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Audio: My interview with Monique Davis about Derrick Rose

I had Illinois Rep. Monique Davis (D-27th) on Sports Central yesterday to talk about a resolution she put forth honoring Derrick Rose.

Our conversation was lively, shall we say, as she defended Rose and refused to even acknowledge the possibility he could be at fault.

It certainly created sparks on the radio. Listen and enjoy.

Click here for the interview



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Shady said:


How did you get this lady on the air to embarrass herself like that? I hope you can get her in the studio and take some callers next time.

First she blames the Sun Times for a story about this alleged scandal because "It makes him look guilty". Well of course it does. If you get caught cheating you ARE guilty, and it's says quite a bit about your character when you DO get caught cheating.

Do I think Derrick Rose is a great kid and basketball player? Of course. Do I think this is going to change his future in the NBA? Probably not. But for Monique Davis to ignore the fact Derrick Rose might have actually cheated and should be held accountable is RIDICULOUS.

'Nique: The controversy makes it sound like Derrick Rose is guilty of something. And he is not.

Kap: Well you don't know that.

'Nique: Neither do you.

Kap: Correct. Everything that we're now hearing is ALLEGED. (Well, maybe not by the time you're reading this.)

'Nique: That's correct. Usually the Sun Times is reputable, but they made it sound like Derrick of guilty of something and he's not.

She goes on to describe how several educators are guilty for going into the school databases and changing grades, but mentions nothing about the allegations of someone else taking Derrick Rose's SAT test for him...

Kap: OK so what about the SAT test allegation?

'Nique: Well do you think if a kid could have someone else take his/her test (and I could have sworn she was going to say "and ace it, he would?") then the system is flawed? ... We shouldn't be looking at Derrick Rose, we should be looking at who was proctoring the exam.

The proctor isn't the story here Monique, the story is Derrick Rose not taking his SAT. It's HIS test to take and he didn't. Yes there are adults responsible for providing him the opportunity, but it doesn't mean Derrick Rose isn't guilty of cheating.

Kap: I don't disagree with you that we have to look at the adults who may have been involved in this whole situation...

'Nique: Good.

Kap: But hold on a second Monique, if these allegations are indeed proven to be true that Rose had a stand in take his SAT test for him, that completely goes to the heart of his character.

'Nique: Well I bet others did it too. It's the system's fault, don't try to bring down and besmirch this African American male.

So let me get this straight, because Derrick Rose broke the rules and had someone stand in and take the test, you're going to blame the PROCTOR because he was a child? Give me a break. That's like arresting the mall security cop for allowing shoplifters to steal goods. Give me a break. Even if those shoplifters were 16 or 17, they still know the difference between right and wrong. Monique is absolving Derrick of responsibility and it isn't right. She's sending the wrong message to kids.

I understand Monique trying to protect Derrick from others "pulling Derrick down" but it's not like anyone is going to take away his contract and millions of dollars. In reality, we'll probably forget about this in a few years, but to absolve him completely of any guilt is teaching is wrong. I'd say it's surprising coming from a former Chicago educator and current Illinois Representative, but the way things have been going lately in Springfield I'm not surprised at all.

Chitown773 said:

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You don't live in Englewood so I wouldn't recommend someone questioning his character. No one on this forum can survive with the limited resources that are embedded there. Typical of Reactionaries to attack his character. Idiots.

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