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Artie Lange Goes Nuts on Joe Buck Live

By now you've probably seen or heard something about comedian Artie Lange's appearance on HBO's new show "Joe Buck LIve".  In its first show, the raunchy comic famous for his usual work on the Howard Stern show on Sirius radio was a guest of Joe's, and let's just say he took over the show with some pretty offensive and shocking jokes. 

Watch the video from Deadspin here

If that's not enough for you, check out BERNINGONSPORTS.COM which has the audio from Lange's visit with Chris Russo earlier this week..

Your thoughts on this are welcome.



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Joely08 said:

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Wow.. that was as difficult to watch as any game announced/analyzed by Joe Buck.

My question is: why would he have that guy on the show in the first place? I don't much about the show, but I thought it'd be about sports. Maybe his guests prevented this, but Joe should have steered in the other direction instead of opening himself up for the offensive comments and jokes his guest made.

Kurt Evans said:


I wish I could see the video of Buck gratefully kissing Lange's ass after the broadcast. If Buck isn't grateful to Lange for turning a snooze into news then he obviously doesn't care much for the advancement of his career.

And trying to out-wit a stand-up comic known for his brutal roasts was the equivalent of Buck bringing a butter knife to a nuclear bomb fight. He never had a chance.

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