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9 days until the World Cup - what will you be wearing?

WC dutchydress.jpg

Sylvie van der Vaart rockin a Dutch themed World Cup dress via

One must certainly consider sporting this Orange dutch inspired dress when supporting the Netherlands in the upcoming World Cup. What lady wouldn't want to impress the fellas with their footy knowledge while wearing this dress?  Okay, so I'll be wearing something a little less revealing... but someone out there somewhere might want to throw on this dress before heading to the local soccer bar. 

Read more about this sassy little number at

Chicago. Saint Alfred. Nike. World Cup. Soccer.

St. Alfred is Chicago's hip-hop lovin, skateboarders' fashion paradise. They recently teamed up with Nike to create an amazing World Cup wonderland for young, urban soccer lovers. Catch a glimpse here:

Nike x Saint Alfred Store from Saint Alfred on Vimeo.

Friends of the Stars

Just another reason to love PUMA...

the structure of the packing is a cardboard sheet and a bag, reducing the standard amount of cardboard used for a standard shoe box by 65%. the new design solution has no laminated printing or tissue paper, and takes up less space and weighs less in shipping,completely replacing the plastic retail bag. the recyclable bag is non-woven, which means there is less work and waste in its production, with stitching completed through heat. -designboom: puma new shoe box by yves behar / fuse project

Chicago Red Stars-in haiku

snow falls, powder blue
spring calls on the winter wind
soccer coming soon
Winter Soccer.jpg

Chicago Red Stars Home Opener- Saturday, April 17

girlinks - december 9th edition

Friends of the Red Stars

  • 2009 Chicago Red Stars Combine - Players from across the country will show off their skill for head coach Emma Hayes and the rest of the Red Stars coaching staff on Thursday, December 10th at Max McCook Indoor Facility in hopes of catching her eye and scoring a spot on the Red Stars 2010 roster.  [Chicago Red Stars Facebook Page]

2009 December 9 girlinks combine2009.ashx.jpg

  • WPS Features Three Finalists for FIFA World Player of the Year Award - On December 7th FIFA announced the finalists for the FIFA Women's World Player of the Year Award, which included three WPS players: Cristiane (Chicago Red Stars), Marta (LA Sol) and Kelly Smith (Boston Breakers). [Women's Professional Soccer]

  • life in the red stars annex - Want to know what a day in the life at the Red Stars office is like? Get a look on the inside from Red Stars staffer Alyse LaHue. [WPS Fan Corner - Alyse LaHue]

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Umbro cleat design, And the winner is...

I must admit that I'm not terribly excited about the 15 finalists in the Umbro Specaili cleat design contest, though the stories behind each design does add meaning to the their masterpieces. If I had to choose one of the 15 to wear, I'd have to go with the Zombie by Stuart McCluskie. I love that McCluskie used the cleats as the zombie's eyes. 

Thumbnail image for 2009 November 11 Zombie Umbro Cleat.jpg

"I concentrated on the idea of the passion of football. I played around with the idea of following the sport, and in particular your own team, and the almost blind devotion fans display week in, week out, season upon season. Coupled with the lure and attraction that the sport has on so many people I arrived at the symbolism that football supporters become single-minded and mesmerised in a way not dissimilar to that of 'the undead'.

Drawn to the support of your team - never more apparent than in a World Cup tournament - fans become zombie slaves to the game! The application of that to the canvas of the Speciali then followed suit. The design of the chrome, shiny stud caps had to become protruding hypnotic eyes and why not multiply that beyond the number of studs on the boot to increase the crowd of zombie fans jostling for space on the design."

And which cleat design did pro footballers John Terry, Gael Clichy and Michael Owen pick...

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Umbro- Design your own cleats

This is not directly related to the Red Stars, but I think that all soccer lovers in general will find this to be pretty rad- I know, I did. 

2009 August 27 Umbro Speciali.jpg
Umbro is currently having a contest for individuals to design the soles to their Speciali boots (cleats for those of us in the US). You can submit your entry here, as well as view and rate other entries. 

I am currently loving these submissions:
  • Cute Creature
  • Fulham Broadway to Wembley
  • Mini Pattern
  • Moved Grass
  • Chicago City Flag (This is by far my favorite yet, and it's designed by a friend of mine! What Red Stars fan wouldn't want to wear these?)

What are some of your favorites? How would you design your cleats?

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