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Canucks Fans Flip Out on Twitter [Video]

Watch as Canucks fans freak out in this real-time Twitter feed of #Canucks. Imagine after the Blackhawks finish the comeback tomorrow night -- Twitter will explode in Canada!

Vince Vaughn Taunts Roberto Luongo!

Awesome shot of Chicago Blackhawks fan Vince Vaughn giving it to Roberto Luongo.

vaughn luongo.jpg

Patrick Kane: Before the Mullet

You might think that Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane fell out of the womb with the world's sweetest mullet, but that's not how it happened.

Here's the feature done on Kane right before the 2007 NHL Draft. You can see the makings of the mullet there, but it's not quite sprouted. It's more of a Dirk Nowitzki-type look. 

Patrick Kane Stars in "I'm In Chicago Trick"


The guys at bring you Patrick Kane's Version of Miami Trick: "I'm in Chicago Trick". And it's pretty much the greatest gift we could give you this holiday season. Enjoy!
Creds: Produced by Ross Judge, Audio Mixed by Antonio Trogi, Directed by Evil Patrick Shannon, Written by Sean Plumridge.

Blackhawks Congrats FAIL [Pic]

Oops. Might want to double-check that spelling.


h/t: Total Pro Sports

Vote on Kris Versteeg's Stanley Cup Rap!

Chicago Blackhawks forward Kris Versteeg broke out a rap at the Stanley Cup celebration rally. Here's the vid:

What did you think about Versteeg's rap? Let's take a poll.

Flyers Fan Loses Bet, Sings Blackhawks Song in Philly [Video]

Check out this Philadelphia Flyers fan. The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup and he lost a bet. He had to sing the Blackhawks song. He lost track of his "da-da-das". At least he paid off on the bet.

Meow! Cat Fight at Chicago Blackhawks Rally [Video]

Meow!! A bit of language in here, so be warned. Some unruly girl thought she was invincible and decided to yell at some fans. One other girl took her on...sort of. If this is the worst fight that Chicago had after celebrating the Stanley Cup in some 85+ degree heat, then not too bad, Chi-town.

I love the chants of CPD!! They did an awesome job of getting in there quickly and removing the combatants.

Patrick Kane Gets His Drink On at Blackhawks Rally

Kaner was getting his drink on at the Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Rally. Can't beat his mullet with the steps on the side.

View more news videos at:

Chicago Cop Ran Over at Blackhawks Rally

It's too bad something like this had to happen after the city celebrated the Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup win with class. But this was an accident, and we just hope that the officer is going to be fine.

h/t: Cop Ran Over at Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Celebration [Zoner Sports]

Blackhawks' Adam Burish: Chris Pronger Is Biggest Idiot in the League

Hard to find many people in these parts that would disagree with Chicago Blackhawks forward Adam Burish. He says that the Flyers' Chris Pronger is the biggest idiot in the league.

Jeremy Roenick Cries For the Blackhawks [Video]

This was one of the best moments of last night's thrilling overtime victory. The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup and ex-Hawk Jeremy Roenick got very emotional about it.

"For the kid that was there in 1992 who was crying when I came off the ice after we lost game 4 at Chicago Stadium, you waited 18 years...hope you have a big smile on your face."

Stanley Cup of Girls 2010: Vote For the Blackhawks Ice Crew!

I don't want Philly to beat our Chicago Blackhawks at anything. Not the series, not even one game and certainly not in Gunaxin's 2010 Stanley Cup of Girls.


So head on over and cast your vote. The Blackhawks Ice Crew needs them! Vote early and often, it's the Chicago way!

Stanley Cup of Girls [Gunaxin]

Flyers' Carcillo Nails His Own Teammate, Jaws with Kopecky [Video]

Philadelphia Flyers annoyance Dan Carcillo thought he had Blackhawks winger Tomas Kopecky lined up and in his sights. He might want to get his radar adjusted. Instead of Kopecky he nailed Jeff Carter -- his own teammate.

Kopecky has been great in replacing Andrew Ladd. He did not play in the San Jose series but had an assist and the game-winning goal in game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Chicago Blackhawks All-Time Leading Goal Scorers

Great names and memories abound on this list of the Chicago Blackhawks all-time leading goal scorers. Former Hawks coaches, announcers, Hall of Famers and more make up the top 20.

Gallery sneak peek (20 images):

View the gallery...

Chicago Blackhawks Players Pronunciation Guide

So you took a hop, skip and a jump onto the Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup bandwagon. Good for you! We haven't seen you since...1992, right? Wait -- I think I recognize some of you from that 2005 White Sox championship. Anyway, in order to save you some embarrassment while talking about your favorite hockey team, you'll need to know how to say the players' names correctly. So we present the Chicago Blackhawks Players Pronunciation Guide. Here we go...

Gallery sneak peek (10 images):

View the gallery...

History Will Be Made: Blackhawks Dustin Byfuglien

The latest promo from the NHL's "History Will Be Made" campaign features Chicago Blackhawks playoff hero Dustin Byfuglien.

History Will Be Made: Chicago Blackhawks' Antti Niemi


What if Antti Niemi only stopped 43? History will be made in the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs. And it's so cool to see a Blackhawks goalie in a Stanley Cup promo.

Canucks Fan Throws Beer at Hawks Fan

After the game 6 victory, a Vancouver Canucks fan threw a beer at a Blackhawks fan. Much like the Canucks players, the fan missed the intended target. Have fun in Canada the rest of the playoffs -- for the 2nd year in a row.

Brent Seabrook Crushed By James Wisniewski [Video]

Brent Seabrook nailed Ducks player Corey Perry. Just moments later, the Ducks exacted revenge and Seabrook crumbled to the ice.

Get the full story on the hit and the Hawks game recap over at Blackhawks Confidential. Here is the video of the play.

Team Canada Rap Disses Patrick Kane and Team USA


Did you read that right? The Canadian hockey team has a rap song? Kind of. Two Maple Leafs blogs -- Bloge Salming and Down Goes Brown -- have produced a hilarious Team Canada "Olympic Welcome" rap. Listen to (fake) Jerome Iginla use the Patrick Kane photos to diss Team USA.

"Can't believe you think you got a chance against the best/when your roster looks weaker than Patrick Kane's chest." So awesome.

h/t: Fourth Place Medal

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