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If Lou Piniella Tweeted


So after Cubs skipper Lou Piniella said he's not a big "Facebook or Twitter guy", you know you were left wondering what he would tweet if he did end up joining Twitter. Wonder no more. The Mob brings you some of the best Lou Piniella tweets.

  • "Thinking about soup. Dempster looks good."
  • "Raring to go today. Fresh out of Sanka so I had to drink regular. Might be a bit late."
  • "Darn VCR is on the blink. Clock keeps flashing 12:00. Guess it'll be right twice a day!"
  • "Boy, the only thing more foul than Ozzie's mouth is the toilet after Zambrano's done in there."
  • "Pleasure to have Lifetime Movie Channel here in Arizona. Love that Meredith Baxter."
  • "Boy, this new hitting coach is something else. Already getting along swimmingly with Byrd."
  • "If that Prior kid doesn't find a team maybe we should bring him in. Brisket for lunch."
  • "I don't know...still think Soriano might be my man at leadoff."
  • "America made a mistake. The Spanish kid should still be on American Idol. Oh well."
  • "People don't like that Palin, but she's real easy on the eyes."
  • "Guys are talking about some new Tracy Morgan movie. Who's she?"



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Stormin Norman said:

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He does use facebook, but somehow seeing him tweeting would be amazing.

How about this one: "Does anyone really believe I care about this baseball crap like I used to?"

Matt Lo Cascio said:


I think he'd like to go off into the sunset with a World Series ring.

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