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chicago 2016 olympics w/ nbc late night jimmy fallon

When I was twittering about hanging with jimmy fallon so many people freaked out!  so i know there are fans out there that will love this one... i love Jimmy fallon too, he is a huge chicago sport fan... which of course made the Olympics in chicago a no brainer for him to talk about!  (I also got my man questlove, drummer from the roots, in a killer interview coming soon).  I have had the pleasure of being in 30 rock green rooms and backstage in the past, and every time, it's a completely intimidating example of the biggest in tv production at its greatest... but it didn't matter to jimmy, he still dropped everything to sit w/ me and get real about his love for chicago... enjoy!

oh, and don't forget, I'm posting at least one new celebrity interview a day here until I land in Copenhagen on oct. 2nd to hear the official announcement that (hopefully) chicago/usa wins the title of home to the 2016 olympics! how does that happen? you help spread the news! Twitter, facebook, myspace, email blast,.. whatever you can to get everyone in your city, country, world,... to watch these videos and hear how great Chicago is (and the USA is in general), and hear how much we want to host this cultural, sport, and friendship strengthening celebration in our home country in 2016!



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JustStop said:

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Please, just stop. I'd rather not have someone who represents such a douchey underbelly side of the city speak on its behalf. You drop names like heat drops old people. Accept the wind and lose the hat.

MaybeNextTime said:

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Unless you can hit up all those celebrities for the cash to host the games so that we who can't afford to don't bear the burden, we need to pass this round. Maybe next time.

Logan McCombs said:


Bring em' on!

bluestatecowboys said:

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Thanks for sharing your TOTALLY AWESOME interview with Jimmy Fallon. I have to admit that for the past several months I’ve been against the idea of Chicago hosting the Games. Let’s face it -- our city is damn near broke, our public school system is broken, our kids are getting shot in Chicago’s streets on a near daily basis, our police force can’t get a contract, and most of our elected officials (and their well-connected cronies in the private sector) simply can’t be trusted.

But if Jimmy Fallon is down with Chicago 2016, then count me in! (I’m so glad to hear he "got real" with you during that interview -– killer stuff.) How about Chuck Norris? Where does he stand on Chicago 2016? Lindsay Lohan? The Octomom? Can’t wait for those Twitter updates, Billy.

I don’t know why I was wasting my time worrying about the financing issues and inevitable corruption that will be part and parcel of Mr. Daley’s 2016 boondoggle. From now on, I’m going to focus on the ways in which our city TOTALLY ROCKS -- sipping suds at Wrigley, excellent sushi joints, babes galore . . . .

Man, am I looking forward to you and your posse kicking it old-school during the 2016 Opening Ceremonies. Oh, to be a fly-on-the-wall in the VIP room that night, my man.

Finally, it'd be SWEET if one of your boys could rock a dope re-mix of my Olympics song:


Peace out, BD

P.S. -- What does Jimmy Fallon think about Mayor Daley's use of tax increment financing?

Megan Cottrell said:


Dear bluestatecowboys - were I not already married, I would propose to you just on the basis of this comment. Thank you for being awesome and reading my mind.

Guy Smiley said:

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Way to go, brah. Who woulda though Fallon was a "huge Chicago sports fan". Most folks would say he was just playing up to whatever city he was in, but you got to the bottom of things. Glad you "got real" with him. And didn't know questlove was "your man". That's so money! Man, the Olympics will be BITCHIN'. All those countries coming here like Europe, Africa and Los Angeles. Kewl.

Billy Dec said:


Hey all- appreciate your thoughts- just trying to share some other ones is all- heard many pros and cons over the last year or two- heard the mayor- hear people like you- hear people not like you- its just great to hear all! it's sharing- it's challenge- it's what makes us all better-
If haven't had the chance yet, check out www.Chicago2016.org and see how many or most of your concerns are being addressed- and if it isn't addressed- or isn't satisfactory- then please join the committee in person and help make it right? It takes smart people from all backgrounds like you to make it right-
Either way, I appreciate you atleast checking out just one of many many voices out there... as I appreciate hearing yours!
And btw, I invite any of you to sit with me for lunch or coffee to talk in person whenever on me! I just want to learn and get better with people who care about our city as much as I do...
Take care all and talk soon I hope...

bluestatecowboys said:

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Dear Billy,

I'll stipulate to a couple of things: (1) you and I live in a "celebrity"-obsessed culture; and (2) your business is bolstered, in part, by that societal obsession -- so I do understand your interest in continuing to feed that beast, and I don’t fault you -- the businessman -- for your efforts.

I do believe, however, that this "celebrity" obsession has contributed to a marked dumbing-down of our society. You doubt me? Check out just about any issue of the Chicago Tribune's RedEye; examine the Nielsen numbers for "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!"; or take a critical look at just about any mass media project involving your friend Paris Hilton. (By the way, what is it that I should tell my two daughters she did to become "famous"?) My lack of interest in this "culture" should help explain my absolute lack of interest in whether folks like Jimmy Fallon, Flavor Flav, or The Octomom would like to see Chicago host the 2016 Olympics.

Personally, I'm not interested in seeing the 2016 Games come to town, and here are just a few of the reasons why: I live on a pothole-riddled Chicago street with a caved-in sewer just twenty yards from my house. The guy who answers phones at my alderman’s office tells me has no idea when a city crew will get around to fixing that sewer (much less the potholes) -- budget issues, he says. My kids attend school in the cash-strapped, under-performing Chicago public school system, where high school graduation rates are abysmal. (I serve on a Local School Council at one public school, and I’ve volunteered for seven years as a "lawyer-in-the-classroom" at another.) Our city is overrun with crime, yet our police force can’t get a contract. In fact, our city actually "closed" one day last week for what was the first of several unpaid furlough days. And all of this is happening while, I believe, taxpayers are being robbed blind by Mayor Daley’s continued abuse of his tax increment financing program.

Which brings me to my biggest reason for opposing the Games: I just don’t trust the Mayor and his friends to run a clean, transparent operation. Think about it. These are the folks that gave us -- to name just a few of their "Greatest Hits" -- the Hired Truck scandal, years of patronage hiring, the middle-of-the-night destruction of Meigs Field, the ill-conceived parking meter lease, the Vanecko pension fund mess, the convictions of Messrs. Tomczak, Duff, Sorich, Torres, Sanchez, etc. As a result, they no longer have my trust. In fact, they no longer have the trust of a lot of Chicagoans.

Maybe you, as a friend of the Mayor, can explain to me or to other Chicago taxpayers why we should trust Mr. Daley and his cronies with this venture. Better yet, rather than using your video camera to ask the stars of "Melrose Place" why they think it would be "awesome" if Chicago hosted the 2016 Games, maybe you can roll tape and ask the Mayor why, given the well-documented history of corruption in our town, we should trust him with the Games. (If follow-up questions aren't your thing, maybe you can have Carol Marin, Ben Joravsky, or Patrick Fitzgerald ride shotgun with you.) Maybe you can ask Alderman Flores or Alderman Waguespack whether either will recommend to the City Council that the "private" 2016 organizing committees be bound by Freedom of Information Act rules, since those committees may soon be feeding at a trough filled with $500 million of our money. Maybe you can talk to some of the powerless folks whose homes will be razed for the Olympics about their views on eminent domain.

Or you can continue to weigh in with the video musings of random supermodels and sitcom stars who don't, as the Mayor likes to put it, have any "skin in the game."

Matt Farmer

bluestatecowboys said:

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As I suspected . . . .

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