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Fire Greg Walker?

That's 23 consecutive scoreless innings produced by this White Sox offensive offense.

I'm giving serious thought to starting a pool with a prize going to the person who comes closest to giving the date Kenny Williams goes into the clubhouse and destroys the post game food spread (which he has already done once before in his G.M. career) or when Ozzie Guillen has a meltdown of biblical proportions.

But to the subject at hand.

Going around the internet finds White Sox fans wanting Greg Walker fired right now. Not two days from now, not tomorrow, but immediately.

While I agree Walker isn't the best hitting coach in the league, firing him does not solve the issues facing this team does it?

* Firing Greg won't bring two guys who can each steal 25 bases to the club will it?

* Firing Greg won't bring two guys who can hit for average, advance runners and set the table for the sluggers will it?

* Firing Greg won't suddenly make the current hitters able to drop down a bunt, hit to the opposite field, execute a hit and run, execute a run and hit, steal bases or put pressure on an opposing pitcher and defense will it?

* Firing Greg won't make Jim Thome 26 again will it?

* Firing Greg won't enable Paul Konerko to actually run will it?

* Firing Greg won't bring the Sox a leadoff hitter, four seasons removed from their last one will it?

* Firing Greg won't bring the Sox a bench of capable players... not kids, castoffs and journeymen will it?

Greg Walker is not the reason this team has had problems generating a consistent offense in every season but one this decade.

This is a 'station to station,' 'slow-pitch softball' team composed of hitters with a 'home run or nothing' philosophy who simply can't execute the fundamentals needed to score runs when they aren't hitting the home run. That's been the M.O. of the Chicago White Sox since 2000, with the notable exception of 2005. I'm trying to remember what happened that year?

As mentioned before in past comments, the players share some of the blame, Greg Walker shares some of the blame but who put this club together? Who has continued to ignore Ozzie Guillen's off season statements as to the type of team he wants? Who got basically the same type hitter up and down this lineup?

Well it wasn't Ozzie Guillen nor Greg Walker was it?



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