guy's story based on that video.

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