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Bohemian Drop & Chandelier Earrings

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Doesn't Kate Hudson look gorgeous in her white halter maxi dress and turquoise chandelier earrings?  You can't go wrong with a lightweight sun dress this season, the "hippie" or "bohemian" look is still in!  Accessorize with some teardrop shaped or chandelier earrings for the all-out goddess look.

My favorite style of these long earrings are by Hive and Honey.  Check out the Orange Beaded Earrings!  One of the most extreme pairs I found by Tarina Tarantino are extra large Skull Drop Earrings, an adorable choice for the punk rock fashionista! 

With earrings as large and detailed as these chandeliers, make sure not to OVER accessorize.  A simple bangle set of bracelets or a large ring is plenty, especially if you are sporting a stylish print maxi dress.   There's no need for a bulky necklace, these earrings will do the job!  

Image Creditsi:  Google, Piperlime, ShopStyle,

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Rings On Your Fingers

Ring wearing has never left fashion. In today's fashion, double rings are all the rage. Wearing rings is not only a way to make a fashion statement. Take a look at your hands, see which fingers you tend to wear your rings. Many people are unaware that when you pick a finger to wear a ring on you are communicating part of your personality. Each finger on your hands represent a different meaning. When you wear a ring on your thumb finger it represents you are strong and independent. Rings on your index finger shows you are ambitious, self confident and a leader. The middle finger represents a balance life. Affection and creativity is associated with the ring finger. Finally the pinky finger represents confidence and openness to relationships. Our rings say more then we think! 

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Jewelry Trends: Nicole Richie's House of Harlow

The 1960's and 1970's Bohemian styles are back in fashion for this spring and summer. 
Nicole Richie introduced her 1960's inspired jewelry line back in 2008 at Kitson boutique in Los Angeles, and since then the line has grown to include shoes, bags, and more!  Try some funky bangles, worn above the elbow on the upper arm to define your style.   The classic zig-zag patterns and a warm red-orange-yellow color palette that characterized the 1970's is back this season, so go bright and bold when it comes to accessorizing!

If your summer wardrobe is stocked with the popular Maxi Dress, it is a must to accessories with House of Harlow pieces!  For the indie chic look, sport a beaded headpiece!  House of Harlow is only available in boutiques, so make sure to check out the following online shops to get your jewelry trends:  Kitson, ShopStyle, and Piperlime for shoes!

Image credits: Singer22, Kitson,, Piperlime, Google

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Pearls: IN or OUT?

Celebrities and The Love Of Pearls
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Pearls have long been the go-to accessory because they are incredibly versatile; worn at   many different lengths, with a variety of colors and materials that you can incorporate into it. Sightings of gorgeous pearl jewelry on celebrities is everywhere and pearls adorn models in many of the Spring/Summer catalogs this year. I must admit I love wearing my mom's pearls mixed with faux and real chains to give it a modern edge. Pearls can be worn by anyone and I think added to any outfit they will always be instant chic . Do you think pearls are IN or OUT? 

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Does size matter? Big vs. Small Jewelry Trends

We've all seen it flooding the streets and runways, those big, bulky necklace chains and bangles making more of a statement than clothes themselves! Below is a list of designer pieces to help you decide whether statement jewelry is in or out.  Does size really matter when it comes to accessorizing? Let's compare.


(Left to Right), Nina Ricci thin gold woven necklace, and Chanel collar with gold and black chain.   When it comes to necklaces, going big isn't always best.   The Nina Ricci necklace is delightfully delicate.  It has the touch of  timeless beauty that will always be in style. On the other hand, Chanel's ostentatious piece may be an accessory reserved for special occasions - it can be tricky pairing this necklace with your everyday wardrobe.


(Left to Right) Giles & Brother leather and gold wrap around hook bracelet, CA & LOU pink metallic rhinestone cuff.  The Giles & Brother bracelet has a sleek over-sized hook clasp, however CA & Lou's mismatch of industrial, geometric shapes and a soft pastel pink presents an enchanting alternative.  Bigger is better when it comes to these two!


(Left to Right) Bulgari blue and black with yellow gemstone post earrings, Christian Dior tri-color cascade earrings.  Earrings are traditionally the one piece of jewelry you want to sparkle the most.  Bulgari's earrings provide that romantic dazzle, with a just a bit of colorful flair from a classic one-stone gem post earring.   Dior's dangle earrings are stunning, rocking asymmetric shapes and a blue to silver color gradient, however they borderline on questionable costume jewelry from the 1980's.   Go classic over kitsch and sport Bulgari's smaller option!


(Left to right) Jack Vartanian gold 18k ring, Kara Ross metallic gold asymmetrical over-sized ring.  The Kara Ross ring nearly triples in size, with bold, uninhibited shapes rivaling the neat pattern of the lesser Jake Vartanian.   With the two ring styles so similar, big vs. small is simply a matter of personal style.  Which do you prefer?


(Left to Right) Fallon silver chain pendant necklace, Fenton black ribbon tie layered silver chain necklace.   Layers and tangled necklaces are definitely in style, however how much is too much?  Fallon's simple pendant necklace is classic and romantic, in contrast to Fenton's loud layering of cross-shaped charms, silver spikes, and chains that vary in size.   If you wear a simple Fallon necklace, it's easy to add another big piece like the CA & LOU bracelet above.  However, be cautious of what accessories you pair with the Fenton - if anything!

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