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2011 Chicago Cubs TV and Radio Schedule

Here is the complete 2011 TV and radio schedule for your Chicago Cubs!
DateOpponentTime (CT)TVRadio


Friday, March 4@Kansas City2:05 PM
Saturday, March 5vs. San Diego2:05 PM
WGN 720
Sunday, March 6vs. LA Dodgers2:05 PMWGNWGN 720
Monday, March 7vs. LA Angels2:05 PM
Tuesday, March 8@Colorado2:10 PM
Wednesday, March 9vs. Kansas City2:05 PM
Thursday, March 10vs. Cleveland2:05 PM
Friday, March 11@Chi White Sox2:05
Saturday, March 12vs. Cincinnati2:05 PM
WGN 720
Saturday, March 12vs. Cincinnati3:05 PMWGN
Sunday, March 13vs. LA Dodgers3:05 PMWGN
Sunday, March 13@Arizona3:10 PM
Monday, March 14@Seattle3:05 PM
Tuesday, March 15vs. Colorado3:05 PM
Thursday, March 17@Oakland3:05 PM
Friday, March 18vs. Cincinnati3:05 PM
Saturday, March 19@San Diego3:05 PMWGNWGN 720
Sunday, March 20vs. San Francisco3:05 PMCSNWGN 720
Monday, March 21@LA Angels3:05
Tuesday, March 22@LA Dodgers3:05
Wednesday, March 23vs. Oakland3:05 PM
Thursday, March 24vs. Chi White Sox4:05 PMCSN,
Friday, March 25vs. Seattle3:05 PMWGN,
Saturday, March 26@Texas3:05 PMESPN2WGN 720
Sunday, March 27vs. Colorado3:05 PMWGNWGN 720
Monday, March 28@Cleveland3:05 PM
Tuesday, March 29vs. Arizona3:05 PM
WGN 720


Friday, April 1vs. Pittsburgh1:20 PMWGN
Saturday, April 2vs. Pittsburgh12:05 PMCSN
Sunday, April 3vs. Pittsburgh1:20 PMWGNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Monday, April 4vs. Arizona1:20 PMCSN
Tuesday, April 5vs. Arizona1:20 PMCSN
Wednesday, April 6vs. Arizona1:20 PMWGN
Friday, April 8@Milwaukee7:10 PMCSN+
Saturday, April 9@Milwaukee6:10 PMCSN
Sunday, April 10@Milwaukee1:10 PMWGN
Monday, April 11@Houston7:05 PMCSN+
Tuesday, April 12@Houston7:05 PMCSN
Wednesday, April 13@Houston7:05 PMWGN
Friday, April 15@Colorado7:40 PMWCIU
Saturday, April 16@Colorado7:10 PMWGN
Sunday, April 17@Colorado2:10 PMWGN
Monday, April 18vs. San Diego7:05 PMWCIUWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Tuesday, April 19vs. San Diego7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, April 20vs. San Diego1:20 PMCSN
Friday, April 22vs. LA Dodgers1:20 PMWGN
Saturday, April 23vs. LA Dodgers12:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Sunday, April 24vs. LA Dodgers1:20 PMCSN
Monday, April 25vs. Colorado7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Tuesday, April 26vs. Colorado7:05 PMWGNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, April 27vs. Colorado1:20 PMCSN
Thursday, April 28@Arizona8:40 PMWGN
Friday, April 29@Arizona8:40 PMCSN+
Saturday, April 30@Arizona7:10 PMCSN


Sunday, May 1@Arizona3:10 PMWGN
Monday, May 2@LA Dodgers9:10 PMCSN
Tuesday, May 3@LA Dodgers9:10 PMWGN
Wednesday, May 4@LA Dodgers2:10 PMCSN
Friday, May 6vs. Cincinnati1:20 PMWGN
Saturday, May 7vs. Cincinnati12:10 PMFOXWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Sunday, May 8vs. Cincinnati1:20 PMWGN
Tuesday, May 10vs. St. Louis7:05 PMWGNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, May 11vs. St. Louis7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Thursday, May 12vs. St. Louis1:20 PMCSN
Friday, May 13vs. San Francisco1:20 PMCSN
Saturday, May 14vs. San Francisco6:10 PMFOXWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Sunday, May 15vs. San Francisco1:20 PMWGN
Monday, May 16@Cincinnati6:10 PMWCIU
Tuesday, May 17@Cincinnati6:10 PMCSN
Wednesday, May 18@Florida6:10 PMWGN
Thursday, May 19@Florida6:10 PMCSN
Friday, May 20@Boston6:10 PMWGN
Saturday, May 21@Boston6:10 PMFOX
Sunday, May 22@Boston7:05 PMESPN
Tuesday, May 24vs. NY Mets7:05 PMWGNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, May 25vs. NY Mets7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Thursday, May 26vs. NY Mets1:20 PMWGN
Friday, May 27vs. Pittsburgh1:20 PMWGN
Saturday, May 28vs. Pittsburgh12:05 PMCSN
Sunday, May 29vs. Pittsburgh1:20 PMWGN
Monday, May 30vs. Houston1:20 PMWGN
Tuesday, May 31vs. Houston7:05 PMCSN


Wednesday, June 1vs. Houston1:20 PMWGN
Friday, June 3@St. Louis7:15 PMWGN
Saturday, June 4@St. Louis3:10 PMFOX
Sunday, June 5@St. Louis1:15 PMCSN
Monday, June 6@Cincinnati6:10 PMWCIU
Tuesday, June 7@Cincinnati6:10 PMCSN
Wednesday, June 8@Cincinnati11:35 AMCSN
Thursday, June 9@Philadelphia6:05 PMWGN
Friday, June 10@Philadelphia6:05 PMCSN
Saturday, June 11@Philadelphia3:10 PMFOX
Sunday, June 12@PhiladelphiaTBDWGN
Monday, June 13vs. Milwaukee7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Tuesday, June 14vs. Milwaukee7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, June 15vs. Milwaukee7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Thursday, June 16vs. Milwaukee1:20 PMWGN
Friday, June 17vs. NY Yankees1:20 PMCSN
Saturday, June 18vs. NY Yankees3:10 PMFOXWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Sunday, June 19vs. NY YankeesTBDWGNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Monday, June 20@Chi White Sox7:10 PMCSN
Tuesday, June 21@Chi White Sox7:10 PMWGN
Wednesday, June 22@Chi White Sox7:10 PMCSN
Friday, June 24@Kansas City7:10 PMWGN
Saturday, June 25@Kansas City6:10 PMWGN
Sunday, June 26@Kansas City1:10 PMCSN
Tuesday, June 28vs. San Francisco7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, June 29vs. San Francisco7:05 PMWGNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Thursday, June 30vs. San Francisco1:20 PMWGN


Friday, July 1vs. Chi White Sox1:20 PMWGN
Saturday, July 2vs. Chi White Sox3:10 PMFOXWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Sunday, July 3vs. Chi White Sox1:20 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Monday, July 4@Washington12:05 PMWGN
Tuesday, July 5@Washington6:05 PMCSN
Wednesday, July 6@Washington6:05 PMCSN
Thursday, July 7@Washington6:05 PMWGN
Friday, July 8@Pittsburgh6:05 PMCSN
Saturday, July 9@Pittsburgh6:05 PMWGN
Sunday, July 10@Pittsburgh12:35 PMWGN
Thursday, July 14vs. Florida7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Friday, July 15vs. Florida1:20 PMWGN
Saturday, July 16vs. Florida12:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Sunday, July 17vs. Florida1:20 PMCSN
Monday, July 18vs. Philadelphia7:05 PMWCIUWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Tuesday, July 19vs. Philadelphia7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, July 20vs. Philadelphia1:20 PMCSN
Friday, July 22vs. Houston1:20 PMCSN
Saturday, July 23vs. Houston12:05 PMCSN
Sunday, July 24vs. Houston1:20 PMWGNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Tuesday, July 26@Milwaukee7:10 PMWGN
Wednesday, July 27@Milwaukee7:10 PMCSN
Thursday, July 28@Milwaukee1:10 PMWGN
Friday, July 29@St. Louis7:15 PMWGN
Saturday, July 30@St. Louis3:10 PMFOX
Sunday, July 31@St. Louis1:15 PMWGN


Monday, August 1@Pittsburgh6:05 PMCSN+
Tuesday, August 2@Pittsburgh6:05 PMCSN
Wednesday, August 3@Pittsburgh6:05 PMCSN+
Thursday, August 4@Pittsburgh6:05 PMCSN
Friday, August 5vs. Cincinnati1:20 PMWGN
Saturday, August 6vs. Cincinnati12:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Sunday, August 7vs. Cincinnati1:20 PMCSN
Monday, August 8vs. Washington7:05 PMCSN+WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Tuesday, August 9vs. Washington7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, August 10vs. Washington7:05 PMWGNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Friday, August 12@Atlanta6:35 PMCSN
Saturday, August 13@Atlanta6:10 PMWGN
Sunday, August 14@Atlanta12:35 PMWGN
Monday, August 15@Houston7:05 PMCSN
Tuesday, August 16@Houston7:05 PMWGN
Wednesday, August 17@Houston1:05 PMWGN
Friday, August 19vs. St. Louis1:20 PMCSN
Saturday, August 20vs. St. Louis3:10 PMFOXWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Sunday, August 21vs. St. LouisTBDWGNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Monday, August 22vs. Atlanta7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Tuesday, August 23vs. Atlanta7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, August 24vs. Atlanta7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Thursday, August 25vs. Atlanta1:20 PMWGN
Friday, August 26@Milwaukee7:10 PMWGN
Saturday, August 27@Milwaukee6:10 PMWGNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Sunday, August 28@Milwaukee1:10 PMCSN
Monday, August 29@San Francisco9:15 PMCSN+
Tuesday, August 30@San Francisco9:15 PMWGN
Wednesday, August 31@San Francisco2:45 PMCSN


Friday, September 2vs. Pittsburgh1:20 PMCSN
Saturday, September 3vs. Pittsburgh12:05 PMWGNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Sunday, September 4vs. Pittsburgh1:20 PMWGNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Monday, September 5vs. Cincinnati1:20 PMWGN
Tuesday, September 6vs. Cincinnati7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, September 7vs. Cincinnati7:05 PMWCIUWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Friday, September 9@NY Mets6:10 PMCSN
Saturday, September 10@NY Mets12:10 PMCSN
Sunday, September 11@NY Mets12:10 PMWGN
Monday, September 12@Cincinnati6:10 PMCSN
Tuesday, September 13@Cincinnati6:10 PMCSN+
Wednesday, September 14@Cincinnati6:10 PMWCIU
Thursday, September 15@Cincinnati6:10 PMCSN
Friday, September 16vs. Houston1:20 PMCSN
Saturday, September 17vs. HoustonTBDWGNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Sunday, September 18vs. Houston1:20 PMCSN
Monday, September 19vs. Milwaukee7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Tuesday, September 20vs. Milwaukee7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, September 21vs. Milwaukee1:20 PMWGN
Friday, September 23@St. Louis7:15 PMCSN
Saturday, September 24@St. Louis12:10 PMWGN
Sunday, September 25@St. Louis1:15 PMCSN
Monday, September 26@San Diego9:05 PMWGN
Tuesday, September 27@San Diego9:05 PMCSN
Wednesday, September 28@San Diego7:35 PMWCIU

Milton Bradley Accused of Hitting Wife With Glass

Milton Bradley

Ex-Cubs outfielder Milton Bradley could be in some big trouble. This time, RadarOnline reports that Bradley has been accused of hitting his wife with the top of a glass coffee table, according to court documents they obtained.

His wife, Monique, is now seeking a divorce and requested a restraining order on January 24. The Bradley's already have a March 9th hearing related to making threats against his wife in January.

Here's what Monique Bradley said about the incident:

"Milton cursed and yelled at me for approximately five minutes and then he grabbed a glass from off the coffee table and threw it directly at my head from across the room. The glass shattered on my head and I started to bleed. As soon as Milton saw me bleeding, he started crying and begging me to forgive him. He stated that he lost it and that he would kill himself if I left him. I did not know what to do."

Monique is seeking legal and physical custody of their children.

Here's a nice snapshot of Milton in action from last year:


Lou Piniella Joins World Champion San Francisco Giants

So much for all that relaxing with the family. Former Chicago Cubs manager Lou Piniella is taking an adviser gig with the world champion San Francisco Giants, according to

The team hasn't made an announcement yet, but The Chronicle learned Piniella, 67, is joining the Giants' front office to consult in a variety of ways, whether it's evaluating or advising on player movement or scouting or . . . well, whatever a baseball lifer of 48 years can provide.

GM Brian Sabean goes back with Piniella to their Yankee years in the '80s, and they've remained tight. Sabean interviewed Piniella to succeed manager Felipe Alou after the 2006 season, but Piniella removed himself from consideration partly for geographic reasons and became manager of the Cubs.

The article also states that Piniella will be Florida-based. Good for him. We should all be so lucky to get nice-paying, easy gigs when we are in are late-60's.

Sun Times Botches Matt Garza Photo

The Chicago Sun Times ran a piece about the Cubs' acquisition of Matt Garza on Sunday, and the story ran with a full-page photo of Garza...that wasn't Garza.


That's pitcher Joaquin Benoit. And he wasn't acquired by the Cubs. Whoops.

This pic was found at "It's Always Sunny in Detroit", where apparently they have run out of original blog names. It's actually a really good sports blog, but I had to take a dig because of this line in the post:

"Matt Garza was traded to the most overrated city in the country this past weekend.  He'll be playing for the team that everybody roots for, but they aren't sure why.  Translation: he was traded from the Tampa Bay Rays to the Chicago Cubs."

If Chicago is overrated, I hate to find out what people are saying about Detroit. How's that Ben Gordon signing workin' out for you? Enjoy the Bears playoff game on Sunday!

Cubs Fans Should Blame Jim Hendry, Not Ricketts

The Ricketts ownership of the Cubs hasn't exactly been overwhelming in its first year or so. Pitchers and catchers are still about 2 months away, but that hasn't stopped Cubs fans from expressing their aggravation at the current state of the club. That's fine. But don't misdirect it at the Ricketts family. Most of the blame should be attributed to the architect of the club, GM Jim Hendry.

I made a joke the other day that Carlos Pena's agent asked for $9 million and Hendry countered with $10 million. The Pena signing is yet another example of Hendry over-spending and likely over-bidding for free agents. Though half of his salary is deferred until 2012, it's still $10 million. Which isn't to say that Pena won't jack 40 homers as a Cub. It's to say that he could be hitting them for far less than what he's being paid.

Hendry is probably best known for his shrewd trades in obtaining Aramis Ramirez and Derrek Lee. But if you look at his trade history, he hasn't made a significant trade in over 5 years, with the possible exception being the Tom Gorzelanny trade from 2009.

But the most damning pieces of evidence against Hendry are found in his free agent acquisitions, and his willingness to hand out big dollars and no-trade clauses. There have also been occasions where you have to wonder who Hendry was bidding against, and how skilled he is at contract negotiation.

Front and center in all this is Alfonso Soriano's deal. An 8-year, $136 million deal that remains an albatross to the Cubs. This was a horrible signing, made worse by Hendry relenting and giving Soriano a no-trade deal. Add to that the Fukudome and Bradley (turned into Carlos Silva) signings -- and perhaps the Zambrano deal -- and you have over $60 million invested in those players for the upcoming season.

This is not to say that Hendry hasn't made good signings. Dempster and Lilly turned out to be great moves. But you just can't miss on those big, long-term contracts as much as Hendry has. And then on top of that the no-trade clauses? Brutal. Huge long-term deals are for superstars and aces -- period.

Hendry also has a proclivity to overpay middle-relievers. John Grabow will be getting $4.8 million for 2011, wrapping up a 2-year, $7.5 million deal. Grabow had an ERA over 7 last year. Even before that, he was a decent pitcher but not spectacular. You could easily find someone just as good for much less. Bob Howry is another example.

So don't get angry with the Ricketts family. The Cubs payroll will still be over $100 million for 2011. Blame how it was spent, and how bad contracts and no-trade clauses prevented the Cubs from getting better and making moves.

Top Free Agents for the Cubs and White Sox

Plenty of good free agents available for the 2011 baseball season, including some studs. Here are a look at the top 25, possibly coming to the Cubs or White Sox.

Gallery sneak peek (25 images):

View the gallery...

The Cardinals Have Done Lost Their Minds

Someone please explain to me what Adam Wainwright and Skip Schumaker of the St. Louis Cardinals are doing here in this clip. Just weird.

Perhaps there is hope for the Chicago Cubs after all. Or not.

h/t: Midwest Sports Fans

Cubs Fans Lead League in Awesome Beer Chugging

We know that fans seem to suffer from too much partying at Wrigley, but at least Chicago Cubs fans lead the league in one thing: catching baseballs with their beer cups and then chugging them down. Reds outfielder Jonny Gomes gets the assist on this one.

So we got that going for us. Sigh.

Those Crazy Cubs Fans [Pics]

Chicago Cubs
100 and some years and counting. Should we really still be counting? These people are. Granted, some of them may have difficulty counting, but they're counting. You can't really blame them for wacky signs and crass t-shirts. It's been a rough haul. So we present a pictorial salute to those crazy Chicago Cubs fans.

Gallery sneak peek (22 images):

View the gallery...

Chicago Cubs Fan Hat FAIL

Don't the Cubs and their fans have enough problems? C'mon guy, we've suffered enough embarrassment. Think, man, think!!!


Lou Piniella Ripped on Twitter By Buzz Bissinger


Chicago Cubs manager Lou Piniella is feeling the heat of late. First he got into it with White Sox analyst Steve Stone. Now he might have some words for "Three Nights in August" author Buzz Bissinger.

Bissinger has taken a liking to Twitter. Some of his recent tweets were directed at Piniella, and they were none too kind. He also talks about Mark Prior and Kerry Wood. Here's a sampling:

  • I am surprised nobody came up with Pinella in who is stealing money. Spent week with Cubs 1st season. Kept getting lost on way to clubhouse. via web
  • Piniella could have cared less. Spoke tough. All bark. La Russa gets to ballpark seven hours before game. Lou five minutes before BP.
  • Piniella was a big name. They thought it was a coup talking him out of retirement. But he was coasting on reputation. Obvious.
  • Most overrated thing is locker room leadership. You have it when you win. But Kerry Wood was heart and soul of Cubs. Not the same w/o him.
  • This is why baseball greatest game--in 2003 I thought Cubs were set for next decade with Prior, Zambrano Wood. Utterly unpredictable.
  • Kerry's arm doesn't have the same juice anymore. Dusty broke it in 2003. But great guy. Blunt. Honest. Best interview I ever did.
  • (Wood) An outrageous competitor. Would not quit with the constant arm trouble. Unlike Prior. Showed up to clubhouse with his briefcase.
  • Piniella might as well sit on top of the dugout in a rocking chair. Swig a beer. Get some bennies. Ignore that Wrigley is a dump.
  • Lenny Dykstra would do better job managing cubs than Piniella. At least he would not pretend to manage. Lou should be playing LF for Pirates
  • Piniella should be fired now. In defense Zambrano is a sullen hunk. Approached him once to ask him question. Still waiting for answer.
Maybe Lou will fire back and ask why Buzz "isn't bringing some young authors around."

Ex-Cubs and White Sox Update

Raise your hand if you thought Juan Uribe would be totally outplaying Gordon Beckham this year. Raise your hand if you even knew Uribe was still in the league, let alone had a starting job with the Giants. Here is your ex-Cubs and White Sox update...

Gallery sneak peek (20 images):

View the gallery...

Ozzie Wasn't Kidding: Dinner with Carlos Zambrano Last Night

White Sox manager wasn't kidding when he was talking about having dinner with Carlos Zambrano last night. Check out this tweet:


Good luck to the Cubs in trying to deal Zambrano. It's not going to happen unless they eat about 80% of his contract or take on some awful contract in its place.

h/t: Wow: Carlos Zambrano Really Did Have Dinner With Ozzie Guillen Last Night [Bleacher Nation]

Carlos Zambrano Meltdown Video

Since MLB hasn't yet figured out new media and how it can help promote their sport for free, there's no telling how long this video will be available. But here is the Cubs' Carlos Zambrano meltdown video. The most recent one.

Best (or Worst) Chicago Cubs Haircut Ever [Pics]

Is this the best or worst Chicago Cubs haircut? Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder.



h/t: Look! Another Cubs fan to point and laugh at! [Midwest Sports Fans]

Too Much Partying? Fan Wheeled Out of Wrigley

Sometimes what happens in the stands is more exciting than what happens during the game. This can certainly be the case at Wrigley Field. This fan must have been pretty bored with how the Cubs were playing because it looks as if he had one two way too many drinks.

At least he gave the fans something to cheer about. Chicago baseball teams are a combined 46-56 at the moment.

h/t: Wheel Him Outta Here! [Total Pro Sports]

Cubs Fan Catches Ball with Beer, Gulps it Down

Oh those Cubs fans -- is there anything they can't do? Maybe not. If only Soriano could make some plays like this.

Chicago Cubs 1986 Burger King Commercial


Check out what they are peddling in this old commercial. That little ear radio now looks like those huge piercings people put in their ear lobes. I just had an awesome idea -- I'm going to get a huge Cubs piercing for my ear! Maybe I'll wait until they get to .500.

And is that the next Cubs manager stealing 2nd base in the commercial? Maybe...

All-Time Cubs and White Sox Shortstops

I know what you're thinking. What? No Starlin Castro? Well, not yet. But we do have the rest of the All-Time Cubs and White Sox Shortstops. Add your thoughts and any players you think I might have missed in the comments section.

Gallery sneak peek (13 images):

View the gallery...

Castro Homers in First Cubs At-Bat [Video Spoof]


Castro homers in first Cubs at-bat, but seems slower than scouting reports that detailed his great speed. Hmmm...

Cubs Pitchers with 15+ Wins Since 1980

We've already taken a look at White Sox pitchers with 15+ wins since 1980, so let's head north to see how many Cubs pitchers have done it. Oh Mark Prior...what could have been. Looking for Kerry Wood? Don't bother. He's never won 15 in any single season.

Gallery sneak peek (13 images):

View the gallery...

All-Time Cubs and White Sox 3rd Basemen

Taking a look at the best ever 3rd basemen for the Cubs and White Sox. Sorry, Herbert Perry fans...he didn't make the cut.

Gallery sneak peek (15 images):

View the gallery...

Milton Bradley Is Bird-Flipping Again


Milton Bradley is 7 games into the season with the Seattle Mariners and "The Bird" has already made an appearance. It must be noted that Bradley was giving the gift of birdness to the Texas Rangers fans, but it's never not the right time to be angry in Milton's world.

Meanwhile, Carlos Silva threw 6 innings of 3-hit, no run ball in his first start for the Cubs. Nice!

h/t: The Last Angry Fan

If Lou Piniella Tweeted


So after Cubs skipper Lou Piniella said he's not a big "Facebook or Twitter guy", you know you were left wondering what he would tweet if he did end up joining Twitter. Wonder no more. The Mob brings you some of the best Lou Piniella tweets.

  • "Thinking about soup. Dempster looks good."
  • "Raring to go today. Fresh out of Sanka so I had to drink regular. Might be a bit late."
  • "Darn VCR is on the blink. Clock keeps flashing 12:00. Guess it'll be right twice a day!"
  • "Boy, the only thing more foul than Ozzie's mouth is the toilet after Zambrano's done in there."
  • "Pleasure to have Lifetime Movie Channel here in Arizona. Love that Meredith Baxter."
  • "Boy, this new hitting coach is something else. Already getting along swimmingly with Byrd."
  • "If that Prior kid doesn't find a team maybe we should bring him in. Brisket for lunch."
  • "I don't know...still think Soriano might be my man at leadoff."
  • "America made a mistake. The Spanish kid should still be on American Idol. Oh well."
  • "People don't like that Palin, but she's real easy on the eyes."
  • "Guys are talking about some new Tracy Morgan movie. Who's she?"

The Famous Lee Elia Tirade

Lee Elia.jpg
Here is a clip of the famous, legendary and very NSFW tirade by former Cubs manager Lee Elia. It is simply the greatest verbal tirade ever by a manager. The date was April 29, 1983, the Cubs had just lost to drop to 5-14 and Lee Elia was red hot. Again, lots of swearing in this clip.

Amazingly, Elia remained the manager for over 100 more games before he was finally axed. Can you imagine a manager doing that in this era and keeping his job for longer than 5 minutes? Elia ended up 127-158 in his stint as Cubs manager. But he is #1 all-time when it comes to tirades.

Make 39 Errors and You Could Be the Next Cubs Shortstop

This is so Cubs. According to Paul Sullivan's column in the Sunday Trib, Ryan Theriot has been told he will lose his starting position when the Cubs think that top prospect Starlin Castro is ready to play every day.

Theriot is not without flaws, but let's talk about Starlin Castro, the latest Cubs prospect that is all the rage. Castro doesn't turn 20 until March. His plate discipline is on a par with another former Cubs top prospect: Corey Patterson. He has very little power. And perhaps worst of all, Castro made 39 errors in 2009. 39 errors in 119 games. Yet the Cubs already have told their current shortstop that this kid will take his job. It would unbelievable except that this is a story about the Cubs.
Continue reading...

Your 2010 Chicago Cubs Starting Lineup

Like it or not, the Cubs didn't make too many moves this offseason. They signed a 32-year old outfielder in Marlon Byrd and journeyman Xavier Nady. They also swapped horrendous contracts when they dealt Milton Bradley for Carlos Silva.

Here is the lineup I would use against right-handed pitchers for the beginning of the 2010 season.

Gallery sneak peek (8 images):

View the gallery...
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