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Dinah Shore Weekend!! The BIGGEST women's weekend ever!

DeDe Deylnn

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dinah 2

A few weeks ago Dinah Shore Weekend kicked off in Palm Springs, California! Dinah Shore Weekend  is the premier and largest Women's Party in the World. Yes, there is something or another about golf, and a woman named Dinah Shore, and outdoors but that isn't the main reason most people go to Dinah Shore at all. Golf was it's original concept but as the crowds came, the party started! Pool, sun and splashing good time!

The line of featured Salt 'n Pepa, Sarah Shahi, Ke$sha, God-Des and She, Vicki Shaw, a slew of comedians with other performers as well as film screenings and lots and lots of pool parties. I'm so sad I missed out!  But, I got to live vicariously though a few of our Chicago faves. Here's what they've got to say about Dinah:

Julie Mosier (Promoter/Event Producer)

On right~Julie

"you need to really experience this event. You will never ever forget it. It's just one of those things that every queer woman should experience in their lifetime. Really. Everyone has an idea of what they think it's all about...but once you arrive it will exceed every expectation you have. It is the largest event in the entire world for women!"

1) How was the road trip to Dinah?

I did not road trip..I actually flew out to Palm know I wanted to get there fast and could not handle the anticipation of a 3 day drive to get there.

2) First impressions upon arriving?

I worked for Girlbar for 3 years and was a part of their Dinah Shore Events. I was very excited to see what Club Skirts/ The Dinah had to offer. I was extremely impressed, not just once, but over and over. Everyone was greeted upon arrival, check in was quick, customer service outstanding and the events exceeded my expectations. Everything was flawless. The DJ's are the best in the country, the entertainment you just cant find anywhere else. There were literally thousands of women from all over the world gathering together at Club Skirts The Dinah.

3) Did you shatter any expectations?

The only shattered expectation was that it exceeded what I thought it would be. I did not expect to experience a flawless weekend. With such large events, things can go wrong, but not at The Dinah. Every single event was on time, staff was accommodating and always around to assist, production was of the highest quality and thousands of women experienced a weekend that they will never forget.

4) Say a little about your day to day activities.

It's all about the pool parties and the nightly events!! It will wear you down, but it is so worth it. You keep a busy schedule or you can relax and soak up the sunshine.

salt n pepa
Salt N Pepa

5) Did you meet/see/stalk any celebrities?

Club Skirts /The Dinah is a star studded event. You can be in line getting a drink at the pool party and have someone like Elizabeth Keener walk past you, or see Billie Meyers just hanging out at the White Party, or be a part of The Real L Word that was filming at The Dinah 24-7.

I had the opportunity to meet Ke$ha and Salt N Pepa..I love Salt N nice, took the time to talk and hands down was the best performance of The Dinah for me. They had literally thousands of women packed into the convention center (which is HUGE) dancing and singing along to hit after hit after hit! At one moment they requested all the lights to go off and for everyone to hold up their cell phone and light up the light up the convention center and was simply amazing.

6) How was the trip back? Did I hear right, did you hit a dust storm?????

 I flew home...but I am sure Ben has some great stories.

7) What was the most memorable moment? The one you keep thinking about.....

I don't have one most memorable moment, they are a collection of the most wonderful experiences combined into an entire weekend of fun. You need to go next year!!!

8) Got any crazy stories?

None from me...I am the calm one out of the group. I am certain that the group that drove will have crazy stories for you. :)

dinah team flawLes
Team FlawLes at The Dinah 2009

9) Anything else you'd like to add?

If you have not experienced The Dinah, it is something you should do at least once in your lifetime. It will keep you coming back year after year. It's not a singles event either, which most people seem to think. You can go with your friends, your girlfriend,you best gay boy and single too. There are women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, cultures that merge together for a memorable weekend. Everyone is welcome and treated as if they are all VIP's at Club Skirts. I have never atteneded an event where everyone was treated so well. Mariah walked around and many times went up to customers and personally thanked them for coming. There are many things that make this event stand out. There are several options of all kinds of "other" parties that may confuse you, but Club Skirts The Dinah is the real deal.

Benjamin L Palzer (photographer)
Thumbnail image for Ben

1) How was the road trip to Dinah?

The company was awesome and I couldn't have asked for a more lovely and fun trio of girls. The little Chevy Cobalt was a bit snug but we made it work. The scenery was amazing once we hit Colorado (with the exception of being stuck on the mountain in a snow storm for nearly two hours that was a bit scary with no phone service or internet) and the spread of western states in route to Palm Springs.

2) First impressions upon arriving?
Relief, lol. Awe and Amazement! The entire area was gorgeous!

3) Did you shatter any expectations?

Let's just say I felt like a rock star with the loveliest entourage in existence. It was a lifetime experience to be cataloged in my greatest moments of all time.

4) Say a little about your day to day activities.

 Well, being the only guy in my party, lol, I pretty much was taking in all the sites while the, "activities," were going on all about me. But generally it was Mimosas, a quick bite, and off to the pool party during the day to watch the talent on stage, music and comedy both. The Mojitos flowed like a waterfall till night fall then we got ready for the evening events, Ke$ha Friday night and Salt and Peppa Saturday night. We are pretty sure that Ke$ha lip synced her show, but Salt and Peppa Rocked! They definitely still have it!

5) Did you meet/see/stalk any celebrities?

I got to meet Ke$ha for about 5 seconds to have a picture taken. It was funny, me a 37 y/o guy meeting a maybe 20 something pop star, and I feel like I was talking to one of my youngest sister's (21) friends, lol.

6) How was the trip back? Did I hear right, did you hit a dust storm?????

Yes they closed down the road about 15 miles from the storm that apparently took out a trailer park. The funniest part was when everyone had to pee, lol, the girls were leaning out the doors going into cups trying not to fall out. I had the advantage of being able to walk out to the side of the road, lol.

7) What was the most memorable moment? The one you keep thinking about.....

Even though all the glitz and glam were spectacular and I won't forget it, I think the best and most memorable moment was reflecting on it all by the pool in the place we stayed before the long trip home the following day. Not to mention experiencing my first earthquake (the aftershocks from the 7.2 that hit Baha, Mexico)

8) Got any crazy stories?

Yes. We were on our way to Salt and Peppa, and we kept getting turned around walking ( I blame the mojitos, lol) when we came upon two more girls searching to get there. About 30 seconds later we spot a Pedicab and ask for directions, but he offers to take all 5 of us so we stack up on each others lap and this guy takes off like we didn't weigh a thing. We were all laughing hysterically on the way there, locking arms so no one tumbled off. We arrived in style that night, lol.

dinah pool 2
9) Anything else you'd like to add?

Just that I am glad to be home now with the memories of a lifetime. I can't wait till next years event, only this time I think everyone is gonna save their pennies and fly out. P.S. Any pilots or airlines that would like to give a Dinah discount, we would be happy to hear from you! Lol.
*Again. I'm green. Very, very green.  I'll have to make sure I attend next year! Look for my next post where I'll be showing off video and pics from Dinah 2010!

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