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Carlos Boozer's Invisible High Five

The Bulls dominated the Indiana Pacers in game 5 to win the series and move on to round 2 of the NBA Playoffs. In all the excitement, they forgot something: Carlos Boozer.


No worries, Carlos. We've all been there.

h/t: Eight Points, Nine Seconds

Derrick Rose Highlights vs. the Celtics [Video]

Thumbnail image for drosepass.jpg
Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls dominated the Boston Celtics 97-81 at the United Center on Thursday night. Rose had an amazing game with 30 points on 9-16 shooting and 10-10 from the free throw line. He also added 5 rebounds, 8 assists and 2 steals.

Rose had several amazing highlights, but the best was when he crossed over Rajon Rondo and blew past him into the lane for a tough layup in the paint.

Derrick Rose On the Cover of Dime China

Derrick Rose is all over the place these days -- even in China. Here is DRose on the cover of the Chinese version of Dime mag.


Hat tip to Vik over at Docksquad Sports for finding this cool cover.

Derrick Rose's Double-Pump, Reverse Jam vs. the Kings [Video]

Derrick Rose got some much needed rest in the Chicago Bulls' 132-92 laugher over the Sacramento Kings on Monday night. But before he was done for the evening, DRose gave the fans a treat with an insane reverse jam.

LeBron James: The Mistake [Video]

My main man Vik over at Docksquad Sports posted this killer fan-made video about LeBron James and his "mistake" of signing with the Heat. It juxtaposes Derrick Rose and the Bulls against some of the Heat's errors and turnovers throughout the season. It's a little over the top, but if you're a Bulls fan, it still totally gets you pumped.

Derrick Rose's No-Look, Through the Legs Pass to Joakim Noah For the Jam [Video]

Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls coasted to a 105-77, blowout win over the Washington Wizards last night. Rose finished with 21 points and 9 assists, one of them being NBA's "Assist of the Night". It was this amazing pass to Joakim Noah for the dunk.

h/t: Sharapova's Thigh

Chris Bosh: The Flopmaster Gets a New Number!

After shooting a heinous 1-18 from the field against the Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh deserves a new number.


Mr. .056. Nice ring to it, no. Seriously, rec league schlubs could play in an NBA game, come off a pick and drain 1 for 18. When you need the ol' roundup to shoot 6%, that's a performance worthy of some ribbing.

Bosh is also being rightly ridiculed for this ridiculous flop against the Bulls' Carlos Boozer:

That's some shameful stuff right there. The NBA ought to start fining these fools for flops. Kevin Durant was right: Chris Bosh is a "fake tough guy".

Stacey King's Greatest Hits (Or Freakouts), Vol.1

Besides having an awesome Chicago Bulls team this year, fans are blessed with an excitable announcer like Stacey King. With Derrick Rose, Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah, Stacey has a lot to get excited about. And yes, we know the Dragic dunk is a classic, but we'll save that for a later volume.

To the Penthouse!

Don't Try to Run Josh McRoberts!

I Want a Facial!

Posterized Stewie!

Check Yer Head!

Michael Jordan, Good 'Ol Number 32

They love Michael Jordan all over the world, even in Dubai. But this statue at The Dubai Mall might want to recheck that number.


I'm going to guess that they couldn't screw up the Scottie Pippen figure...right?

h/t: Figurine Fail: Dubai Mall Gets Michael Jordan's Number Wrong on Statue

What Exactly Is a Gay Jump Shot?


Ohhhhhhh. Rudy Gay. Cause I was like, aren't we past that? But it's Rudy Gay. From the Grizzlies. I get it now.

What's Andres Nocioni Been Up To?

That's Noce getting faced by Kobe on New Year's Eve. He had 13 points and 8 rebounds in that game, starting at forward along side another former Bull, Elton Brand. Since his trade from the Bulls to the Kings, Noce has been in the NBA Netherlands. The Kings are currently the worst team in the league and Philly sits near the bottom of the Eastern Conference standings. Noce was traded to Philadelphia along with Spencer Hawes in exchange for Samuel Dalembert back in June. Noce comes off the bench for that team behind Brand and Andre Iguodala, when Iggy is healthy. He plays about 20 minutes a game and averages about 8 points and 4 rebounds per game.

Carlos Boozer Making Circus Shots vs. Thunder [Video]

boozer thunder.jpg

Carlos Boozer is getting his game back in a big way. He dominated last night with 29 & 12 and made a couple of amazing shots along the way.
That's 2 games in a row Boozer has had 25 or more points. The Bulls got the win 99-90 and improved to 11-8.

All Boozed Up


In a conference where, if things ended today, the Cleveland Cavaliers would be the 8 seed in the NBA Playoffs with a record of 7-11, the Chicago Bulls are certainly looking strong to enter the playoffs with a mid to high seed. In fact, they're pretty much a shoo-in for at least the 5 seed. How's that sound, Chicago?

With Carlos Boozer now back in the lineup, and players like Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah balling at a high level, the Bulls are looking as good as they have since the 2006-2007 group of Ben Gordon, Ben Wallace, and Kirk Hinrich made it to the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

Don't let the Orlando Magic win fool you. A good team with chemistry is going to best startups - just ask Miami Thrice how unfamiliarity works in the beginning. But with Chicago only 4 games out of first place, boasting a starting lineup that can hang with any team in the East, they're certainly a big player in the conference.

Speaking in terms of strict odds and taking the fan angle out of the equation, the Bulls have been on a teeter-totter when it comes to their chances. They started at around 14:1 preseason when it looked like Mr. I'll-Take-My-Talents-to-South-Beach would join up to complete the Jordan imitation. For speculation purposes, these odds were tremendous. You won't find anything that good on online slot machines or even with another sport as far as a double hypothetical is concerned.

Then the Bulls dropped to about 30:1 when they were left high and dry. Completely fair.

Upon picking up Boozer, the Bulls' odds shot back up to around 20:1. He broke his hand, and they fell back down yet again. Now, finally, Boozer is healthy, and the team can really start showing its talent. Despite a loss in Boozer's first game back with Chicago, odds-makers are feeling a bit more confident about this squad and are offering around 15:1 on a Chicago Bulls Finals appearance.

Depending on where you look, however, the odds may vary. Gambling sites offering the best online casino bonus and sportsbooks deposit matches won't toe a similar line this early in the season. Some may be underselling the Bulls' chances, while others are overhyping. Right now, I sense the mood here in Chicago is somewhere in between. We think the Bulls can go far, but need to see more before we get too excited. But realistically, the Eastern Conference is wide open for the Bulls.

The odds of the Boston Celtics finding a fountain of youth again this year are astronomical. The players chosen to plug the holes, although they're keeping the dam intact now, are as old as any players in the east - we're talking about the Big Shamrock.

With the Orlando Magic, Vinsanity has turned into mediocrity and Dwight Howard can be stopped. They are playoff-ready, but 1-8 are they really better than the Bulls come next April?

And let's not even get started on that soap opera down in Miami. Old Saint Pat, even if he decides to blow the dust off the whistle, isn't going to save that ego-fest. You're looking at a team expecting to win because they expect it - no work ethic and no real mettle to show when smacked in the chops.

Now, of course, one would still want to watch where one bets, especially on Chicago teams. Basketball if fickle and unpredictable; in contrast, it makes an online roulette game look like a sure bet. However, now that the Bulls are all Boozed up, they have one of the most complete teams in the East and should be able to cause some serious noise in the playoffs.  

Derrick Rose and Slim Chin: Fast Don't Lie Music Video Remix

The new and improved version of "Fast Don't Lie" with Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose, Dwight Howard and Slim Chin (Ken Jeong from Community, The Hangover)

Scottie Pippen & Michael Jordan On Stage with James Brown!

The fine folks at Docksquad Sports have unearthed an awesome video of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen on stage at the House of Blues with the late, great James Brown. Enjoy...and get on up!

h/t: Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen at James Brown Concert [Docksquad Sports]

Derrick Rose Monster Dunk vs. Knicks [Video]

Chicago Bulls superstar Derrick Rose adds to his highlight reel with this insane jam against the New York Knicks on Thursday night.

Derrick Rose Makes Skullcandy Dream Team [Video]

"The Skullcandy Crew," is a veritable All-Star team featuring Kevin Durant and James Harden of the Oklahoma Thunder, Deron Williams of the Utah Jazz, from the Philadelphia Sixers, Andre Iguodala, and the Chicago Bulls' Derrick Rose.

The company says that, "Skullcandy will be actively supporting charity events with exclusive access to behind-the-scenes action starring their NBA Crew. Whether it's taking over the Skullcandy Twitter account, hanging backstage at concerts, or dropping beats with the Roc Nation family, the Skullcandy Crew will give fans a courtside view into the life of some real ballers."

Here's a look at Derrick Rose's video:

I Got Schooled By Derrick Rose: NBA 2K11 Commercial


Here's another awesome commercial for NBA 2K11, the new video game featuring Michael Jordan that will be available on 10/5. Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose clowns a bit with Rajon Rondo and David Lee, and we get a sneak peek of Carlos Boozer in a (digital) Bulls uniform.

Michael Jordan NBA 2K11 Commercial with Derrick Rose

Wanna see Chicago Bulls superstar Derrick Rose bakes some pies? You've come to the right place. DRose bakes up some pies for Rajon Rondo, Josh Smith, Russell Westbrook and Andre Iguodala, as the guys play some NBA 2K11 with Michael Jordan.

h/t: Docksquad Sports

Michael Jordan's Son Marcus Likes to Rap

When he's not tweeting about how much of his famous dad's money he's been blowing at Las Vegas clubs, Michael Jordan's son Marcus fancies himself an original rap.

h/t: The Hoop Doctors

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Scottie Pippen Hall of Fame Induction Speech

Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen made an excellent speech at his induction into the Hall of Fame.

Scottie Pippen Hall of Fame Red Carpet Interview

#33, Scottie Pippen. 6-time NBA World Champion. 17 seasons. 2 Gold medals. 7 All-Star games. 208 playoff games. All-Defensive and All-NBA teams numerous times. 6th all-time in steals. And now...Hall of Famer.

Michael Jordan NBA 2K11 Preview Video

I can't wait for this game. The GOAT (Greatest of All-Time), Chicago Bulls Legend Michael Jordan, will be playable in the upcoming NBA 2K11 video game.

Here is a list of the games you can replay in "The Jordan Challenge":
 --April 20, 1986 (Game 2 of the 1st round of the playoffs against the Celtics when Jordan scored 63)
--March 28, 1990 (regular season game against the Cavs when Jordan scored 69)
--June 3, 1992 (Game 1 of the first round of the playoffs versus the Trail Blazers when Jordan scored 35 in the first half)
-- March 28, 1995 (Jordan returns to the game and scores 55 against the Knicks)
--June 11, 1997 (the famous Jordan "flu game")
-- June 14,1998 (the day of his last game in a Bulls uniform as his last second shot gives the Bulls its sixth title under his reign).

The Real Big Three: Michael Jordan, Larry and Magic [Pic]

LeBron and the boys would have nothing on this triumvirate. The Chicago Bulls greatest of all-time Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Magic. What would their record have been? 82-0, my friend...82-0.

real big 3.jpg

Derrick Rose and Venus Williams Helping Kids in Chicago

Chicago Bulls superstar Derrick Rose and Venus Williams teamed up in Chicago to tell kids to stay active and stay healthy. That's absolutely great. But what is up with the Dodgers hat, D Rose?

Derrick Rose New Force Factor Commercial

Check out Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose's new commercial for "Force Factor", a new supplement company that has some big names promoting their product.

hat tip to Docksquad Sports

Get to Know Carlos Boozer [Video]

Get to know the newest member of the Chicago Bulls, Carlos Boozer. This clip is from "NBA Life". It's a nice mini-bio that shows us a bit of his Alaskan upbringing and a peek into his family life.

Chicago Bulls NBA Draft Videos: Pip, Jordan and More

Taking a look back at some of the Bulls draft day highlights. Some of the commentary is awesome.

Michael Jordan

Scottie Pippen

Tyson Chandler

Eddy Curry

Joakim Noah

Derrick Rose

Get Your LeBron James Bulls T-Shirt

There are new LeBron to the Bulls websites and billboards, so why not a t-shirt? Check it out:

bulls lebron shirt.jpg
They are available at Cafepress. I wish I had thought of that. But I do have some great ideas for other shirts. Coming soon: Lou Piniella "Have You Seen My Crazy Pills?" t-shirt. That will be money!

Joakim Noah Still Has the Draft Day Bow Tie! [Video]

The guys from HHR and Blogs with Balls -- coming to Chicago soon! -- got to hang out with Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah. Noah still has the totally awesome bow tie from draft day, really likes chicken and plays the gracious host to Don and Chris. Also, little kids like it when he dunks. Noah explains in this video.

Vinny Del Negro Had the Time of His Life [Video]

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for vinny pax.jpg (Feature - Small)
Fare thee well, Vinny. I hope you had the time of your life...except for the getting choked thing. And learning tough names like "Kirk". And getting thrown under the bus by the owner. And losing your top scorer to free agency. And getting almost a whole new team at the trade deadline.

Ten Coach Possibilities for the Bulls [Chicago Sports Mob]

Ten Coaches for the Chicago Bulls

As soon as the Bulls lose the 4th and final game to the Cavs, the frenzy to figure out who the Bulls' next coach is will hit full stride. Here are 10 coaching possibilities for the Bulls. Some are real options and others are pipe dreams.

Gallery sneak peek (10 images):

View the gallery...

MJ > LeBron

We have already witnessed. Love this pic that I found at Docksquad Sports, some of the biggest Bulls fans around.


MJ > LeBron

We Have Already Witnessed [Docksquad Sports]

LOL at Vinny Del Negro

Vinny hardly played James Johnson throughout the entire season, but then he plays him and has him guard LeBron James in the playoffs? With no help on D? Here's what LeBron did to JJ.

Vinny and Pax: Create the Caption!

This pic is from June of 2008. But pretend it's from a more recent date, such as right after the Vinny/Pax "incident". Then it looks as if Pax is giving him the death glare. Come with the funny by putting your caption in the comments.

Thumbnail image for vinny pax.jpg

Charles Cherney, Chicago Tribune

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Rasheed Wallace Scores -- For the Bulls!

Check out Rasheed Wallace's momentary lapse of reason against the Bulls.

A Tribute to Scottie Pippen

17 seasons. 2 Gold medals. 6 NBA championships. 7 All-Star games. 208 playoff games. All-Defensive and All-NBA teams numerous times. 6th all-time in steals. One of the greatest all-around players in NBA history. There wasn't a thing he didn't do well.

Congrats to Scottie Pippen, Hall of Famer.

Gallery sneak peek (36 images):

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Worst Bulls of the Last 20 Years

Let's get one thing straight: these guys were good enough to make it to the pros and that should be applauded. It's just that when they got there they didn't fare very well, at least during their time here in Chicago. Or they were just not good enough to get any playing time and left the team shortly after they got here.

Gallery sneak peek (40 images):

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The Comedy Stylings of Vinny Del Negro



Chicago Sports Mob: Create a Caption 1

Awkward. What exactly is James Johnson doing here and what is Andre Iguodala thinking? Make us laugh by adding your caption to the comments.


Matt Slocum, Associated Press

Derrick Rose's Vicious High School Dunks [Video]

drose simeon.jpg

I was checking out a post about John Wall's Derrick Rose-like jam over at Tremendous Upside Potential. He added in these videos of Rose for comparison and you just have to take a look. These are insane.

How LeBron Stole Michael Jordan's Mojo [Video]

My buds over at the Global Sports Fraternity have already embarrassed a NFL quarterback and now they are back with the story of how LeBron got his considerable skills.
If LeBron comes to Chicago and plays for the Bulls, I think we all can forgive him of this terrible offense.

Beyond LeBron: Free Agents For the Bulls

Looking beyond the big 3 of LeBron, DWade and Chris Bosh, there are plenty of other players out there that can help the Bulls and Derrick Rose. The way the Bulls have positioned themselves after yesterday's trades, they can add a max contract free agent as well as one of these players. Some of them are just below that top tier of free agents, and some are just role players. Some would only be here for a year. But all of them can help the Bulls to some extent.

Gallery sneak peek (16 images):

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Toni Kukoc's Jordan-Style Free-Throw Line Dunk [Video]

Check out this old school (and old country) video of Toni Kukoc in a dunk contest in Sarajevo. The year was 1991, his nickname then was the "Pink Panther" and his opponent is wearing...a Jordan jersey. h/t: A Stern Warning

Derrick Rose Top Highlights of 2010 [Videos]

After a bit of a slow start due to an ankle injury, Derrick Rose has turned it on again and is having an excellent season. Here are some of his top highlights so far this season.

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Tyrus Thomas Suspended For One Game


Tyrus Thomas continues his up and down career with the Bulls. Thomas has received a one-game suspension that will be served during tonight's game against the Heat. From ESPN:

Chicago Bulls forward Tyrus Thomas has been suspended for one game for conduct detrimental to the team.

Thomas, who earlier in the season was sidelined seven weeks with a broken left forearm, will miss Saturday's contest against the Miami Heat at the United Center.

The team did not give specifics on the reason for the suspension.

Maybe when a rookie like Taj Gibson starts taking your minutes you get a bit too frustrated. It will great to hear why Thomas was suspended. Here's hoping it doesn't put a dent in any possible trade plans the Bulls might have.

The All Ex-Chicago Bulls Team

Back in July at Pippen Ain't Easy, I got to thinking: What would an All Ex-Bulls Team look like? The only criteria I used is that they have to be in the league and they had to actually suit up and play for the Bulls. So no LaMarcus Aldridge or J.R. Smith. The slideshow starts with the 5 starters, then ends with the 7 bench players, head coach and announcers.

Gallery sneak peek (15 images):

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