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Make 39 Errors and You Could Be the Next Cubs Shortstop

This is so Cubs. According to Paul Sullivan's column in the Sunday Trib, Ryan Theriot has been told he will lose his starting position when the Cubs think that top prospect Starlin Castro is ready to play every day.

Theriot is not without flaws, but let's talk about Starlin Castro, the latest Cubs prospect that is all the rage. Castro doesn't turn 20 until March. His plate discipline is on a par with another former Cubs top prospect: Corey Patterson. He has very little power. And perhaps worst of all, Castro made 39 errors in 2009. 39 errors in 119 games. Yet the Cubs already have told their current shortstop that this kid will take his job. It would unbelievable except that this is a story about the Cubs.

This kid may turn out to be the next Ozzie Smith. But there are 12" inch softball players that wouldn't make 39 errors playing A ball. For the Cubs to tell Theriot that he's already out of a job as soon as Castro is ready is just wrong. Theriot isn't the best baserunner, but he's a solid shortstop in the field and at the dish. He deserves a bit more than this. But most importantly, it's pretty apparent that Castro is not even close to being ready to play major league ball, especially for a team that considers themselves contenders.

I've no idea why the Cubs continually rush prospects or hand them jobs before they've played even a month in AA. Maybe it was all a motivational ploy for Theriot to play better. That's lame too. Castro has tools -- hooray. So did Felix Pie. And Corey Patterson. Get the kid experience, get him better prepared and then talk about giving him a job.

Theriot is the least of the Cubs concerns. Last year his OPS was just a few ticks below the $136 million dollar man, Alfonso Soriano. Maybe the Cubs should tell Soriano he's going to lose his job to top prospect Brett Jackson as soon as he's ready.



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vbeeno said:

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Wow, must be nice. Some guys just have all the luck!


Scarey23 said:

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Errors in the low minors is hardly a barometer of anything. The fields aren't well taken care of especially in the FSL where the fields are swamps. Castro had 32 of his 39 errors while playing in Daytona.

Matt Lo Cascio said:


Well, apparently he was the only one with big problems on the field:

Scarey23 said:

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Well, apparently Castro was the only one playing the hardest position on the field and had more than 3.5x more opportunities than anyone not named Nate Samson. You're building a mountain out of a mole hill. Go take a look at what Elvis Andrus did in the lower minors... and he was rated as the best defensive shortstop in the AL last year!

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