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ChicagoNow Radio lineup: Saturday, Nov. 28

Tracy Samantha Schmidt

Editorial Director, ChicagoNow & Adjunct Faculty Member, DePaul University

Thumbnail image for Two hours in to the show and Bill is on fire.

Two hours in to the show and host Bill Leff is on fire.

We're set for a blogger-packed four hours in WGN 720 Radio's studio on Saturday morning.

Here's our lineup, which you can find posted every week right here on our blog.

9:00 -- Geek to Me  / InFashion with Barbara Glass

9:30 -- Blogshakalaka

10:00 -- Chicago Bar-tender

10:15 -- An Improvised Blog

10:30 -- Chilarious

11:00 -- Body by Bond  / Ask Dr. Jeff

11:30 -- Sarah Spain

12:00 -- District 299

12:30 -- Becoming Nikki Lynette



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Steve Dale said:


Bill Leff is a very nice guy - please hose him off

Jason Chin said:


Waitaminute... 15 minutes for An Improvised Blog?! Booooo!!

deandrey duffie said:

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I think any body whos willing to get out of bed on a saturday mournings to listen and comment on blogs has to be really special so keep up the good work BIll leff. deandrey

GeekToMe said:


I had a great time today on the show! Bill was a gracious host and the production staff was great at putting us at ease. Great job folks!

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