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Great Moments in History -- Called by Gus Johnson!

The Funny or Die crew enlisted the services of famed March Madness announcer Gus Johnson to call these pivotal events in world history.

Great Moments in History with Gus Johnson from Gus Johnson

Derrick Rose's No-Look, Through the Legs Pass to Joakim Noah For the Jam [Video]

Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls coasted to a 105-77, blowout win over the Washington Wizards last night. Rose finished with 21 points and 9 assists, one of them being NBA's "Assist of the Night". It was this amazing pass to Joakim Noah for the dunk.

h/t: Sharapova's Thigh

Stacey King's Greatest Hits (Or Freakouts), Vol.1

Besides having an awesome Chicago Bulls team this year, fans are blessed with an excitable announcer like Stacey King. With Derrick Rose, Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah, Stacey has a lot to get excited about. And yes, we know the Dragic dunk is a classic, but we'll save that for a later volume.

To the Penthouse!

Don't Try to Run Josh McRoberts!

I Want a Facial!

Posterized Stewie!

Check Yer Head!

Big Baby Blows Breakaway Dunk [Video]

"Welcome to the blooper Big Baby."

Celtics still hung on to beat the Heat 85-82 in Boston, which is the only time I want to see them win. It's quite possible that after that missed jam Big Baby went and did something like this:

Patrick Kane: Before the Mullet

You might think that Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane fell out of the womb with the world's sweetest mullet, but that's not how it happened.

Here's the feature done on Kane right before the 2007 NHL Draft. You can see the makings of the mullet there, but it's not quite sprouted. It's more of a Dirk Nowitzki-type look. 

Da Coach Can Still Deliver a Great Pregame Speech

There wasn't as much fire in him as there was in the glory days, but Mike Ditka can still deliver a pregame speech, as he and Steve Mariucci did before the 2011 Under Armour All-America Game on 1/5/11 from Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg. Here are highlights of that speech, and from the game.

Patrick Kane Stars in "I'm In Chicago Trick"


The guys at bring you Patrick Kane's Version of Miami Trick: "I'm in Chicago Trick". And it's pretty much the greatest gift we could give you this holiday season. Enjoy!
Creds: Produced by Ross Judge, Audio Mixed by Antonio Trogi, Directed by Evil Patrick Shannon, Written by Sean Plumridge.

Watch the Metrodome Roof Collapse [Video]

This almost looks like some sort of CGI special effects, but it's not. Unfortunately this really happened. It's the Metrodome roof collapsing in Minnesota.The Vikings-Giants game has been moved to Detroit and will be played tonight.

What's Mike North Up To? Talking Gas, Elizabeth Edwards and Keith Olbermann

Bristol Palin. Elizabeth Edwards. Gas prices. Keith Olbermann. Is it Glenn Beck's show? WIND-AM? MSNBC? Nope. It's Mike North and his new webcast called, "The 5 Minute Half Hour News".

So what is it? "5 minutes in 30 minutes, for you folks with ADD, for you folks that don't have a lot of time. You wanna know the news of the world? You wanna know the pertinent stuff? It's right here!"

Mike North
North continues to reinvent himself, and get paid for it along the way. He already has several sponsors on board ("American Mattress -- 80 stores nationwide!") and is bringing back some of his old bits like "The Bookie Priest". He also produces a short video each day titled, "I'm Just Sayin'!", derived from one of North's trademark catchphrases.

North is also doing a weekend radio show on Fox Sports. This after his "Monsters in the Morning" switched stations and became "Monsters and Money in the Morning", then was canceled, and after the internet radio venture he was a part of blew up.

North continues to do what most Chicagoans do. He takes his hits, gets back up and goes to work. A lot. He shakes off criticism, ignores the haters and does what he does. Even on his former station, WSCR, a lot of the talent like to poke fun at him, some of it seemingly mean-spirited. I'd guess that North made most of them a lot of money over the years, and like him or not, there is no Score without him.

It's somewhat hard to believe that there isn't a place for North on local sports radio, but then I am not privy to things such as contract negotiations or bridges burned or any of that inside talk. I could be wrong, but I'd guess there is still a solid fan base that would still like to hear him on-air.

Maybe someday. But for now North will keep on, keepin' on. And The Bookie Priest? He nailed the Titans +3 last night. 

Marcus Jordan Throws Down Sick Dunk [Video]

Check out Marcus Jordan doing some high-flying like his dad Michael Jordan in the recent UCF-Stetson game. Here's another angle... h/t: The Hoop Doctors

Ron Zook's Jim Mora-like Rant: "Bowl Game"

While it's not in the same tone as Jim Mora's famous "Playoffs!?!?" rant, Ron Zook breaks out the phrase bowl game with the same zest. 

h/t: The Last Angry Fan

Chicago Bears Fans Share Their '85 Bears Memories

walter payton.jpg

Chicago Bears fans walked up to special "living rooms" around downtown Chicago and Soldier Field to share their favorite stories and memories of the 1985 Super Bowl champion Chicago Bears. A variety of the shared memories from Allstate's "Call to Glory" events will be featured during the Allstate Glory Days tribute on Nov. 5.

Randy Moss "One Clap" Auto-Tune [Video]


Another killer auto-tune from DJ Steve Porter. How many football fans want to rip on Randy Moss, but really hope he ends up on their team? I bet it's a lot. I'll take him here on the Chicago Bears. I bet Jay Cutler would too.

SNL's Brett Favre Wrangler Jeans Commercial Parody


I don't catch much of SNL anymore, but this parody of the Brett Favre Wrangler Jeans commercial is hilarious. Kudos to Jason Sudeikis for a the Favre impression.

Super Mario Digs the Chicago Fire [Vid]

Super Mario makes an appearance - a rather large one - at a recent Chicago Fire game.

h/t: Windy Citizen

Florida Gator Runs Over Disabled Man In Wheelchair [Video]

He certainly didn't mean to do it and this type of thing happens all of the time in football. But, don't you think he could have at least helped him up?

Packers Fan Might Have Had Too Many (Ya Think?)

Decisions, decisions. What kind of joke do I want to make here? I can go with the 2 porta-potties and dumpster being perfect for anything to do with the Packers -- or -- I can go the route of this likely-too-drinky Green Bay Packers fan still wearing the Favre jersey to a Packers game. I'll just use both. And I'll add this: I bet he peed his pants!

h/t: TPS

Michael Jordan NBA 2K11 Commercial with Derrick Rose

Wanna see Chicago Bulls superstar Derrick Rose bakes some pies? You've come to the right place. DRose bakes up some pies for Rajon Rondo, Josh Smith, Russell Westbrook and Andre Iguodala, as the guys play some NBA 2K11 with Michael Jordan.

h/t: Docksquad Sports

The Cardinals Have Done Lost Their Minds

Someone please explain to me what Adam Wainwright and Skip Schumaker of the St. Louis Cardinals are doing here in this clip. Just weird.

Perhaps there is hope for the Chicago Cubs after all. Or not.

h/t: Midwest Sports Fans

Dan Hampton: Vikings Need to "Hit That Town Like Katrina"

Hall of Famer and former Chicago Bears defensive standout is standing out today due to a major slip of the tongue on the locally produced "Pro Football Weekly". Hamp doesn't mean any harm of course, but in this day and age that is a major no-no.

Nationals and Marlins Brawl [Video]

This is not your average baseball brawl. Keep your eye on the first baseman after Nationals outfielder Nyjer Morgan rushes the mound. Former Cubs manager Jim Riggleman has a bit of a loon on his hands in Morgan.

Meet the Amazing No-Armed Pitcher

An incredible story.


An accompanying article to the video said that the pitcher, Tom Willis, has thrown out the first pitch this year for the Tampa Bay Rays, Florida Marlins, Milwaukee Brewers, St. Louis Cardinals, Cleveland Indians, Toronto Blue Jays, Detroit Tigers, Cincinnati Reds -- and the Texas Rangers will be next.

Willis is a motivational speaker who wants to throw out the first ball at every major league baseball stadium. I think the Cubs and White Sox need to give him a call. I also think it's awesome that his name is Tom Willis. The fictional Tom Willis was the neighbor of George Jefferson on "The Jeffersons". That show is totally underrated.

Michael Jordan's Son Marcus Likes to Rap

When he's not tweeting about how much of his famous dad's money he's been blowing at Las Vegas clubs, Michael Jordan's son Marcus fancies himself an original rap.

h/t: The Hoop Doctors

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Bone-Rattling Youth Football Hit [Videos]

These Bears sure do know how to hit. Not the Chicago Bears -- they still need some more practice. I'm talking about the Bloomingdale Bears, a local youth football team. Keep your eyes on the split end, and watch how he annhilates the opposing defender. Somewhere, Coach Ditka weeps with joy.

Here it is from another angle.

That kid gets laid out and he doesn't get up for a while. We hope he's feeling better. We also hope that the Bloomingdale Bears will allow the Chicago Bears into one of their practices so they can learn to block like that. 5 sacks by the Raiders? Really?

Jay Glazer at Chicago Bears Training Camp

Fox Sports' Jay Glazer is visiting NFL training camps for his "Glaze Across America" segments, and he was gushing about the Chicago Bears during his trip to Bourbonnais. He might be doing that about each team, but it's still good to see a national guy stoked about the Bears chances.

Cubs Fans Lead League in Awesome Beer Chugging

We know that fans seem to suffer from too much partying at Wrigley, but at least Chicago Cubs fans lead the league in one thing: catching baseballs with their beer cups and then chugging them down. Reds outfielder Jonny Gomes gets the assist on this one.

So we got that going for us. Sigh.

Donovan McNabb Pranked in Redskins Locker Room [Vid]

Chicagoan and now Redskins QB Donovan McNabb got pranked recently after practice. This is hilarious, and McNabb is a good guy at being able to take a prank.

LeBron James Dissed By Hometown Billboard

A marketing company from Akron has purchased a billboard near LeBron James estate that will remind him every time he comes home how much he is despised for leaving Cleveland for Miami.

lebron billboard.jpg

Here's the video piece on the story from NewsNet 5:

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Derrick Rose and Venus Williams Helping Kids in Chicago

Chicago Bulls superstar Derrick Rose and Venus Williams teamed up in Chicago to tell kids to stay active and stay healthy. That's absolutely great. But what is up with the Dodgers hat, D Rose?

Derrick Rose New Force Factor Commercial

Check out Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose's new commercial for "Force Factor", a new supplement company that has some big names promoting their product.

hat tip to Docksquad Sports

Let's Make Fun of Philadelphia Fans Just a Little Bit More [Video]

Watch your step...oops...too late.

One more thing: Hawks Win!

Little Kids Don't Want to Be Kyle Orton


Poor little girl. I hope she's not traumatized for life. I had a similar experience as a child. My brother got to be Brian Baschnagel and I had to be Bob Avellini. still hurts.

h/t: Predominantly Orange

Too Much Partying? Fan Wheeled Out of Wrigley

Sometimes what happens in the stands is more exciting than what happens during the game. This can certainly be the case at Wrigley Field. This fan must have been pretty bored with how the Cubs were playing because it looks as if he had one two way too many drinks.

At least he gave the fans something to cheer about. Chicago baseball teams are a combined 46-56 at the moment.

h/t: Wheel Him Outta Here! [Total Pro Sports]

Flyers' Carcillo Nails His Own Teammate, Jaws with Kopecky [Video]

Philadelphia Flyers annoyance Dan Carcillo thought he had Blackhawks winger Tomas Kopecky lined up and in his sights. He might want to get his radar adjusted. Instead of Kopecky he nailed Jeff Carter -- his own teammate.

Kopecky has been great in replacing Andrew Ladd. He did not play in the San Jose series but had an assist and the game-winning goal in game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Cubs Fan Catches Ball with Beer, Gulps it Down

Oh those Cubs fans -- is there anything they can't do? Maybe not. If only Soriano could make some plays like this.

Joakim Noah Still Has the Draft Day Bow Tie! [Video]

The guys from HHR and Blogs with Balls -- coming to Chicago soon! -- got to hang out with Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah. Noah still has the totally awesome bow tie from draft day, really likes chicken and plays the gracious host to Don and Chris. Also, little kids like it when he dunks. Noah explains in this video.

Chicago Cubs 1986 Burger King Commercial


Check out what they are peddling in this old commercial. That little ear radio now looks like those huge piercings people put in their ear lobes. I just had an awesome idea -- I'm going to get a huge Cubs piercing for my ear! Maybe I'll wait until they get to .500.

And is that the next Cubs manager stealing 2nd base in the commercial? Maybe...

Canucks Fan Throws Beer at Hawks Fan

After the game 6 victory, a Vancouver Canucks fan threw a beer at a Blackhawks fan. Much like the Canucks players, the fan missed the intended target. Have fun in Canada the rest of the playoffs -- for the 2nd year in a row.

Will Ferrell Pitches in a Minor League Game

rojo johnson.jpg

Will Ferrell recently took the mound in a minor league game for the Round Rock Express as Rojo Johnson. He comes out to the mound wearing some massive gold chains, carrying a plastic bag with beer. He cracks a beer before his warm-up tosses and of course, hilarity ensues.

He even has a post-game presser:

Castro Homers in First Cubs At-Bat [Video Spoof]


Castro homers in first Cubs at-bat, but seems slower than scouting reports that detailed his great speed. Hmmm...

LOL at Vinny Del Negro

Vinny hardly played James Johnson throughout the entire season, but then he plays him and has him guard LeBron James in the playoffs? With no help on D? Here's what LeBron did to JJ.

Kevin Garnett Continues to Be the NBA's Biggest Wuss

In all my years of watching sports I've never gone from liking a player so much to despising him as I have done with Kevin Garnett. He talks way too much smack, disrespects other players, takes on smaller players and as Joakim Noah said, Garnett is a dirty player. His latest exhibit of this behavior came when he elbowed DePaul alum Quentin Richardson.

I hope Garnett gets suspended and costs his team the series. Paul Pierce can also stop acting like he was shot every time he gets a little shove.

Rasheed Wallace Scores -- For the Bulls!

Check out Rasheed Wallace's momentary lapse of reason against the Bulls.

Kevin Garnett Thought He Was Playing Michael F'ing Jordan


Kevin Garnett was more than disappointed with the Celtics loss at home to Kevin Durant and the Thunder. He drops a major f-bomb on live TV and has a bad case of the sulkies.

Boston has dropped 2 straight and slid to the 4th seed in the East. If the season ended today they would go up against the Bucks in round 1 of the playoffs, and hopefully Scott Skiles has enough wiles to get the Bucks past the Celtics. That would be wonderful.

Maybe Garnett is still sore from his 'nasty' fall the other night.

h/t: Reds Army

Classic Video: Mike Singletary Wired Up

It's safe to say that most people in Chicago still can't get enough of the '85 Bears, even after all these years. Maybe it has something to do with not winning a championship since then? Hmmm...could be. Here is a classic clip of one of those Bears, Samurai Mike Singletary, wired up in his final season as a Bear in 1992.

Deron Williams Busts Out the Chicken Dance

I've always loved Deron Williams since he led the Illini to the championship game back in 2005. This video just makes me love the guy more. Watch as Deron relaxes with some fans in the stands, and breaks out The Chicken Dance.

Hilariously Bad March Madness Rap [Video]


March Madness? How about March Badness!

This kid is pretty hardcore. He's raps without music, sports a DWade Marquette jersey and a yarmulke, and somehow works Joe Lunardi into his rhyme. Give him an A for effort and style, but your not going to Hollywood, dawg. This is so bad it's good.

Brent Seabrook Crushed By James Wisniewski [Video]

Brent Seabrook nailed Ducks player Corey Perry. Just moments later, the Ducks exacted revenge and Seabrook crumbled to the ice.

Get the full story on the hit and the Hawks game recap over at Blackhawks Confidential. Here is the video of the play.

Better Than Ditka: Legendary Coach Abe Gibron "Wired Up"

Abe Gibron
Abe Gibron is definitely in the team photo for the most colorful coaches in Chicago history. After you watch this video, you might put him right at the top. Had Gibron coached in this era, he'd be on commercials and have his own reality show. Can you imagine a radio call-in show with Gibron?

Da Coach Fall Down and Go Boom [Video]

I bet Da Coach wanted to ring the neck of Paul Hornung after his little push goes awry. We still love the coach here in Chicago, but you can't let a former Packer push you around and get away with it.

How LeBron Stole Michael Jordan's Mojo [Video]

My buds over at the Global Sports Fraternity have already embarrassed a NFL quarterback and now they are back with the story of how LeBron got his considerable skills.
If LeBron comes to Chicago and plays for the Bulls, I think we all can forgive him of this terrible offense.

1985 Bears: Wilber Marshall's Bonecrushing Hit [Video]

This is one of the signature hits of the 1985 Bears season. Wilber Marshall is a torpedo and Joe Ferguson is the easy target. One of the most devastating hits I have ever seen. "The Fridge" gets penetration up front and gets Ferguson on the run out of the pocket. Then this happens: If you rewind the video to the beginning, it shows you the graphics with the entire Bears defense in that game. The Bears had 8 Pro Bowlers that season.

Blogger Beats Down NFL Quarterback [Video]

My man Henry over at Global Sports Fraternity -- producers of the funniest original sports vids on the web -- recently battled Detroit Lions QB Matt Stafford at the Gatorade Fitness Challenge during Super Bowl week in Florida.

As Henry says, "Someone who achieved his athletic pinnacle on the high school wrestling mat and spends his day in front of a computer couldn't possibly stand a chance against a starting NFL Quarterback, right?"

Watch and see:


The Lions just keep on losing. Gotta love it!

Ozzie Guillen on Channel 26 in 1986 [Mob Video]

Check out this clip from Beisbol '86 and Channel 26 before it was "The U". Interesting choice of music for a Spanish-spoken baseball program. But you can't fault them too much, Huey Lewis was the man in the mid-80's, right? Also, it's a surprise to me that Ozzie's neck doesn't break from the weight of what looks like a ginormous cap on his head.

Toni Kukoc's Jordan-Style Free-Throw Line Dunk [Video]

Check out this old school (and old country) video of Toni Kukoc in a dunk contest in Sarajevo. The year was 1991, his nickname then was the "Pink Panther" and his opponent is wearing...a Jordan jersey. h/t: A Stern Warning

Derrick Rose Top Highlights of 2010 [Videos]

After a bit of a slow start due to an ankle injury, Derrick Rose has turned it on again and is having an excellent season. Here are some of his top highlights so far this season.

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Freddy Garcia Drunk at Soxfest, F-Bombing the Cubs [Video]

Thumbnail image for Freddy Garcia at Soxfest.jpg
Let me start by saying that this video is NSFW. I was wondering if it's appropriate to definitively title the post with Freddy being drunk, but I don't think anyone in their right minds come to any different conclusion. I'm pretty sure you he wouldn't say "F--- the Cubs" if he wasn't inebriated.

Mob Video: Keith Traylor's 2001 Rumbling Interception Return

Dick Enberg is one of the most personable sportscasters of our era and also one of the most versatile. Listen to his hilarious call on Keith Traylor's 2001 interception against the Jaguars.
  Is that fun or what?

Mike Martz Dissed Bears Receivers in November [Video]

If the Bears' receivers and linemen watch this clip of Martz talking about the Bears in November, that first meeting is going to be awkward. However, this was before Aromashodu broke out late in the season. It's going to get interesting really soon.

The World Famous Scottie Pippen Mr. Sub Commercial

Best local commercial with a Chicago athlete--ever. If you have any you like, leave a link in the comments.
More goofy commercials with athletes.

Packers Fan Loses Bet, Has to Eat 10-Year Old Cereal

Mmmm...10-year old cereal. If Brett Favre made these types of bets about his retirement(s), he'd have botulism.

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