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Wow....I Am Stunned at the Controversy Over the Derrick Rose Photo

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Yes, Derrick Rose used poor judgement in posing for this photo at a party when he was a college student but the reaction from the media has been way overblown.

While I agree that Derrick Rose made a mistake in posing for a photo that shows him flashing gang signs at a party during his freshman year at Memphis the fact that people are making a big deal about it absolutely stuns me.

I know that I did some stupid things when I was a teenager or as a college student as many of you did but none of us expected it to be splashed all over the internet and to have to address it to the world through the media as Derrick did this afternoon.

His statement was eloquent and well crafted and while I'm sure that his agents put it together for him, I know Derrick and I have found him to be one of the nicest young men that I have dealt with in sports in a long time. K.C. Johnson, who covers the Bulls as the Tribune's beat writer wrote a great piece about his experiences covering Derrick and after you read it I think you'll agree that Rose was acting like millions of college kids at parties each and every day.

Let's not forget that Rose is still a kid and while he is an incredibly talented basketball player kids are still apt to make stupid decisions. Let's not go over the top about this one.



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Shari Weiss said:


I wouldn't have thought anything particularly strange about this photo (read: I have no idea what "gang signs" look like) if the media didn't tell me. But I see how it could be offensive/suspicious to those who did know.

davesime said:

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First of all Kap,
We are not like Rose in college. Many of us where not going to make millions of dollars and first of all I went to school and did not cheat to get in like Rose did lying about his “sat” scores. Please give me a break defending this man, first of all giving gang signs at a party was foolish yes but where Rose came from he should no better. Flashing gang signs at a party is not like you and I going to college back then at our lily white school that you attended Kap. Rose grew up with some bad boys and when you give those signs you are sending a message and not just goofing around like so many of the white boys who grew up in a all white school and nationhood with picket fences. Rose should no better and just because Rose is a delight to deal with Kap is no excuse. I suppose Michael Phelps was just goofing around when he in hailed.

kcstu said:


Can you please expand on some of the stupid things you did in college? In your own words, not your agents please.

kcstu said:


So let me get this correct. Someone wrote his response to?

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