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Sun Times Botches Matt Garza Photo

The Chicago Sun Times ran a piece about the Cubs' acquisition of Matt Garza on Sunday, and the story ran with a full-page photo of Garza...that wasn't Garza.


That's pitcher Joaquin Benoit. And he wasn't acquired by the Cubs. Whoops.

This pic was found at "It's Always Sunny in Detroit", where apparently they have run out of original blog names. It's actually a really good sports blog, but I had to take a dig because of this line in the post:

"Matt Garza was traded to the most overrated city in the country this past weekend.  He'll be playing for the team that everybody roots for, but they aren't sure why.  Translation: he was traded from the Tampa Bay Rays to the Chicago Cubs."

If Chicago is overrated, I hate to find out what people are saying about Detroit. How's that Ben Gordon signing workin' out for you? Enjoy the Bears playoff game on Sunday!



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