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Palins Inspire Music Video?

Brittani Senser's new music video, "After Love," is causing quite the stir right now because of her choice of who stars in it: Levi Johnston! The buzz is about whether Johnston's role in the video as Senser's lover, and the fact that it so closely resembles real life circumstances with Palin family, caused the breakup with Bristol Palin. Check out the video and see for yourself. Do you think it fueled the fire for the split?

Twilight Saga: Eclipse

In less than a week, we all can sink our teeth into the latest installment of the Twilight Saga! I don't know about you guys, but I've been thirsting to see what happens to all of our favorite vampires and werewolves. Many stores have been cashing in on the craze by producing all the Twilight gear to have you decked out for the premiere. I'll be wearing my "Team Edward" shirt, what about you? Team Edward, or Team Jacob?

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Diane Von Furstenburg: Fall 2010 A Man's Life in a Woman's Body

Diane Von Furstenburg has done it again, this Fall 2010 show was one of her best!  DVF once said, "I always wanted to live a man's life in a woman's body," that idea can definitely be seen in this line.  The menswear inspired idea is new for Von Furstenburg, she is known for her comfortable but still glamorous wrap dresses.  This collection mixes hard and soft by pairing embroidered boleros and silk cardigans with suit jackets.  We have all seen the androgynous look before from many designers but DVF creates a whole new spin on the idea.  She produces ageless pieces that are always the spine of her collection.  At the end of the show DVF came out wearing a 20's-ish tunic dress over cropped pants, proving once again women of all ages can wear her clothes.

Alexander Wang Video, Fall 2010: Alexander The Great

It's New York Fashion Week and most of you may know this is the last time the shows will be held at Bryant Park. For next season they will be held at Lincoln Center. Many designers are disappointed to leave the tents, which have been their home since 1993, but isn't change what fashion is all about? Check out the video of Alexander Wang. The show was the talk of the fashion world and led Tim Blanks to call him "Alexander The Great."  We love Alexander Wang, who was my "Designer of the Month" on my blog in Dec/January. Watch for more videos to come this week from New York from our fashion correspondent.


MUST-SEE VIDEO: Lady Gaga & Elton John Perform LIVE at the 52nd Annual Grammy's

I couldn't help but share this amazing video with all of you.  Though most of you may have seen it, if you have not--you must watch it!  Opening the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards was none other than Lady Gaga and musical legend, Elton John.  Both are known for their extreme sense of fashion and extravagant point of view when it comes to their style.  What a perfect combination of talent, surprise, and influence!  Lady Gaga stole the entire show, as every red carpet reporter talked about her from beginning to end.  Her popularity in our culture today is hard to deny as she influences fashion, music, and art at every turn.  She is truly one of the most fascinating woman that has the world has seen in quite some time.  Everything she touches turns to gold!  Have a look at the video and enjoy your night, Chicago...  Happy Grammy's!


New Year's Eve Fashion

With New Years Eve only a few days away - I'm sure some of you have already begun to stress over what you're going to be wearing out to dinner or to the clubs.  Well, we here at InFashion thought that we'd give you a little holiday help, providing you with a few ideas of how to look great, and stay comfortable, while ringing in the New Year.  Take a look at the video, featuring the very lovely, and beautiful Trisia!  And, to all my readers, please have a fun (and safe) New Years Eve and I'll see you in 2010!  

"Sex and the City 2"



With six months to go until the sequel for "Sex and the City 2" comes out, the producers of the movie have recently released this teaser promo!  Featured on the poster is a dazzling Sarah Jessica Parker, aka: Carrie Bradshaw, in a white Halston dress and Christian Louboutin pumps topped off with a large and sparkly necklace by Solange Azagury-Partridge. The image is simple, gorgeous and leaves me wanting more.  I know I can't wait to see the clothes and find out what that fabulous Carrie Bradshaw has been up to!  What do you think is in store for our favorite group of gals in this next movie?  Share your thoughts here!



Now, "Carrie on..."



Have a look below for some photos of our favorite girls:  Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte... (Be sure to get a look at the photo of Carrie in her stunning Vivienne Westwood gown from the original SATC movie!)

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Tom Ford's "A Single Man"

I was mesmerized listening to Tom Ford on Charlie Rose, my favorite talk show host, who was recently talking about "Single Man"--the latest movie project he directed with Colin Firth & Julianne Moore. Of course, most of us know that Ford brought glamor and sex back to fashion in the early 90's when he was the Creative Director at Gucci. He introduced velvet pantsuits and satin open-necked slinky shirts to the runway and celebrities quickly supported his new look. When I was the Founding Fashion Editor at CS (Chicago Social), I had the privilege of showing some of those pieces on models photographed for the cover of CS, including the exceptional patent boots that helped to give the magazine a cutting edge look.  Ford explained the differences of designing clothes to directing movies: "In fashion you are designing a dress that doesn't last. When you create a film, you create a world." I can't wait to see the results of his latest cinematic venture as most consider Ford the most influential designer of the last decade.

I certainly agree.


Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2009-2010

Don't the models look gorgeous!?  Stay tuned for my exclusive interview with Victoria's Secret supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio!  

Thanksgiving Dressing

We all know the question that comes to mind when the holidays begin to roll around is, "What Do I wear!?"  As an Image & Wardrobe Consultant I hear this all the time.  Well, I've decided to be extra generous this Thanksgiving season and give away some free style advice on how to stay fashionable, elegant and, most importantly, comfortable this holiday season by utilizing pieces that every woman should have in her closet.  Take a peek at my video and, to all my viewers, have a very happy Thanksgiving!  

Spring 2010 Milan Designer Collections

Remember when Madonna introduced the idea that underwear can be used as outerwear?  Well, it is all back again in a new way for Spring 2010, according to experts like Karl Largerfeld, Hamish Bowles and Sally Singer from Vogue.  Some of the trends include everything sheer, deconstruction and ragged hems.  Check out the video for some of the looks.  

H&M x Jimmy Choo Preview Video

Ok, we are all anxiously waiting on pins & needles (or should I say stilettos and accessories) to see Jimmy Choo at H&M on Nov. 14th.  Check out this video to get a close up view of what we are all waiting for.  Oh, and did I tell you that the first 160 people in line get a special pass?  I'm positive there will be extra long lines so wear comfortable shoes!

For more pics check out one of my favorite blogs, Nitrolicious...

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