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Ricketts hears from Tribune: The Cubs are yours

Tom Ricketts

As I first reported a week ago last Friday, the Ricketts family will become owners of the fabled Cubs franchise.

According to excellent sources, I expect a deal with Tom Ricketts and his family to be announced later today.

UPDATE: The Ricketts family has been told by the Tribune that they have a deal. However, I'm told now there will not be a press conference or statement today. The announcement will come after Major League Baseball approves the deal.

As soon as the deal is approved by bankruptcy court as well as MLB the family will assume control of the team.



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duck chickens said:

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thanks kap hoping the new guy bring back sammy right

duck chickens said:

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kap, my freind who works with cubs toldme the deals fell thru bbounce it off youre source and get bck to me buddy by duck

T.J. Brown said:

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What about the Bloomberg report that suggests the Cubs will file Chapter 11? Will this delay the transaction in any way? (The BK filing is supposedly just a legal maneuver and has no bearing on the team's solvency.)

Andy said:

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The Cubs are filing BK? Burger King? Oh, those crazy bastards, they'll sell this thing to anybody!

Mick Swasko said:


The Kind was unavailable for comment.

Mick Swasko said:


Ha, I meant the King. Mick's spelling FTL.

Nick V said:

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Apparently Kap is taking the Al Yellon route. He banned me previously. I'm assuming for me teasing him for his love admiration of Sam Fuld and his fantastic minor league stats.

IvvChat Chuck said:


All the BK is going to do is formally and legally cancel the guaranty that the Cubs provided to Trib creditors. This means that once the sale occurs, if Kap's paycheck bounces, he can't go to the Cubs and say, "You guaranteed Tribune payments," and seek restitution.

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