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Community Beat: A New Model for Neighborhood News?

Mike Doyle

Since 2005 scribe of the local blog, Chicago Carless. I invite you to visit.

lisccommunitybeatIn answer to the question posed in the headline, not necessarily, but a great effort nonetheless. Community Beat is the group blog put together by the citywide community development teams from the MacArthur Foundation-financed Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) New Communities Program (NCP). (Did you get all that?)

Since 1998, NCP has rolled out resident-centric planning initiatives in 16 challenged neighborhoods on the Northwest, West, and South Sides of Chicago. Community Beat is a forum for LISC staffers to share news and updates about those NCP neighborhoods, and it works wonderfully in that regard. But, as its organizers claim, is it really a better model than plain old "citizen journalism"?

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