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Guess Who Was Sitting in the Second Row Tonight?

If you were paying attention to the Brewers/Cubs game at Wrigley Field tonight and watched the TV broadcast you probably saw a gentleman behind the Cubs on deck circle who was eating a hot dog and cheering for his Cubs just like any other fan. However, this fan had his eyes on the action as he imagined what changes he would make if he owned the team.

Well, the man who was sitting in those seats was Tom Ricketts who is working to complete his purchase of the Cubs from Tribune Company. Sources close to the sale tell me that the final hurdles are about to be cleared and that this deal is finally close to completion. Ricketts is a die hard Cubs fan and from watching him at the game you can tell that he is making this purchase because of his passion for the North Siders.

From what I am hearing, the radio/TV rights deals have been a stumbling block but after several discussions it appears that Ricketts and the Tribune Co. have found a common ground. This deal should move quickly through the approval process as soon as the final terms of the sale agreement are completed.



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Craig Kanalley said:


Interesting! Thanks for the inside info

Shady said:


Well I didn't see Tom Ricketts on TV tonight, but I did see you just chattin' away on the cellie you networking guru you.

Tom Ricketts could be a Cubs legend one day, I can only hope you witnessed history tonight Kap.

I hear there's this Cuban pitcher who might become a free agent later this year, do you think the Cubs could make a run at him if the Cubs get this ownership thing figured out?

Kurt Evans said:


Do we really want a Cubs owner who has to overcome financial hurdles to buy the team? At this point I'm not so convinced that Ricketts is the best guy to own th team.

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