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chicago 2016 olympics w/ grammy winner john legend

I first met john on the roof of a tall building in Beverly hills where super famous Hollywood actor/exec types sat around sipping champagne at a fancy vip party not only shocked that someone was able to get a piano up there, but that the man playing and singing was a no name guy that blew every single one of them off their feet... next thing you know I see him at the grammys... then at the inauguration playing for the president... and so on...

I most recently met John at the underground, and although he had been reaching the highest of accomplishments, he was still a solid, humble, smart,... Midwesterner... that just loved Chicago, and Chicagoans! In fact, he had so many chicago connections, that he was very happy to take a moment to sit with me at his hotel before his last chicago concert, and share that love for our city, and the idea of having the Olympics here in 2016! Enjoy...

oh, and don't forget, i'm posting at least one new celebrity interview like this a day here until i land in copenhagen on oct. 2nd to hear the official announcement that (hopefully) chicago/usa wins the title of home to the 2016 olympics! how does that happen? you help spread the news! twitter, facebook, myspace, email blast,.. whatever you can to get everyone in your city, country, world,... to watch these videos and hear how great chicago is (and the usa is in general), and hear how much we want to host this cultural, sport, and friendship strengthening celebration in our home country in 2016!



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JDionesotes said:

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How do you determine when to capitalize proper nouns and pronouns, and when to leave them in lower case; what impression of Chicagoans are you conveying / trying to convey?

Greg Morelli said:


Look, when you're Billy Dec, you do what you want...when you want. I don't see you hanging out with celebrities, JDionesotes.

Step back into your small place in the universe. Consider yourself lucky you can even make a comment.

Billy Dec said:


Hey there jdionesotes! good point- on my normal blog www.aChicagoThing.com everything automatically converts to lower case on purpose... and since I'm new at ChicagoNow... I didn't realize what I was copying and pasting wasn't doing the same... will make sure to fix...
And about impressions of Chicagoans? Just trying to do my best... there is more history, bios, charitable events I have created and executed on my own, promotion of great Chicagoans all over www.aChicagoThing.com if need background... but in general, just been trying to do my best... thanks for commenting and helping me to get better! I appreciate it!

JDionesotes said:

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Thanks for the cogent and civilized reply, Billy Dec.

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