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2011 Chicago Cubs TV and Radio Schedule

Here is the complete 2011 TV and radio schedule for your Chicago Cubs!
DateOpponentTime (CT)TVRadio


Friday, March 4@Kansas City2:05 PM
Saturday, March 5vs. San Diego2:05 PM
WGN 720
Sunday, March 6vs. LA Dodgers2:05 PMWGNWGN 720
Monday, March 7vs. LA Angels2:05 PM
Tuesday, March 8@Colorado2:10 PM
Wednesday, March 9vs. Kansas City2:05 PM
Thursday, March 10vs. Cleveland2:05 PM
Friday, March 11@Chi White Sox2:05
Saturday, March 12vs. Cincinnati2:05 PM
WGN 720
Saturday, March 12vs. Cincinnati3:05 PMWGN
Sunday, March 13vs. LA Dodgers3:05 PMWGN
Sunday, March 13@Arizona3:10 PM
Monday, March 14@Seattle3:05 PM
Tuesday, March 15vs. Colorado3:05 PM
Thursday, March 17@Oakland3:05 PM
Friday, March 18vs. Cincinnati3:05 PM
Saturday, March 19@San Diego3:05 PMWGNWGN 720
Sunday, March 20vs. San Francisco3:05 PMCSNWGN 720
Monday, March 21@LA Angels3:05
Tuesday, March 22@LA Dodgers3:05
Wednesday, March 23vs. Oakland3:05 PM
Thursday, March 24vs. Chi White Sox4:05 PMCSN,
Friday, March 25vs. Seattle3:05 PMWGN,
Saturday, March 26@Texas3:05 PMESPN2WGN 720
Sunday, March 27vs. Colorado3:05 PMWGNWGN 720
Monday, March 28@Cleveland3:05 PM
Tuesday, March 29vs. Arizona3:05 PM
WGN 720


Friday, April 1vs. Pittsburgh1:20 PMWGN
Saturday, April 2vs. Pittsburgh12:05 PMCSN
Sunday, April 3vs. Pittsburgh1:20 PMWGNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Monday, April 4vs. Arizona1:20 PMCSN
Tuesday, April 5vs. Arizona1:20 PMCSN
Wednesday, April 6vs. Arizona1:20 PMWGN
Friday, April 8@Milwaukee7:10 PMCSN+
Saturday, April 9@Milwaukee6:10 PMCSN
Sunday, April 10@Milwaukee1:10 PMWGN
Monday, April 11@Houston7:05 PMCSN+
Tuesday, April 12@Houston7:05 PMCSN
Wednesday, April 13@Houston7:05 PMWGN
Friday, April 15@Colorado7:40 PMWCIU
Saturday, April 16@Colorado7:10 PMWGN
Sunday, April 17@Colorado2:10 PMWGN
Monday, April 18vs. San Diego7:05 PMWCIUWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Tuesday, April 19vs. San Diego7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, April 20vs. San Diego1:20 PMCSN
Friday, April 22vs. LA Dodgers1:20 PMWGN
Saturday, April 23vs. LA Dodgers12:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Sunday, April 24vs. LA Dodgers1:20 PMCSN
Monday, April 25vs. Colorado7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Tuesday, April 26vs. Colorado7:05 PMWGNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, April 27vs. Colorado1:20 PMCSN
Thursday, April 28@Arizona8:40 PMWGN
Friday, April 29@Arizona8:40 PMCSN+
Saturday, April 30@Arizona7:10 PMCSN


Sunday, May 1@Arizona3:10 PMWGN
Monday, May 2@LA Dodgers9:10 PMCSN
Tuesday, May 3@LA Dodgers9:10 PMWGN
Wednesday, May 4@LA Dodgers2:10 PMCSN
Friday, May 6vs. Cincinnati1:20 PMWGN
Saturday, May 7vs. Cincinnati12:10 PMFOXWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Sunday, May 8vs. Cincinnati1:20 PMWGN
Tuesday, May 10vs. St. Louis7:05 PMWGNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, May 11vs. St. Louis7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Thursday, May 12vs. St. Louis1:20 PMCSN
Friday, May 13vs. San Francisco1:20 PMCSN
Saturday, May 14vs. San Francisco6:10 PMFOXWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Sunday, May 15vs. San Francisco1:20 PMWGN
Monday, May 16@Cincinnati6:10 PMWCIU
Tuesday, May 17@Cincinnati6:10 PMCSN
Wednesday, May 18@Florida6:10 PMWGN
Thursday, May 19@Florida6:10 PMCSN
Friday, May 20@Boston6:10 PMWGN
Saturday, May 21@Boston6:10 PMFOX
Sunday, May 22@Boston7:05 PMESPN
Tuesday, May 24vs. NY Mets7:05 PMWGNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, May 25vs. NY Mets7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Thursday, May 26vs. NY Mets1:20 PMWGN
Friday, May 27vs. Pittsburgh1:20 PMWGN
Saturday, May 28vs. Pittsburgh12:05 PMCSN
Sunday, May 29vs. Pittsburgh1:20 PMWGN
Monday, May 30vs. Houston1:20 PMWGN
Tuesday, May 31vs. Houston7:05 PMCSN


Wednesday, June 1vs. Houston1:20 PMWGN
Friday, June 3@St. Louis7:15 PMWGN
Saturday, June 4@St. Louis3:10 PMFOX
Sunday, June 5@St. Louis1:15 PMCSN
Monday, June 6@Cincinnati6:10 PMWCIU
Tuesday, June 7@Cincinnati6:10 PMCSN
Wednesday, June 8@Cincinnati11:35 AMCSN
Thursday, June 9@Philadelphia6:05 PMWGN
Friday, June 10@Philadelphia6:05 PMCSN
Saturday, June 11@Philadelphia3:10 PMFOX
Sunday, June 12@PhiladelphiaTBDWGN
Monday, June 13vs. Milwaukee7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Tuesday, June 14vs. Milwaukee7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, June 15vs. Milwaukee7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Thursday, June 16vs. Milwaukee1:20 PMWGN
Friday, June 17vs. NY Yankees1:20 PMCSN
Saturday, June 18vs. NY Yankees3:10 PMFOXWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Sunday, June 19vs. NY YankeesTBDWGNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Monday, June 20@Chi White Sox7:10 PMCSN
Tuesday, June 21@Chi White Sox7:10 PMWGN
Wednesday, June 22@Chi White Sox7:10 PMCSN
Friday, June 24@Kansas City7:10 PMWGN
Saturday, June 25@Kansas City6:10 PMWGN
Sunday, June 26@Kansas City1:10 PMCSN
Tuesday, June 28vs. San Francisco7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, June 29vs. San Francisco7:05 PMWGNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Thursday, June 30vs. San Francisco1:20 PMWGN


Friday, July 1vs. Chi White Sox1:20 PMWGN
Saturday, July 2vs. Chi White Sox3:10 PMFOXWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Sunday, July 3vs. Chi White Sox1:20 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Monday, July 4@Washington12:05 PMWGN
Tuesday, July 5@Washington6:05 PMCSN
Wednesday, July 6@Washington6:05 PMCSN
Thursday, July 7@Washington6:05 PMWGN
Friday, July 8@Pittsburgh6:05 PMCSN
Saturday, July 9@Pittsburgh6:05 PMWGN
Sunday, July 10@Pittsburgh12:35 PMWGN
Thursday, July 14vs. Florida7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Friday, July 15vs. Florida1:20 PMWGN
Saturday, July 16vs. Florida12:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Sunday, July 17vs. Florida1:20 PMCSN
Monday, July 18vs. Philadelphia7:05 PMWCIUWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Tuesday, July 19vs. Philadelphia7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, July 20vs. Philadelphia1:20 PMCSN
Friday, July 22vs. Houston1:20 PMCSN
Saturday, July 23vs. Houston12:05 PMCSN
Sunday, July 24vs. Houston1:20 PMWGNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Tuesday, July 26@Milwaukee7:10 PMWGN
Wednesday, July 27@Milwaukee7:10 PMCSN
Thursday, July 28@Milwaukee1:10 PMWGN
Friday, July 29@St. Louis7:15 PMWGN
Saturday, July 30@St. Louis3:10 PMFOX
Sunday, July 31@St. Louis1:15 PMWGN


Monday, August 1@Pittsburgh6:05 PMCSN+
Tuesday, August 2@Pittsburgh6:05 PMCSN
Wednesday, August 3@Pittsburgh6:05 PMCSN+
Thursday, August 4@Pittsburgh6:05 PMCSN
Friday, August 5vs. Cincinnati1:20 PMWGN
Saturday, August 6vs. Cincinnati12:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Sunday, August 7vs. Cincinnati1:20 PMCSN
Monday, August 8vs. Washington7:05 PMCSN+WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Tuesday, August 9vs. Washington7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, August 10vs. Washington7:05 PMWGNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Friday, August 12@Atlanta6:35 PMCSN
Saturday, August 13@Atlanta6:10 PMWGN
Sunday, August 14@Atlanta12:35 PMWGN
Monday, August 15@Houston7:05 PMCSN
Tuesday, August 16@Houston7:05 PMWGN
Wednesday, August 17@Houston1:05 PMWGN
Friday, August 19vs. St. Louis1:20 PMCSN
Saturday, August 20vs. St. Louis3:10 PMFOXWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Sunday, August 21vs. St. LouisTBDWGNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Monday, August 22vs. Atlanta7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Tuesday, August 23vs. Atlanta7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, August 24vs. Atlanta7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Thursday, August 25vs. Atlanta1:20 PMWGN
Friday, August 26@Milwaukee7:10 PMWGN
Saturday, August 27@Milwaukee6:10 PMWGNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Sunday, August 28@Milwaukee1:10 PMCSN
Monday, August 29@San Francisco9:15 PMCSN+
Tuesday, August 30@San Francisco9:15 PMWGN
Wednesday, August 31@San Francisco2:45 PMCSN


Friday, September 2vs. Pittsburgh1:20 PMCSN
Saturday, September 3vs. Pittsburgh12:05 PMWGNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Sunday, September 4vs. Pittsburgh1:20 PMWGNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Monday, September 5vs. Cincinnati1:20 PMWGN
Tuesday, September 6vs. Cincinnati7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, September 7vs. Cincinnati7:05 PMWCIUWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Friday, September 9@NY Mets6:10 PMCSN
Saturday, September 10@NY Mets12:10 PMCSN
Sunday, September 11@NY Mets12:10 PMWGN
Monday, September 12@Cincinnati6:10 PMCSN
Tuesday, September 13@Cincinnati6:10 PMCSN+
Wednesday, September 14@Cincinnati6:10 PMWCIU
Thursday, September 15@Cincinnati6:10 PMCSN
Friday, September 16vs. Houston1:20 PMCSN
Saturday, September 17vs. HoustonTBDWGNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Sunday, September 18vs. Houston1:20 PMCSN
Monday, September 19vs. Milwaukee7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Tuesday, September 20vs. Milwaukee7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, September 21vs. Milwaukee1:20 PMWGN
Friday, September 23@St. Louis7:15 PMCSN
Saturday, September 24@St. Louis12:10 PMWGN
Sunday, September 25@St. Louis1:15 PMCSN
Monday, September 26@San Diego9:05 PMWGN
Tuesday, September 27@San Diego9:05 PMCSN
Wednesday, September 28@San Diego7:35 PMWCIU



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