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A new sleep supplement by Chicago inventors

Kelly Baron, PhD

I have a PhD in Clinical/Health Psychology. My current position is faculty at Northwestern University and associate director of the Comprehensive Insomnia Clinic at Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation

I had a chance to talk with Chuck Hamman, one of the 2 Chicago-area inventors of sleepyhead, a supplement  designed to help you sleep.

sleepyhead picture owners.jpg

Sleepyhead Owners Chuck Hamman and Eli Galayda

I thought this was a very clever idea, in a market chock full of energy
drinks. The active ingredients all have some scientific support behind
them-  melatonin, valerian root, GABA, and are known to be safe and not habit forming.

In talking with Chuck, he told me how he and his buddies came up with
the idea because they all felt like they occasionally were wired when
they tried to sleep. It's not meant to treat sleep disorders like
insomnia, but rather to be something to help people relax at night.

The drink is 80 calories and has a caramel-toffee flavor. Chuck provided
me with some samples for me to try when he came by to talk about the
product. It can be consumed hot or cold, but I definitely preferred the
texture when it was hot. It has the consistency of sweetened warm milk.

I am a big fan of sleepy time and chamomile teas in the evening. This
could be added to the list of calming drinks at bedtime. I always tell
my patients to spend at least 45 min between work, chores etc. and
trying to sleep. Sitting down to read for a few minutes with a warm
drink can be pretty relaxing. Don't forget though- don't drink too much
before bed, you know.

Sleepyhead can be found at over 40 locations on the North Side of Chicago and is rapidly expanding to other locations.



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