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ChicagoNow radio: August 14

Amy Guth

Amy Guth is digital news editor for the Tribune's books section and blog and is co-host of ChicagoNow Radio on News 720 WGN alongside Alex Quigley. Also? Author, adventuress and grade-a sass-mouth.

This week's line-up on ChicagoNow Radio on WGN with Alex Quigley and Amy Guth from 9 a.m. to noon:

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9 a.m.
We kick off the show with Sex on Fire's Jon Ibrahim and Arresting Tales' Joe the Cop talking about famous last words, the recent loss to the Chicago Fire Department, and why public service is so much more than free doughnuts and fetching kitties from trees.

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9:30 a.m.
Hammer time! (Sorry, I couldn't resist.) In the second segment, we welcome John and Julie Hammerle of Hammervision to talk about the summer blockbusters you still should see and they'll give us a fall movie preview.


10 a.m.
Katie Weber Schroeder from Driven joins us in the ten o'clock hour to explain her philosophy of: "Put down the plastic for what makes you giddy, whether it's the soft, the sparkly or the spit-fire fast" and tell us all how to get into her luxe life way.


10:30 a.m.
Capt. Meatball from sports parody blog Chicago Tough is coming by in the next segment to make fun of sports news headlines somethin' fierce. And from  form what we hear, no team, no player and no fan is safe from their mocking. (Just as long as they don't rag on my team, we're gonna be cool.)


11 a.m.
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... waaaay too freaking crowded! Show Me Chicago's Carole Kuhrt-Brewer lets us in on the best spots to watch the Air & Water Show this weekend in order to skip the crowd craziness.

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11:30 a.m.
Alex Quigley and I hijack the final segment of the show like we do. Topics on the agenda: the bet I totally lost to Quigley this week and why this payback is going to be hell and, in honor of my big move this weekend, we want to hear your craziest moving stories. The good, the bad, and the very, very bad.

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JenJen said:


We're here with the neighborhood gang getting ready to watch the Air & Water show while listening to the Amy & Alex show! I wish the planes would have drowned out the first act which claims the title of WORST SEGMENT EVER. Spraying semen and more weenie reports. Seriously?
"Do you recognize the segment in the show's lineup that should be retired?"
"Yes, I do. The first one."
"Joe the cop, please step out."
I'm hoping Hammervision saves us from channel flipping.

JenJen said:


The Hammerle's come to the rescue and get the show back on the rails! John's comments on Pray, Eat, Love were really funny. The conversation during the whole segment was quick, witty, entertaining. The urge to change channels on the boom box has passed. Now we're looking forward to the next segment and seeing Vince Vaughn parachuting.

JenJen said:


The 3rd segment with Katie the Driven Diva was boring. "I'm just pointing out the humor..." 1. Thank you so much for explaining the comicality to us dullards. 2. For something to be humorous, it needs to be funny. We're reentering the tuner debate. I've given it a last chance 10 minute reprieve. I have faith!

JenJen said:


Captain Meatball was a tasty segment. Loved the "Beautiful Mind" "Good Will Hunting" Devin Hester riff. Alex was totally on his game! Quigley, you DOMINATED! Gotta switchoff. Too loud! Where's Vince Vaughn? Hope to listen again next week!

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