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Wow....Buehrle Makes History!!!!!!!

Mark Buehrle threw a perfect game today against the Tampa Bay Rays at US Cellular Field. The act of perfection gave Buehrle his second career no-hitter and first of the perfect variety. He joins a list of 22 others who have multiple no-hitters and is the first Chicago baseball player to have a perfect game, a no-hitter, an All Star appearance, and a World Series title.

While Buehrle was amazing today we cannot forget the catch made by Dewayne Wise who robbed Gabe Kapler leading off the ninth inning by scaling the left field wall to take away a home run. Ozzie Guillen inserted Wise for defensive purposes to start the top of the ninth and that decision saved the day for Buehrle's place in history.

Buehrle is one of the truly good guys that we in the media deal with in Chicago baseball and it is great to see him achieve such a rare milestone. He has thrown two no-hitters and helped lead the White Sox to a World Championship and along the way he has proven that the art of pitching is not found in radar gun readings but rather in smarts and determination. Mark Buehrle good for you. It's nice to see a good guy bask in the spotlight.



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Bad Kermit said:


The punctuation-to-word ratio in this headline is 11:4.

duck chickens said:

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brad kramer, good writng is judged on heart nad sole not youre stats. gb2 nerd school, nerd. good job kapman.

duck chickens said:

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oh and i amlost forgot and go mark burlyh go white sox go cubbis go chigaco basebalL!!!!!!!!!! (these are for brad kerman)!!!!!!!

Nick V said:

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I wonder if Sam Fuld would have made that catch in CF? What do you think Kap!

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