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What's Mike North Up To? Talking Gas, Elizabeth Edwards and Keith Olbermann

Bristol Palin. Elizabeth Edwards. Gas prices. Keith Olbermann. Is it Glenn Beck's show? WIND-AM? MSNBC? Nope. It's Mike North and his new webcast called, "The 5 Minute Half Hour News".

So what is it? "5 minutes in 30 minutes, for you folks with ADD, for you folks that don't have a lot of time. You wanna know the news of the world? You wanna know the pertinent stuff? It's right here!"

Mike North
North continues to reinvent himself, and get paid for it along the way. He already has several sponsors on board ("American Mattress -- 80 stores nationwide!") and is bringing back some of his old bits like "The Bookie Priest". He also produces a short video each day titled, "I'm Just Sayin'!", derived from one of North's trademark catchphrases.

North is also doing a weekend radio show on Fox Sports. This after his "Monsters in the Morning" switched stations and became "Monsters and Money in the Morning", then was canceled, and after the internet radio venture he was a part of blew up.

North continues to do what most Chicagoans do. He takes his hits, gets back up and goes to work. A lot. He shakes off criticism, ignores the haters and does what he does. Even on his former station, WSCR, a lot of the talent like to poke fun at him, some of it seemingly mean-spirited. I'd guess that North made most of them a lot of money over the years, and like him or not, there is no Score without him.

It's somewhat hard to believe that there isn't a place for North on local sports radio, but then I am not privy to things such as contract negotiations or bridges burned or any of that inside talk. I could be wrong, but I'd guess there is still a solid fan base that would still like to hear him on-air.

Maybe someday. But for now North will keep on, keepin' on. And The Bookie Priest? He nailed the Titans +3 last night. 



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