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ChicagoNow Radio: July 24

Amy Guth

Amy Guth is digital news editor for the Tribune's books section and blog and is co-host of ChicagoNow Radio on News 720 WGN alongside Alex Quigley. Also? Author, adventuress and grade-a sass-mouth.

This week's line-up on ChicagoNow Radio on WGN with Alex Quigley and Amy Guth from 9 a.m. to noon 11:30 a.m. (short show this week):


9 a.m.
Did you hear? I announced on Twitter that Daniel of The Queer Guy Tells It Straight is my new gay boyfriend! Woo-hoo! We'll start the show talking about that and Daniel will explain the difference between charm, social awkwardness and jackassery.


9:30 a.m.
Frugalista and Fantabulously Frugal in Chicago will join us in the second segment and we'll find out which of these ladies can give us the best deals and I'll explain my potentially-ridiculous coupon challenge.


10 a.m.
Jill from Drive, She Said will join us to talk about cars and driving and we'll get her take on the battle of the sexes at car dealerships and take your q's on all things automotive.

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10:30 a.m.
The Art of Advice and The Relationship Diva bloggers will join us to share their thoughts on relationships, friendships, getting out of a rut and we'll figure out what makes these two bloggers qualified to advise the advisable.

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11 a.m.
Oh snap! It's more Guth & Quigley than you can shake at stick at in the final segment. What will the Weekly Wager be this week? Who will have to do something ridiculous/insane/cringe-worthy/wicked awesome on video for all of the Web to see? And just what might that ridiculous/insane/cringe-worthy/wicked awesome task-caught-on-video be? You tell us by shooting a tweet to @ChicagoNowRadio with your idea for crazy stuff you want to see the losing host do on video. Just remember to use hashtag #TeamGuth or #TeamQuigley to let us know who you want to see win. (Ahem.)

Find the latest on our spiffy Facebook page, too, and by following me (@AmyGuth) and Alex Quigley (@AlexQuigley) on Twitter.

Amy Guth,



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JenJen said:


Too swampy for gardening today so my girlfriend Steph and I are web listening at Starbucks. I'm introducing her to your show. Here's our LIVE review! Daniel is funny to listen to. It was like his "best of" his recent blogs with the straight guy's awkwardness theme. I think it would have been interesting if he had expanded on the thought and told us about if the same dynamics of awkwardness apply in the gay guy scene. Jenina was AWESOME! The Bret Michaels chitchat hit home with us. What a total dog that dude is! I'm glad Amy blasted that a-hole as the scuzzy woman-user he is. Jenina's story about the married d-bag experience was great, too. Waiting for Jill the car girl....

Daniel Scogin said:


Thanks for the comment. I understand where you are coming from with your criticism, but comparing straight relationships to gay ones is not what I do. I do put in my blogs that these rules apply to everyone; the focus however is on straight guys.

Jenina said:


Thanks so much for the commentary, JenJen! So glad you were into it! :-) There's always something to chat about in the game of love.

JenJen said:


On our 2nd cups. Finally, a massively informed woman talking cars! We pulled up her blog during her spot. It hits all the things we want to hear about. This is going in my ChicagoNow bookmark marks. Disappointed that the part about how not to get ripped off by local mechanics was bumped. Boo!

JenJen said:


Final segment finally starts -- why are the breaks so loooong? Maybe we're just over-caffeinated and stressed out about the deluge. Judy's reporting on the phone and her interaction with you guys was compelling and dramatic. This was Chicago must-listen radio.

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