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Memphis problems deepening over Derrick Rose scandal

ESPN is reporting this afternoon that the University of Memphis knew as early as May of 2008 that Derrick Rose's SAT score was being investigated by the NCAA. Here is what ESPN reported on its web site today:

One month after Memphis lost to Kansas in overtime in one of the most thrilling national championship games in recent memory, the Tigers were rocked by an e-mail from the NCAA.

It was then that Memphis was first notified that star freshman point guard Derrick Rose, who helped the Tigers to an NCAA-record 38 wins and was soon going to become the No. 1 pick in the 2008 NBA draft by his hometown Bulls, had an invalidated standardized test score the previous year at Chicago's Simeon High School, according to multiple sources with direct knowledge of the e-mail.

The University of Memphis' legal counsel, Sheri Lipman, would not identify the student-athlete as Rose, but said Monday, "for the student-athlete, whoever that was, the first indication that we got was in early May [2008] that his score was being invalidated."

Memphis' administration knew that if this were indeed true, then coach John Calipari's team rode the superstar exploits of an ineligible player to an extraordinary season that was stopped just short of the program's first national title.

I will be discussing the scandal tonight on Sports Central on WGN Radio (720 AM in Chicago) at 7 p.m. so make sure you tune in as I will take calls and get your thoughts on how this could affect Rose going forward.



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Shady said:


Nice work tonight on the radio with that elected official. Although she was making legitimate argument about how the proctor and "the system" are to blame, she seemed to ignore the fact Derrick Rose actually CHEATED. He deserves to be scrutinized to a certain extent for his actions and eventually apologize and grovel for forgiveness and he will receive it, and one day this will all be forgotten. But to ignore the fact he compromised his ethics, character and integrity is plain DUMB.

I also understand her attempt to protect Derrick. Although he is to blame, there were many of the other individuals in positions of power who broke various codes of conduct in order to pave Derrick a clear path to fame and fortune. People who had the power to "bend the rules" for a kid who was bound to make millions one day were happy to do so in order to be compensated once the money came rolling in for Derrick. Who do you blame? A 17 year old tempted with fame and fortune, or those older individuals who gave him an opportunity to compromise his integrity. I blame both.

It's Quid pro quo. It's happening everywhere right now and it's ruining the city, state and the country.

In the end she is correct by pointing out the flaws in the educational system and the individuals who corruptly paved a path for Derrick (although as long as there have been schools and exams there have also been liars and cheaters), she ignores the fact ultimately Rose is to blame and he needs to be held accountable for his actions. How do we do this? By embarrassment. The embarrassment he will receive from an apology in front of a national audience for cheating should hopefully deter future student athletes from making decisions that will haunt them down the line.

By the way is this something new, or surprising for that matter? Is anyone shocked by any of this? I know I'm not.

Doug Thonus said:


Wow, so we need to blame Derrick Rose and hold him responsible for something he allegedly did?

Did you see that Memphis's investigation provided no proof that he cheated?

Anyway, while I have no specific dog in the fight of whether he did cheat or did not cheat, I do have a dog in the fight of whether it's relevant.

It's not.

Who cares? A SAT score to get into Memphis to play basketball for a season is about as relevant and useful as if there was 40 yard dash requirement for my daughter to get into Harvard Medical.

It's pointless. Derrick Rose's college education was playing basketball at Memphis. The coaching he received there was a step towards allowing him to complete his dreams and play on the next level. The book stuff involved is an outdated dinosaur concept.

At big time schools, the basketball players are not there to complete courses, they're there to get a basketball education and that's just what Rose received. Instead of blaming the athletes for the rules infractions, we should take a much harsher look on a system which creates cheaters out of virtually ever high level athlete.

It's just that few get caught. If you don't think that 90% of the top recruits in major sports are getting paid off then you're as naive as Sammy Sosa's five remaining fans who don't think he took steroids.

Colleges stand to make 10s of millions off one premier kid in basketball, but people really think that these kids aren't getting paid under the table or having the colleges help them with grades if required? Please.

When in doubt follow the money. The colleges have everything to gain by cheating and the system mandates it. That's why John Calipari has another ultra high paying job even after getting busted for cheating twice now.

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