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You Have to Respect Obama's Loyalty to the Sox

Nearly every politician you come across is a front runner who says what he or she thinks everyone wants to hear when it comes to what team they cheer for. Except for Barack Obama who is absolutely 100% behind his team, the Chicago White Sox.

Obama threw out the first pitch at last Tuesday's All Star Game and despite being asked by executives from Major League Baseball to wear a generic MLB all star jacket he chose to wear his White Sox jacket. MLB officials were reportedly not that pleased that he was showing his favoritism to the Sox on such a grand stage but Obama insisted and for that you have to respect his honesty.

I spent some time with Obama shortly before he announced his candidacy for president when he was at a Northwestern basketball game that I was broadcasting. His brother-in-law Craig Robinson was the head coach at Brown at the time and his team was in to play the Wildcats so Obama sat behind the Brown bench and was wearing a White Sox hat. I sat and talked with him after the game and asked him if he would wear a Cubs hat  if I got him an official  one from the team. He looked me in the eye and said "never, I am a Sox fan and not a Cubs fan." When I pressed him for more on the topic he told me that he made a choice when he came to Chicago and that a real Chicago fan picks one side or the other.

Now, I am not saying who I voted for in the past election and it really doesn't matter but I do have tremendous respect for Obama who chose to be a real fan rather than a phony politician like so many others including a certain former senator from New York who claims to be a Cub fan but has also been chronicled declaring her love for the Yankees, Mets, and who knows how many other teams.
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You have to respect Barack Obama's loyalty to his team, even if some Cubs fans are unhappy with his choice of team.

I have received a ton of e-mails this week from Cubs fans who are unhappy that the president wore a Sox jacket. Get over it and respect the fact that he is a real fan who checks the scores even on his busiest days and knows what is going on with his favorite team.

The White Sox have a fan in the White House and we Cubs fans have Rod Blagojevich who may be headed to the big house. Oh well, at least we have Wrigley Field.



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MLBfan said:

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I tuned in specifically to watch the first pitch and to see what President Obama was wearing. It was awesome to see him wearing a jacket, not just a cap. I loved it!!!!!! I'm a Cubs fan

baturkey said:


I don't like the Sox, but you have to pick one team and stick with them.

Ed Nickow said:


This is one Cubs fan
Who agrees with Obama
Gotta pick a team!

It gets tiresome to hear "I'm just a Chicago fan" (or, worse, "I'm a fan of both teams") from people who either aren't sports fans at all or just want to feel free to join the bandwagon. When someone says they're a "Chicago fan" they should be honest enough to just say "I'm a fair weather fan."

What we saw in St. Louis was a real fan, excited to be on the field, and excited to let everyone know that he supports his team. He's the most powerful person in the free world, but was as excited as any of us would have been.

MLB is wrong. Didn't the players on the field wear their team's uniforms? Didn't fans in the stands wear their team's colors? So why shouldn't the "First Fan" wear a Sox jacket? You don't support baseball by wearing generic "MLB" garb. You support baseball by supporting your team.

I wish he was a Cubs fan, but Obama made his choice. And while that might have been the wrong choice, you can't help but respect the passion.

duck chickens said:

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trenching analsis kap cub got blago and for frick gat fiapstain but tomorow alwyas know by duck

chisoxmike said:


Good post

Nick V said:

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Really Kap? Obama is a BS Sox fan. Here's a transcript of an interview he did, post-All-Star game...

OBAMA: There were people who celebrated on the south side. I'm not one of those guys. I wish them well, unless they're playing the White Sox. Um, but, I do think that there's a different quality to what used to be COMINSKEY FIELD versus Wrigley. You know, you've got to really love baseball, you know, when you used to go into that old field....

COSTAS: (Interrupting Obama) The old Comiskey Park."

"Real Sox Fans" know that it isn't "Cominskey Field". Just like Brewers fans know it isn't Millner Field or how Red Sox fans know it isn't Fenmnwnay Field.

Nick V said:

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No response to me showing you that Obama is a poser Sox fan?

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