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Jeremy Roenick Cries For the Blackhawks [Video]

This was one of the best moments of last night's thrilling overtime victory. The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup and ex-Hawk Jeremy Roenick got very emotional about it.

"For the kid that was there in 1992 who was crying when I came off the ice after we lost game 4 at Chicago Stadium, you waited 18 years...hope you have a big smile on your face."



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nyerinmo said:

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What an incredible moment. I am no Blackhawks fan, but I thought Roenick's emotion and honesty was incredible. He made the night "real" in the sense that he made everyone connect with the moment, not just Hawk fans.

yagoff said:

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Roenick - u've got to feel for this guy. Pushed on by a cheap Bill Wirtz, his heart always remained with the Blackhawks. Given the right support, ie Rocky Wirtz, McDonagh, and others THIS guy had all the hearts and guts to win a CUP and put up some good runs as a Hawk. Nobody cares about wouldas and shouldas and couldas - unfortunatley some of the new fans don't know who Roenick is and the longtime fans let old Wirtz get away with this by continuing to support the Hawks through a time when they couldve changed things by not showing up to games. Who cares about the past - the Hawks are winners now!!!!!!

yagoff said:

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Get me a t-shirt!!!! No. no .no - get me 8 so I can wear one while I'm washing the seven for each day of the week!!!!!! I want a spot on the front of the bandwagon!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Kumar said:

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I love Jeremy Roenick! He is such a babe, even in his 40s.

Two Cents said:

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Chicago always loved JR, and always will. We cried right along with him.

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