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Listen up! WGN Radio's Cubs first-half recap

We took the best and worst from the first-half of the Cubs and put it all in one awesome recap from the tremendous WGN radio staff. Enjoy!

Listen to WGN Radio's Cubs recap of the first half



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hmcalvey said:


Good work.... but I liked the first half of last year much better. I wish I could go into the second half feeling a little more positive, but........

BDSCPA68 said:


Kap.. I love your take on most things but sometimes you can be such a shill for the cubs. When will you be posting your White Sox recap? Probably never is my guess.

Steve said:


@BDSCPA68 Who cares about the White Sox...great reKap! (that was lame, I know)

BDSCPA68 said:


Steve... I guess you missed the title of this blog... let me help you and your simple cub mind out...

Kap's Corner A Chicago Sports Blog..... notice it does not say a cubs blog! You can find that crap elsewhere.

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