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::::: The Real L Word :::::: It's Finally Happening!

DeDe Deylnn

Queer Lesbian Writer and Overall Fantastic Person

the real l word
Um. My first reaction to this image was......"Wow, they all look so pretty".  Not in a mid western way. I mean I like my women rough, tough, edgy, and very mid western.  But this wouldn't be the first time that comment has been thrown at showtime about their lesbians. Then again, it is television and pretty sells.

So, it's really happening!

What's most exciting about this for me is that I get to watch some dyke drama again in the company of other women -hopefully sans our own dyke drama- with wine and food. If one thing is true for The L Word is that it really brought our community together, with women coming out of the woodworks, flooding to bars and house parties to watch The L Word together.

The cliff hanger ending to the final season of The L Word upset many people, including myself, as I gasped at the screen asking, "wtf....that's it!" And speaking of "wtf", whatever happened to the web series spin off featuring the incomparable Leisha Hailey? Don't leave us hanging Ilene! Hopefully, The Real L Word fully delivers. Just don't leave us out wet to dry.....

So, The Real L Word is brought to us from our gay loving Showtime network, by Golden Globe winner Ilene Chaiken (who brought us The L Word) who is now bringing us a documentary series about the real lives of lesbians. ( I'm sorry this last line ~via the site~ only makes me think of porn. Like we have secret dirty things we do and want you to watch. I suppose this is the hook to get straight audiences in on it and I'm sure it will work. Then again, I live in a gay bubble. I forget the rest of the world really has little clue. It just may be a spectacle for them. Go Showtime for potentially busting their vanilla bubbles! Now I see why you didn't cast everyday Americans.)

THE REAL L WORD: Los Angeles will follow a group of real-life, high-profile, left coast lesbians as they go about their daily lives, at work and play. The producing team plans to show viewers that the cast can be every bit as glamorous, fashionable, fabulous and even as cutthroat as their celebrated-but-fictional counterparts.

Let's meet the Cast.....


Its seems this one is new to the scene, and by scene, they didn't really explain what they mean but I'm going to go with she is just now waxing the pink pearl, playing with the twisted fister, giving up the meat to be a vagatarian; the other red meat. Tracy is just coming out and her mom is not taking it so well. Good thing she's got a girlfriend to support her though it all, but we all know how that goes. She be waxing another pearl as soon as she can stand proud on her own two feet! I say the drama will start with her.....


Let's start with the fact that this woman looks like she could kick your ass...or add a little rough and tumble into to your sex life. Personally, I think she can most definitely do both. Why is she not living here?? You can also guess that she is  the house Shane, macking on women across the city, though she says she's looking for love but is always loosing out to lust. That's ok, Whitney. You can loose out to lust with me any day....;)


Do you recognize this scarlet? She came out on Oprah a few years ago and is now all over the scene with the lgbtgq A-listers all over these fiftystates. I really love how Oprah has to act like she's so surprised about us gays all the time. We all know Oprah; We know. Now that your talk show is closing will you finally come out??? So anyway back to The Real L Word. Nikki really likes to have a good time and she's quite the tough chick that knows exactly what she wants...and will let you know. Top? Maybe. But we all know just cause your in charge in life doesn't mean your in charge between the sheets.


Oh, by the way this is Nikki's Fiance. Yes, ladies they are both taken. Talk about sweet and innocent! They label her as the girl next door raised in a conservative Jewish household. Oh, goody goody. Why is it I can only think indecent thoughts about her? I guess key words like girl next door makes me want to bring the freak out inside her. Or just corrupt her. Either way.


Well, this amazon is quite the busy little bunny. Between finding some sort of compromise over her wedding plans and her thriving business with high end clients she's also on this show! Now, this is when I have to remind myself that these are real people. Well, as real as reality television can be that is. My forecast is that this will be our drama queen. If it's not going her way, there will be trouble to be had.


And finally, the sexy Latina that Papi's character was inspired by! Why didn't they keep Papi longer?? I loved her! But now, we have Rose. This beauty is a self proclaimed player trying to break her ways and settle down. She's battling old school vs New school thought on life and maybe, just maybe, she needs to evolve into poly? Who says you can't have more than one flame at a time! Oh Rose, a rose by any other name....

So, can you see it too? I see L word type casting all over this. Who do you think is who? I can see a few obvious ones but there is one I just can't figure out like Mikey. Help me see it.....who is here prototype on the L Word?

l word
Of course there's more than just these lovely beauties....

It's also interesting to note that there is only one woman of color. Rose. The next season they better mix up the ethnicities better! One thing society doesn't see often enough is black, asian, latina, GAY women of color. Being seen is such a huge part of change. If they can't see don't exist.

Well, I'm still pretty excited about this coming into fruition and right in the heart of pride season as well. I can't wait to gasp and gawk with others over the tv with wine this summer and relate our own dyke dramatic stories with the characters on the screen. Where are you all going to gather at? Will you watch it? It starts June 20. Here's a little teaser......



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sarahb4343 said:

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FINALLY...Did you see the footage from LA Pride, of them showing up and making love to the crowd?? Can't wait for this series! Mikey, i love you...

DeDe Deylnn said:


Totally did! :) Check it out here on my site...

(love your site btw)

Krisco08 said:


Mikey = Tina...
She looks WAAAAY TO MUCH like Laurel... o_o;

sierra said:

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I am pretty sure Whitney is 100% latina and that Tracy has latino in her, Tracy was speaking to her mom in spanish, sounds like her first language. I was actually pleased to see there were 3 latinas on the show.

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