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The Kansas Jayhawk Mascot is Crying [gif]

Cheer up, Kansas Jayhawk. There's always next year. And just think -- you can relive the moment over and over until then with this fabulous gif!


h/t: Mock Session

Dan Hampton: Vikings Need to "Hit That Town Like Katrina"

Hall of Famer and former Chicago Bears defensive standout is standing out today due to a major slip of the tongue on the locally produced "Pro Football Weekly". Hamp doesn't mean any harm of course, but in this day and age that is a major no-no.

Scott Van Pelt is Having a Bad Week

Scott Van Pelt has had better weeks. First he gets punked by a Howard Stern fan pretending to be Brian Westbrook, and now during a Sportscenter tease about Ozzie Guillen's new Twitter account SVP drops an F-bomb. Here are both videos.

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