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Bill Cunningham New York: Movie Premiere in Chicago



I know all you fashionistas are aware of the work of Bill Cunningham in Sunday's Style Section, "On The Street" and "Evening Hours" in the New York Times. It was indeed exciting to get a behind-the-scenes look at his amazing work at the preview party thrown at the W Hotel.  Of course I cover the Chicago Streets on my blog, but he did it first- before the others also like Tommy Ton and the Sartorialist.  He does it daily (rain or snow) on his bike, which he mentions has been stolen 29 times, and he's over 80 years old! Don't you just love it?!

I got a chance to talk to film makers Richard Press, Director & Cinematographer, and Phillip Gefter, Producer. When asked what was the most difficult part of making the documentary, they said "convincing Bill to agree to do it."  It took 8 years of convincing and 2 years to do the movie.  He is an original.  He see's fashion as the armor to survive, and the armor of everyday life.  He says it (fashion) educates the eye.

Don't miss the movie which is playing for only one week at the Music Box Theatre (3733 N. Southport Ave). I loved it!!

Bill Cunningham image credits: Google

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It's All About B: Billboard Awards 2011

It was all about B last night, Beyonce that is, at the Billboard Music Awards. Beyonce was honored by Billboard with everyone from Lady GaGa, Bono, and even Michele Obama singing her praises.  The MGM Grand was hotter than ever in Las Vegas as Rihanna and Britney Spears opened the awards show by performing a sexy version of Rihanna's latest single S&M. Britney made her way back on stage with everyone's new favorite firecracker Nicki Minaj who dawned her signature green quaff last night. The celebrities were hot, but the fashions were hotter! Check out the gallery to see some of our favorite looks from last night.

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Union League Club Guest Speaker: Barbara Glass


One of my favorite jobs is speaking to women on fashion and giving them ideas on how to translate the trends into their own wardrobes. I was honored to be asked to speak again, for the third time, at the Union League Club for their women's luncheon this week. What a great group of women who enjoy fashion & looking modern.

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Kate Moss to Marry The Kills' Guitarist Jamie Hince


In recent news, it has been announced that supermodel Kate Moss is getting married to The Kills' guitarist Jamie Hince. There has been a ton of gossip surrounding the wedding already, but the only certainty is that Kate will look gorgeous on her wedding day. In the slideshow below is a collage of photos of the model and of her and her fiancée. 

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Manolo Blahnik and Cows?

Recently in the Wall Street Journal there was an interesting article at the bottom of the front page on Manolo Blahnik, and it wasn't talking about shoes. Two of the top executives of the Manolo Blahnik shoe company have a dairy farm , Arethusa, where they produce milk that retails at $4.49 for half a gallon. The CEO, George Malkemus and Vice President Tony Yurgaitis are producing high quality milk and yogurt at 23 retailers, including Whole Foods. They claim that there milk is better than others, because of the spa like treatment of their cows. In my eyes milk is milk, but what do you think?

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Will Kate wear her Hair up or Down: Royal Wedding Day Coiffure

Princess Diana and Kate Middleton
As we are closely approaching the big day rumors of last minute decisions still circulate amongst the country, as to if Kate Middleton will wear her hair up or down, a crown or flowers, or where the honey moon will take place.  I think it is safe to say that I believe we can expect to see Middleton with her hair down.  It is very seldom that we have ever seen Middleton with her hair pulled back, as her beautiful locks stretch to her back.  Although both Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth II wore their hair short it did not stop them from wearing their hair down. 

Kate Middleton has definitely become what we know as a trend setter.  Her extreme beautiful hats are becoming more and more popular as she wears them beautifully.  It is no surprise that both her and Princess Diana were both fashionista's with similar hats worn.  Her long hair only adds to the look and enhances the style.  Clearly Prince Williams loves the long hair as men tend to have a long hair preference over short.  Whether Kate Middleton wears her hair up or down I am sure she will set a trend and wear it well.

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The Ultimate Count Down

April 29th is quickly approaching as we have anxiously awaited to see Prince William and Kate Middleton tie the knot.  It is expected to be one of the biggest events in history as well as one of the most viewed in the world by spectators as reporters and camera crews will be standing by.  Although it is still unknown as to whether or not Kate Middleton will be wearing a crown or flowers or who the lucky designer of her gown is, it keeps us even more excited to capture the moment. 

However we have heard that we can expect to see a guest list of almost 2,000, in which they were asked to either be in military uniform, business attire, or tail coats.  I am sure we will see some of the worlds biggest charity members and icons.  Amongst many will be friends, family, and former classmates.  The wedding reception will be held at Buckingham palace with the Queen herself will be hosting, and has been noted that less than half of the guest list has been invited.  And we can expect to hear the voices of the chapel royal choir, one other choir, and an orchestra as they prep for the big day.

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Fashion: Royal Wedding Bands


Palace officials have stated to the press that Prince William has decided not to wear a wedding ring.  Although Prince Williams has neglected to state the reasoning for his decision, it is not uncommon amongst royal patriarchs to be without a ring.  Prince Williams grandfather, Prince Philip chose not to wear a wedding ring, just as Prince Charles did when he married Princess Diana.  However, Prince Williams fiancee Kate Middleton will be wearing an unknown design of a welsh gold band.  The scarce gold has been a royal tradition for royal weddings for almost 100 years and has been worn both by Princes Diana and Queen Elizabeth II.

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Too Sexy at Seven?


Most of you know that I see "Fashion" as  metaphor for self-esteem. So what does it say about the self-esteem of a 7-year old whose mom buys her a padded push-up bikini from Abercrombie kids for her summer wardrobe? Does this garment tell her daughter that you need to enhance your body to look good to the world? What ever happened to building character? Yes, I am supportive of looking good like wearing lipstick when you are a teen and later makeup when you are an adult. But, whatever happened to supporting childhood?

Let's place more emphasis on building self-esteem and education and less on looking like a Playboy Bunny.

By Dinell W.

Kate Middleton : Bachelorette Party



With every wedding, there comes a bachelorette party. With Kate Middleton's wedding just around the corner, it's only right for this soon to be princess, to have the right send off into marriage. Kate's sister and maid of honor, Pippa Middleton, is throwing her the best bachelorette party she can ever imagine. There are actually going to be two celebrations. One in London and one at the Middleton's family house in Buckleton, Berkshire. No one knows what Pippa is planning on doing for Kate's bachelorette party. Not only is Pippa keeping Kate guessing, she's also keeping the world guessing on what's going to happen. We are all very excited and can't wait to hear about Kate's bachelorette party before she is crowned as a princess.

(Posted by Marycke Gramillano)

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Sports Illustrated Cover : Jay Cutler



We all know all you guys (and women too) look forward to the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Well, we in Chicago are celebrating something better. It's Jay Cutler, the quarterback for the Bears, who made it on the cover for Sports Illustrated this week! Hopefully the Bears will be the team that brings it on home and goes to the Superbowl. (Knock on wood)  Everyone in Chicago is so happy/proud and can't wait to see what happens when the Bears play the Packers on Sunday! Take a look at the gallery for past Sports Illustrated swimsuit additions as well as pictures of the one and only, Jay Cutler! Lets here if for the Bears!

(Posted by Marycke Gramillano)

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Spring Collections : Alexander McQueen's Legacy Lives On!



The once talented, innovative, strange, intriguing man that's Lady Gaga's favorite designer is...


Alexander McQueen was known for his outrageous fashion shows and constant unique fashion sense. With his armadillo shoes and crazy cut out outfits that Lady Gaga is known for wearing, his fashion label is an inspiration and attracts the eyes of many men and women all over the world. For Spring 2011 RTW, McQueen's legacy lives on in the name of Sarah Burton, the new creative director for Alexander McQueen. In the collection, the fashion pieces revolve all around our Earth. Through notes, it was written that "McQueen explained that he had been pondering Charles Darwin, the survival of the fittest, and the deleterious results of industrialization on the natural world."


Burton stayed with McQueen's signature frock coats, skinny-leg pants, and hourglass silhouettes, but the wood-print tailoring was much more fluid. She is the perfect person to grab hold of McQueen's legacy and make it prosper and survive for years to come. Bright, multicolored allover prints, leggings, and cocoon dresses were a big hit--a general trend emerging from London's young designers. Sarah Burton's goal is to satisfy consumers and to potentially sell this Spring. This collection, with its color, attention to detail, prints, leggings, cocoon dresses, ankle-wrapped shoes, and eased-up tailoring, looks like it'll be one of the best selling collections yet. More to get excited about for spring! We'll see if these new creative designs last in the eyes of the consumers...

Posted by Marycke Gramillano(Photo/Info Credit: 

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Spring 2011 : Marc Jacobs





Anything Marc Jacobs touches seems to turn to gold. Not only does he have his own lines: Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs, he is also the creative director for Louis Vuitton. He is the go-to guy for stylish, sophisticated pieces with an edgy twist. Anyone who's anybody is sporting something from Marc Jacobs, especially this spring. Whether it's his more affordable line, Marc by Marc Jacobs, or his pricey line, Marc Jacobs, celebrities as well as highschool and college kids can't get enough of the brand.

For spring 2011, it's all about going back to the 1970's with frizzy hair, wide-legged pants, gold glittering platform shoes and oversized flower corsages as seen on For spring, it's all about color, prints, halter dresses, seductive cuts/slits and yes, HOT PANTS. I will definitely be around sporting some tight short shorts this spring/summer and can't wait to see what others are going to try to pull off. Say goodbye to cleavage and hello to legs and butt! Will you be sporting the look of the 70's this spring?

Posted by Marycke Gramillano

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Golden Globe Nominations 2011 Announced

gg feature.png
Awards season is officially here, as Blair Underwood, Josh Duhamel and Katie Holmes announced the Golden Globe nominations this morning. "The King's Speech" received seven nominations followed by "The Fighter" and "The Social Network" with six each, and "Black Swan" received four. On the TV side, musical-comedy "Glee" earned five nominations and HBO's "Boardwalk Empire" earned three. Actress Gia Mantegna was selected by The Hollywood Foreign Press Association as Miss Golden Globe 2011 and Ricky Gervais is set to host The 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards on Sunday, January 16, 2011 on NBC.

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It's Fashionable to Vote!

voting image1.png
The election is less than 1 day away. No matter what your political choices, don't forget to get out and VOTE. On Tuesday Nov. 2, the polls will be open from 6am - 7pm. To check your registration status or find a polling place go to:
So lucky we live in a country where voting is a privilege!!

Banning the Burqa: Oui ou Non?

Burqa feature.png
"The burqa is not welcome in France." - Nicolas Sarkozy.
It has been banned, and the proposed law will take effect in 6 months if not rejected by France's Constitutional Council. Muslim women will not be allowed to cover their faces in public, nor can anyone force a veil upon an unwilling woman or minor or there will be penalties. Do you think this is a ban on freedom of religion?
In the meantime, the spring runway shows are abuzz, and whether women are on the runway or not they still want to show themselves off. A female face, and they way people think, and feel about fashion, and how they choose to express it is admired in France. Does this  proposed law support women from the chains of the past? - or -  Is France banning the burqa  because it has become something frightening to us because of the pain of 9/11 and the war?
Watch the video to learn more on this subject: Thoughts??

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Vera Lehndorff: aka VERUSCHKA

Feature V.png
The first supermodel, 71 year-old Veruschka walked the runway at the Giles Deacon Spring/Summer 2011 show at London Fashion Week. Proving beauty is ageless! The 1960s icon graced the runway wearing a feather boa headdress and long, bow-print gown. At six-foot-one, she was the picture of power leading the pack of models that included Alessandra Ambrosio, Karolina Kurkova and Kelly Brook. Yes, Veruschka's return to the runway was all rage at London Fashion Week reminding us that everyone can look fabulous at every age. What do you think of her triumphant return? Do you like seeing models of all ages and sizes on the catwalk? Take a look at the photos of Veruschka over the years.

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"Perfect is Perfectly Boring": R.I.P Tyler Clementi

Tyler Clementi.png
On September 22nd, Tyler Clementi, a gifted music student at Rutgers University, jumped to his death from the George Washington Bridge. Why? Another senseless death because of cyberbullying and making homosexuality a degrading behavior. His roommate secretly set up a webcam and when he turned it on and saw Tyler making out with another guy, he sent the scenario streaming live on the internet. As Ellen Degeneres said so eloquently on her program, "We can't let intolerance and ignorance take another child's life." Friday, Anderson Cooper 360 will have a town meeting on his show on "Bullying, No Escape". I thought we were all supposed to be God's children...what kind of people are we if we can't accept differences in others? Are we just perfectly stupid to cause pain to others because we don't respect their choices? I came from a home that taught me to be tolerant of others and to grow from another point-of-view. Most of my friends love to argue issues with each other and that, to me, makes them so interesting. What a better world this would be if we didn't pass judgment on others, as not one of us is, indeed, perfect.

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The Big Day: "Chelsea Clinton's Wedding"

Chelsea 2.png

It's official - the former first daughter, Chelsea Clinton tied the knot with longtime boyfriend, Marc Mezvinsky, in Rhinebeck, New York on Saturday. The parents of the bride, former President Bill Clinton and current Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, were there, of course, and could not have asked for a more perfect day surrounded by family and their close friends. What about the wedding dress??? Chelsea double-dipped with Vera Wang, wearing an ivory strapless gown by the designer with a raw-edged laser-cut silk organza skirt for the interfaith and a silk tulle cross-back Grecian gown with a narrow grosgrain black belt for the reception. The bridesmaids' dresses, strapless bias-cut lavender chiffon gowns were also designed by Vera Wang. Hilary Clinton opted for Oscar de la Renta and the groom, groomsmen and father of the bride Bill Clinton wore suits designed by Christopher Bailey of Burberry. Yes, the most anticipated wedding of the year was fashionable, elegant, and nothing short of understated good taste! Be sure to take a look at the slideshow of photos below.

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Sweet Dreams: Norma Kamali's first Sleepwear Line for Walmart

NK Sale Items.png

Norma Kamali will be adding sleepwear to her collection of clothing & swimwear at Walmart in October. Yes, for those fashion history buffs, Norma Kamali was one of the first designers to use sweat shirt fabric for daytime clothing back in the late 70's / 80's with her collection called OMO. I think it was around the time of her divorce and OMO stood for on my own. She continues to inspire to this day at very affordable prices at Walmart for a whole new audience and for those that still follow her from the past. I would definitely wear some of the pieces of outerwear! Check below also for the original story:

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Karl Lagerfeld: 'No One Wants to See Curvy Women On The Catwalk'

Crystal Renn feature.png

Less than a year ago fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld was quoted as saying, "Curvy women have no place on the catwalk." But has Lagerfeld had a change of heart? Could the inclusion of a size 10 model in a Chanel show be an indication of real change in the industry? Plus size model Crystal Renn made an appearance on the runway of the Chanel Resort 2011 show in St. Tropez taking one giant leap for model-kind. There's a constant debate over how thin models should or shouldn't be, and it looks like we're finally making progress seeing model sizes on the runway that reflect real women today. I am a major supporter of women of all sizes and my hopes are that we continue to see more body types gracing the runways and in magazines. It's all about real women today!
What do you think made Lagerfeld reconsider his stance? Was he making up for his past comment or is Crystal Renn getting so popular that big name designers can't afford to ignore her? Discuss!

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Too Hot For Citi: Fired For Being Too Sexy?


At five-foot-six and 125 pounds, curvy Queens brunette, Debrahlee Lorenzana sued Citibank, accusing the company of firing her for being "too hot." "I'm going to speak up," she said on "The Early Show" on CBS. "Enough is enough!" Hearsay says, Lorenzana tells it like this: Her bosses told her they couldn't concentrate on their work because her appearance was distracting. They ordered her to stop wearing turtlenecks, pencil skirts, three-inch heels, or fitted business suits. She pointed out to her bosses that other female colleagues wore similar professional attire, and that some dressed far more provocatively than her: They said their body shapes were different from hers, and she drew too much attention. In August 2009, her manager, a woman, sat her down and fired her. The manager said she was sorry, but Lorenzana wasn't fit for the culture at Citibank. Lorenzana decided she was going to sue Citibank and in preparation for the lawsuit, lawyer Jack Tuckner had a professional photographer shoot Lorenzana is various work outfits in his office near Wall Street. Check out the photos below. Was she fired for being too sexy? Do you think her clothing choices were inappropriate for the workplace? What are your thoughts?

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Vancouver Olympics on NBC


I've been watching the Vancouver Olympics on NBC lately and I can't get over the style of some of the athletes--so chic!  I pulled a list of my favorite athletes who are stylish on and off of competition.  Have a look in the gallery for more!:

Lindsey Vonn: First American female to win the gold in the downhill in skiing tonight...she is beautiful, talented and very emotional when she won as she continued to have tears of joy in spite of her many injuries!

Evan Lysacek:  from the US in men's figure skating finals wearing all black Vera Wang design with feathers to match skating to Firebird. (saw it last night)

Shani Davis: from South Side of Chicago who credits his mom with his success...gotta love the guy!
Won men's 1000 meters tonight an first man to win back to back medals in racing.

Also Shaun White whose performance was amazing on the snow board with amazing style and grace--and a gold medal winner!

So Proud to Be an American....lots of gold & lots of style!


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Alexander Wang Video, Fall 2010: Alexander The Great

It's New York Fashion Week and most of you may know this is the last time the shows will be held at Bryant Park. For next season they will be held at Lincoln Center. Many designers are disappointed to leave the tents, which have been their home since 1993, but isn't change what fashion is all about? Check out the video of Alexander Wang. The show was the talk of the fashion world and led Tim Blanks to call him "Alexander The Great."  We love Alexander Wang, who was my "Designer of the Month" on my blog in Dec/January. Watch for more videos to come this week from New York from our fashion correspondent.



DNA 2050 bracelet that is so cool. Could be yours! .jpg

Valentine's Day is approaching!  It would be great if that special man in your life surprises you, but why wait?  Enter NOW to win my Valentine's Day Contest and treat yourself to this fabulous bracelet from the hip and edgy boutique in the 900 Shops, DNA 2050.   (After all, it IS Accessory Friday!)  This bracelet features red leather with gold perforated stud details, along with gold vermeil over mixed metal--SO GORGEOUS!  It is perfect to wear alone on the wrist or stack multi-layered bracelets in front to wear higher on your arm. . .

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A winner will be chosen shortly after that and the announcement will be made on
Valentines Day Morning:  February 14, 2010!

Thank you and good luck to all of my readers!

...Love, Barbara...


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MUST-SEE VIDEO: Lady Gaga & Elton John Perform LIVE at the 52nd Annual Grammy's

I couldn't help but share this amazing video with all of you.  Though most of you may have seen it, if you have not--you must watch it!  Opening the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards was none other than Lady Gaga and musical legend, Elton John.  Both are known for their extreme sense of fashion and extravagant point of view when it comes to their style.  What a perfect combination of talent, surprise, and influence!  Lady Gaga stole the entire show, as every red carpet reporter talked about her from beginning to end.  Her popularity in our culture today is hard to deny as she influences fashion, music, and art at every turn.  She is truly one of the most fascinating woman that has the world has seen in quite some time.  Everything she touches turns to gold!  Have a look at the video and enjoy your night, Chicago...  Happy Grammy's!


Celebrity Buzz: Gaga Does Oprah


I have some very exciting news for all of our Lady Gaga fans here in Chicago. After wrapping up her Fame Monster Tour in Rosemont this past weekend, it has been reported, via Oprah's executive producer, Sheri Salata's twitter page, that Lady Gaga will be doing her first interview with Oprah live in Chicago this Friday, January 15! Check it out on ABC Chicago at 9AM. Gaga will fly out to the Windy City for this special appearance, which is sure to be a treat. It has not been confirmed yet if Gaga will be performing one of her hit singles from her latest album, but we sure will tune in to see this fashion icon in one of her eccentric looks!

**Check out some of her costumes from her recent show in Chicago, and some of our Gaga favorites!--what do you think of Lady Gaga's style? Let us know!**

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Is Kate Moss Causing Eating Disorders?

Photo from (source:  TOPSHOP)

Recently, articles featuring a quote from popular and influential model, Kate Moss, set off the fireworks on the concern for the health of teenagers and young women when she was quoted as saying, "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels," in an article from  While most of you know I am very supportive of all body types when it comes to what is fashionable, I also support good health. 

I found another point of view (which seems to support her statement) from a story on in which the writer wrote,  'If she had said, "Nothing fattening tastes as good as being healthy feels," she would have been lauded.'  Check this out to learn both sides of the argument, then tell me what you think about all of this...

A clip from the article on NBC New York:

Chew on This: Kate Moss Was Right
"Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" makes sense to this fatty
Updated 10:12 AM CST, Wed, Jan 6, 2010

Back in November, supermodel Kate Moss told an interviewer from Women's Wear Daily that one of her dieting slogans was, "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels." Her quote was assailed by many, who said it promoted eating disorders and encouraged young women to shun food altogether in order to reach dangerously low weights. From the UK Telegraph:

Katie Green, a former Ultimo model, who launched the Say No To Size Zero campaign with Lembit Öpik, the Liberal Democrat MP, told The Sun: "There are 1.1 million eating disorders in the UK alone. Kate Moss's comments are likely to cause many more. If you read any of the pro-anorexia websites, they go crazy for quotes like this."

From Celebitchy:

"Comments like this make it even more difficult for young people struggling with an eating disorder," said Mary George, a representative of a British eating disorder charity called Beat. "She probably doesn't realize how dangerous such comments can be."...

The article continues HERE

You will also find the full article with the other point of view titled, Kate Moss: Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels, from  Simply click on the links, have a look, and share your thoughts on this with me...


NYE 2009: Official Playboy New Year's Eve Celebration


We were excited at the opportunity to have an InFashion team member cover the fabulous Playboy Party--from right inside the Hilton Chicago!  Below are some of the highlights--sent right to me from the owner of Global Adrenaline, a Chicago based entertainment and marketing company that specializes in celebrity/VIP nightlife events. 

"Over 4,750 party-goers rung in the New Year at the NYE 2010 Official Playboy New Year's Eve Celebration at Hilton Chicago. International hip-hop superstar Pitbull performed just after midnight in front of an A-list crowd including twelve Playboy Playmates and local athletes Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks, Loul Deng of the Chicago Bulls, and Chicago Bears players Mark Anderson, Jamar Williams, and Garrett Wolfe. What a great party to launch 2010!"


Christian Banach

Global Adrenaline, Owner/Founder


What a great night full of fun and stylish parties!  Be sure to check out the other two posts on New Years Eve in Chicago to get a sense of the variety that this great city has to offer...


Happy 2010!




**Have a look at the sexy photo gallery below featuring images from one of the hottest parties of the year!  Many thanks to Andrew Fearman for the photos and Christian Banach for his recap of the event...**

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NYE 2009: A Party in Pilsen


New Years Eve 2009 brought out such a variety of individuals all across the city.  Though the parties downtown were hot, there were other celebrations in Chicago that were just as stylish!  A bit south (and a bit west) of "the Loop" is the Lower West Side of Chicago.  Here you will find a community called Pilsen--a town rich in ethnic history, culture, and a thriving epicenter for the arts (the galleries that are spread on Halsted near 18th Street are beautiful and plentiful.)  Naturally, an area so full of art and creativity will bring out the most unique of individuals, each with their own personal style.  Enjoy these fabulous individuals and the looks they wore to a Chicago house party in Pilsen, Chicago...


Happy New Year from InFashion with Barbara Glass!




**Have a look at the gallery below to catch a glimpse of Chicago style from the Lower West Side!  Be sure to check out the other two NYE 2009 posts featuring looks from some of the hottest venues in the city!**

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The Tiffany & Co. Giveaway Winner!


I love to make people smile and play Santa...

We recently announced a contest offering the chance to win a Tiffany & Co. key pendant and necklace and were excited to see so many entries!  The contest has now come to a close and we would like to share a story about the winner with you...

For our winner, Megan Gatto, Tiffany & Co. holds a very special place in her heart. She received her first piece of Tiffany & Co. jewelry from her Grandfather after her beloved Grandmother had passed.  It was the last gift that her Grandmother had bought for her while she was alive.  For Megan, Tiffany & Co. represents warm memories of her Grandmother and we are so happy to add to her collection that was starting by such a cherished member of her family.

We want to wish Megan the very happiest of holidays and to all our readers who participated in our contest and check up on us every day:  Seasons Greetings and Happy New Year to all of you. We have lots of fun lined up for 2010--so keep a close eye on InFashion with Barbara Glass!

My best to all of you this holiday season...



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Brittany Murphy: Beautiful Actress Dies at Age 32


The talented and beautiful Brittany Murphy who was known for her beauty and her comedy, died moments ago of a heart attack at age 32.  Her film career set her apart as a woman who mastered the art of mixing comedy and glamor.  Bringing glamor to comedy is not an easy task for any actress, but Brittany did so with ease and grace.  For those who aren't familiar with Ms. Murphy, she may also be recognized as the voice of 
Luanne Platter from the popular cable show, King of the Hill.  Who could forget the stunning actress in the funny film, Clueless.  Her influence on both fashion and film will be greatly missed.


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Tom Ford's "A Single Man"

I was mesmerized listening to Tom Ford on Charlie Rose, my favorite talk show host, who was recently talking about "Single Man"--the latest movie project he directed with Colin Firth & Julianne Moore. Of course, most of us know that Ford brought glamor and sex back to fashion in the early 90's when he was the Creative Director at Gucci. He introduced velvet pantsuits and satin open-necked slinky shirts to the runway and celebrities quickly supported his new look. When I was the Founding Fashion Editor at CS (Chicago Social), I had the privilege of showing some of those pieces on models photographed for the cover of CS, including the exceptional patent boots that helped to give the magazine a cutting edge look.  Ford explained the differences of designing clothes to directing movies: "In fashion you are designing a dress that doesn't last. When you create a film, you create a world." I can't wait to see the results of his latest cinematic venture as most consider Ford the most influential designer of the last decade.

I certainly agree.


Beauty, Not Age, is What Matters


Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberst has been named the new face of Lancome. So happy to learn that forty is definitely the new thirty in the case of the beautiful 41 year old who is rumored to be receiving somewhere around 20 million for her contract. "Eat, Pray, Love" and "Valentine's Day" are two of the lastest new movies for this Pretty Woman. By the way her favorite color lipstick is Lancome's L'Absolut Rouge.   

Michelle Obama shimmers at the State Dinner


Obama's at State DInner

Okay. We all know (unless you are living under a rock or turkey) that a couple (gate crashers) broke the security at the first White House State Dinner with President Obama this week. Pretty dumb if you ask me since they can possibly land in jail just to get pictures to make them instant celebs. What we fashionistas should place a focus on is the amazing clothes that our First Lady wore during that day and night. Not only did she wear a gorgeous strapless gown in gold and cream colored with a silver overlay and stole by Indian born designer Naeen Khan at the evening dinner, she also wore a Rachel Roy (Indian born) skirt with a sweater from J.Crew. She certainly honored the Indian Prime Minister Mammohan Singh and his wife Gursharan Kaur with her choice of dress. I love a woman who knows her signature and style. In Mrs. O's case, she loves to mix high & low. Oh, did I mention that her chandelier earrings & bracelets need to be on my personal holiday list!

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Saturday Morning: InFashion with Barbara Glass on WGN Radio!


Please join me tomorrow morning, Saturday, November 28, 2009 at 9a.m. as I speak LIVE on WGN Radio during the ChicagoNow Saturday Morning Radio Show!  I will be sitting down with host, Bill Leff, to discuss a variety of topics including the hottest trends for men and women.  I will also share some ideas on where to get the "best buys" of the season!  This will surely be a program you don't want to miss..

Join in on the fun on Twitter by tweeting your questions/comments to @chicagonowradio during the show.  The best questions and comments will be called out on air for discussion!

To listen live online, simply follow this link:

I look forward to 'speaking' with all of you and to have a chance to answer any questions you may have about fashion, Chicago and anything else that comes up.  After all, Live radio always leaves room for spontaneity.  Talk to you soon!

-Barbara Glass

Chicago Retail Legend Joan Weinstein Passed Away


Joan Weinstein

So sad to learn that the former Queen of Oak Street, Joan Weinstein, passed away over the weekend. Joan Weinstein opened Ultimo in 1969 where she continued to add to the Ultimo Enterprises on Oak Street with Giorgio Armani, Sonia Rykiel and Jil Sander. She later expanded to other cities opening Ultimo boutiques in San Francisco & Dallas.

Her career began in Real Estate and she eventually entered into retailing with her husband Jerry Weinstein. But it was after her husband's death that she began to expand her growth to eventually earn her entrance into the distinguished member of the Chicago area entrepreneurship Hall of Fame.

In addition the Ultimo name, Joan Weinstein was respected around the world in fashion. Eventually retiring after 30 years, she kept a keen eye in fashion & went on to provide support & guidance for IKRAM, a high fashion Chicago designer boutique opened by a former salesperson (Ikram Goldman) from Ultimo whose fame continues to grow thanks in part to a well known client named Michelle Obama.

Joan was a wonderful mentor for many as I, along with others looked to her success when I opened my own boutique, Bottega Glaseia, on Oak Street years later. Joan was also a great interview when I had the pleasure of talking to her one-on-one in her Astor Street apartment for CS (Chicago Social) where I was the Fashion Editor. She will be missed but remembered by all fashionista's in Chicago & other cities who purchased clothing from one of the best in retailing.
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Jeans, Jeans, Jeans: DNA 2050

Who isn't looking for that perfect jean? Well, the newly opened DNA 2050 at 900 N. Michigan may have the solution. DNA 2050 is a deluxe denim shop for men & women that ensures having a pair of jeans for everyone with their selection up to 30 brands. Some of the designers include William Rast, True Religion, 7 for all Mankind, Joe's jeans along with ready-to-wear apparel and jewelry. I loved going to opening party with my friends & meeting some of the jean designers and founder Iraklis Karabassis. 

Welcome to InFashion with Barbara Glass!!


I am so excited to join the great team of bloggers at ChicagoNow, and to have the opportunity to expose the incredible fashion scene of Chicago to so many more people.  I love covering fashion on the streets of Chicago.  In addition, I'll be interviewing some of the coolest, stylish, and most inspiring, Chicagoans involved in fashion or other related industries.  

Anyways, I hope you like the blog!  To my old readers - please bare with me as we make this change, we are still working on transferring all (or at least all the best!) posts over from the old site. 

Thanks again, and welcome to InFashion with Barbara Glass!  

Valentino: The Last Emperor


Chicago is indeed a city rich in culture and continues to keep a strong eye towards fashion.  In observance of Fashion Focus Chicago 2009, the Gene Siskel Film Center will be bringing back the documentary "Valentino: The Last Emperor," showing this film  this Thursday, October 22 through next Thursday, October 29.  It was directed by Matt Tyrnauer of Vanity Fair Magazine and features the inner circle of haute couture king Valentino Garavani, his extravagant three-day retirement marathon, and plenty of footage featuring the elite of the fashion world.  General admission is $10. This is a must for anyone who loves fashion & wants to get a "behind the scenes" view on what it takes to be called an "Emperor" in fashion.  Although I have seen the documentary once, I can't wait to see it again!  A women can never overdose on beautiful fashions.  

"Plus-sized" Models Embrace their Curves!


Hats off to Glamour Magazine for celebrating real women, as in models that actually have some curves!  The November issue of the popular fashion magazine has a beautiful photo spread with seven "plus-sized" models who bare it all!  Of, did I mention they are sizes 12 and 14 - like I said, real women.  And if you didn't know, any model that is a size 0-4 is considered to be "plus-sized" - tell me thats not just a bit absurd!  When I formerly worked for Glamour Magazine, we used to push ourselves to challenge the norms in the  industry and pursue only the truest of fashion, and I'm glad to see that they haven't changed!  I hope soon we will learn that women of all sizes are beautiful!  

"Fat" Model Fired at Ralph Lauren


If "fat" means a beautifu, 5'10" model weighing 120 lbs and wearing a size 4, women need to demand some changes. Fillipa Hamilton was a successful model at Ralph Lauren from the age of 17 years old. Today at 23, Ralph Lauren canceled her contract claiming she did not live up to her agreement. The company air brushed an ad of the model to make her look like a size "0" which distorted her entire image. When are women going to protest? When Cindy Crawford was a super-model, sample pieces were a size 6 or 8. Today samples are a size 2 or 4. What is this doing to our self-esteem and young women everywhere. I will never get tired of supporting women of all sizes as we are all beautiful!!

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