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Lou Piniella Ripped on Twitter By Buzz Bissinger


Chicago Cubs manager Lou Piniella is feeling the heat of late. First he got into it with White Sox analyst Steve Stone. Now he might have some words for "Three Nights in August" author Buzz Bissinger.

Bissinger has taken a liking to Twitter. Some of his recent tweets were directed at Piniella, and they were none too kind. He also talks about Mark Prior and Kerry Wood. Here's a sampling:

  • I am surprised nobody came up with Pinella in who is stealing money. Spent week with Cubs 1st season. Kept getting lost on way to clubhouse. via web
  • Piniella could have cared less. Spoke tough. All bark. La Russa gets to ballpark seven hours before game. Lou five minutes before BP.
  • Piniella was a big name. They thought it was a coup talking him out of retirement. But he was coasting on reputation. Obvious.
  • Most overrated thing is locker room leadership. You have it when you win. But Kerry Wood was heart and soul of Cubs. Not the same w/o him.
  • This is why baseball greatest game--in 2003 I thought Cubs were set for next decade with Prior, Zambrano Wood. Utterly unpredictable.
  • Kerry's arm doesn't have the same juice anymore. Dusty broke it in 2003. But great guy. Blunt. Honest. Best interview I ever did.
  • (Wood) An outrageous competitor. Would not quit with the constant arm trouble. Unlike Prior. Showed up to clubhouse with his briefcase.
  • Piniella might as well sit on top of the dugout in a rocking chair. Swig a beer. Get some bennies. Ignore that Wrigley is a dump.
  • Lenny Dykstra would do better job managing cubs than Piniella. At least he would not pretend to manage. Lou should be playing LF for Pirates
  • Piniella should be fired now. In defense Zambrano is a sullen hunk. Approached him once to ask him question. Still waiting for answer.
Maybe Lou will fire back and ask why Buzz "isn't bringing some young authors around."



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