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White Sox Fans Get Their Brawl on at the Cell

This isn't your ordinary, sloppy baseball brawl in the stands. These White Sox fans at U.S. Cellular field mean some business. There are some serious shots being thrown by Ken Griffey Jr. Well not the Ken Griffey Jr., but the guy in the jersey. 

h/t: White Sox Fans Brawl at U.S. Cellular Field [Zoner Sports]



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Rock Mamola said:


Ah....good times have returned to the cell.



Lauren Strec said:


I concur with Rock: ugh.

Matt Lo Cascio said:


Yeah, but it happens everywhere. Well, almost.. =0p

michaelb14 said:

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There are times I am so ashamed to be a SOX fan. This is a third grade metality that is very scary, and the female runs in and starts swinging. When the women in your group's instinct is to run into the middle of something like this.........Oh MY GOD! Sure they made the evening very enjoyable for all sitting around them.

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