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Beyond LeBron: Free Agents For the Bulls

Looking beyond the big 3 of LeBron, DWade and Chris Bosh, there are plenty of other players out there that can help the Bulls and Derrick Rose. The way the Bulls have positioned themselves after yesterday's trades, they can add a max contract free agent as well as one of these players. Some of them are just below that top tier of free agents, and some are just role players. Some would only be here for a year. But all...

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csharp3410 said:

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Matt Bonner??? Mason Jr???? Q??? Serously??? What about guys that are actually good like Ginobli,Rudy Gay (Restricted), and Amare,Josh Howard,Richard Jefferson,Yoa Ming,TMac,Dirk should i go on???

michaelb14 said:

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did you actually include TMac, Howard, Ginobli and Jefferson on a list of players the Bulls would want top bring in? That makes me wonder if you have been watching the past two years. All three way beyond prime unless it would be in an off the bench role. Dirk is going no where and Yao is not leaving Houston. Howard is inconsistent (Dallas couldnt wait to move him) and Amare is one dimensional, better than what they have certainly, but not a max player. To go after Gay would involve moving Deng first. Might happen, wasnt going to happen this year. They will still need to fill out spots 10-12 with role players. Only six guys signed for next year by my count.

Matt Lo Cascio said:


You need role players too. And I'm not advocating for all of the players on the list; just showing what else is out there. I did forget Manu, but most of the guys you mention are ETOs and they probably won't opt out.

socalguy said:

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Matt, explain how we can get one of the max free agents plus one of the above. If I am correct, it would probably have to be a sign-and-trade? If we go that route, teams would want Deng, Noah or Gibson in some combination? Is that right?

Matt Lo Cascio said:


The Bulls can use their mid-level exception to sign one of the players, or even 2 if they split it. They could also do a sign and trade. If teams want Deng and his contract I think that would be great, depending on who comes back in return.

Deng is a decent player but not worth the contract he has. You can also find solid 3s much easier than 4s.

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