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Commando: second-skin panties, muffin-top begone legwear, bigger busts & much more!

commando feature.png
Would you like a solution to fix all your fashion emergencies? Do you want to know how to be red carpet ready this holiday season? I suggest you try the lingerie and accessory brand of choice of celebrities and stylists, and of course myself for one reason... her look's products really work!
To banish visible panty lines: go commando!
Fight muffin hips: wear commando legwear. 
Boost your bust: try cleavage cupcakes or takeouts ... and
To fix all your fashion faux pas: lowbeams, tophats, matchtips or matchsticks are the solution.

Yes, commando products have got you covered!

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Thanksgiving Day Dress: What to Wear?

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Yes, Thanksgiving Day is approaching and I'd like to help you find the perfect outfit to wear on the holiday. While some of us are packing our weekend bags and others are planning dinner for the first time we are all feeling the mixed excitement and dread of Thanksgiving weekend, so considering what to wear is easily put on the back burner. No matter your style or the formality or informality of your get-together, it's the perfect excuse to put together a fabulous outfit that makes you feel good! Let's check out 5 Thanksgiving Day looks - from football to formal dinner (or that can handle the damage of that pecan pie. whichever).

1. Football + Couchies = Casual
2. Meeting your BF's Parents = Conservative & Chic
3. The Cook = Practical
4. Dinner at a Formal Restaurant = Dress it Up!
5. Going Some Place Warm = Lucky You! .. and Hot Hues

* See "what to wear" for all 5 looks in the slideshow below.

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"Perfect is Perfectly Boring" Going Gray: Yea? Or Nay?

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Going Gray has never looked so glamorous. This once-shunned shade has become the latest head turning hue, and it can be both chic and flattering, and it won't age you a day! Models Kate Moss and Daphne Guinness, pop icons like Pink, American Idol contestant Lilly Scott, and 13-year old blogger Tavi Gevinson are all caught up in the silver rush. And, that's just to name a few - the domino effect is "in effect!" Gray strands ran rampant down the runway at Thakoon's spring showcase, and Channel Couture embraced the trend, sending models down the runway in shiny silver-streaked wigs. Proving that gray hair can be sophisticated and beautiful at any age so go ahead, ladies, are you ready to get your gray on?

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"Perfect is Perfectly Boring"


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When I went away to college, I was surprised to see the pain young women, like myself, would subject themselves to all in the name of beauty! An 18 year old blond would iron her curly locks on an ironing board so she could have hair like model, Cheryl Tiegs (who, by the way, is in this past weekend's Time Magazine; 63 and fabulous). One person I admired for her self esteem (perhaps I didn't understand her politics) was Angela Davis. She had the most amazing Afro! I only remember other black women celebrities like Diana Ross and Tina Turner, with wigs. I did love a young Chelsea Clinton with curls but I also loved her hair when it was swept up at her recent wedding. Amy Irving was one of the first celebs to make layers of natural curls popular. Recently you may have seen my post from Glamorama...I interviewed the talented Macy Gray who had the coolest looking natural hair! By the way, back in the 80's I tried to perm my straight locks at a very chic salon in NYC so i could have curls. Yes I admit that my hair was straight and shiny but don't we always want what someone else has until we discover our own signature? Remember..."Perfect is Perfectly Boring".


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Perfect is Perfectly Boring: Women Growing Older and Embracing It!

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Finally, we may be over the obsession with youth. Yes, I respect youth but we will age and, hopefully now we can do it gracefully as magazine covers for September are embracing this trend with Jennifer Aniston at 41 on the cover of Bazaar, Halle Berry at 43 on the cover of Vogue, and Julia Roberts at 43 on the cover of Elle. Sandra Bullock, at 46, graced the cover of Glamour in June, and she is the top female Hollywood star earning 63 million this year.
All of my readers know I believe that "Perfect is Perfectly Boring" which I shared recently with the millinery designer Philip Treacy and the designers from Rag & Bone, Marcus Wainwright and David Neville who agree. Treacy added, in our interview at: (, that what hat lovers Camellia Parker Bowles, Lady Gaga and Sarah Jessica Parker all have in common is that they are not perfect. So, love every wrinkle as a sign of wisdom. If you don't have smile lines you are definitely not loving life and need to smile more. Check out photos from the cover shoots of Bazaar, Vogue, Elle and Glamour in the slideshow below and remember "Embrace, Don't Erase, Your Age!"

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"Perfect is Perfectly Boring"

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When I post a note, I'm saying, "I choose to be positive!" This is the mission of Caitlin Boyle's, Operation Beautiful; which began with her dedication to end negative self-talk in girls, women, and men by posting anonymous notes in public places for other people to find. Caitlin started leaving positive messages on the mirrors of public restrooms - at work, at the gym, at the grocery store. She would scribble down whatever came to mind - "You are beautiful!" or "You are amazing just the way you are!" The point being that we are all enough... just the way we are, and we should celebrate this, and participate by posting a positive note. You can send your Operation Beautiful note to Caitlin at, to be posted on the site. I love women that embrace themselves and yes, Caitlin is celebrating who she is, and through this operation encouraging a positive image in others. With one small act, Caitlin kick-started a movement, and little post-it notes have never been so powerful! I already know what my first motivating note will say... my coined phrase of course, "Perfect is Perfectly Boring." What will yours say? 

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"The Secret to Sexy Summer Legs"

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With the warm weather here and many sunny days still ahead it's time to flash those pins. Your legs can always use some extra pampering, and care, and here's how to get those super-sexy and beach ready legs you're yearning for:

Summer Legs Tip #1: MOISTURIZE
For beautiful legs, the key is to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! I recommend the award-winning St. Ives Soothing Oatmeal & Shea Lotion. This lotion, with oatmeal and naturally rich shea butter nourishes and intensely hydrates the skin to achieve the soft, shiny look that your legs deserve. I purchased this lotion at Walgreens about a month ago and it's the best one I've found in a long time, even better it's only $4.79. I also have another favorite formula, but this one comes with a higher price tag. If you're up for spending a little more $$ try Epicuren After Bath Kukui Nut Coconut and your legs will have never felt this moisturized, smooth and shiny, and it lasts for days. I discovered this lotion when I got a honey bee wrap at a spa in California. They covered me in this formula from head to toe and I didn't feel like I needed to put lotion on for 3 days. It's a great product and comes in many different scents. You can purchase it at

Summer Legs Tip #2: SHAVING
Cuts and nicks from your shaving routine can be tough to hide when you're out in the sun in a swimsuit or when wearing that fab summer dress you just bought. Make sure you're using a sharp blade, and change it regularly because most likely you're shaving more often this time of year. I think the best and most affordable razor out there for women today is the Schick Quattro Trimstyle. And again, MOISTURIZE those pins immediately afterwards to prevent razor burn and bumps.

To keep your skin well-hydrated means you'll need to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. I know this is a hard thing for everybody... I'm definitely guilty of not drinking enough. I recommend carrying a bottle of water around all day as a reminder to drink up. The other important tip is to take your vitamin C to help increase circulation; the improved blood flow to your legs can prevent varicose veins and keep your legs looking as summer-ready and as healthy as possible.

Get your legs sexy and fabulous with these simple tips for one unforgettable summer!

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"Perfect is Perfectly Boring"

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Once again I want to address how the definition of beauty, hopefully, will continue to change in this age of celebrating all women. Last week I addressed the fuller-figure women being featured modeling collections in ads for designers like Jean Paul Gaultier. This week I am looking to another women who is not perfect but admired by many women. Sarah Jessica Parker is indeed looked to as a role model for being sexy, very attractive and intelligent with her success on the big screen and small screen in addition to many ads for products including hair treatments. So what could not be perfect about this celebrity? Well, take a look at her legs. No they are not perfect. In fact, when I was kid, this was referred to as bow-legged. Well we know this has never been a deterrent for MS. SJP. She knows exactly how to pose for the camera to make herself look extraordinary, and she is. I love women that embrace themselves and yes, celebrate who they are. Who would be on your list of women who are fab but not perfect. 

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Perfect is Perfectly Boring

C.R. for Perrfect.png

I often get so frustrated, as a women, with all the emphasis on what is considered perfect beauty today. It is exhausting to continue to see faces plumped up with fillers, Botox and surgical enhancement to the point of extreme like Heidi Montag. Yes, we all remember Goldie Hawn's lips in the movie The First Wives Club. What I mean is the extreme of anything, as I'm not against change as we all know fashion is about change. Even Hollywood is looking for stars that are more natural looking for certain roles today. As an example, take a look above at Jean Paul Gaultier's fall/winter 2010.11 ad campaign above. It's missing what most magazines and advertisements almost always include which is a size 0, 2 or 4 white female. Instead Gaultier cast plus-size model Crystal Renn, along with Chinese model Ping Hue and French model Kelly Moreira.
When my son was only five years old, he came home from school with a drawing that was all marked up in red. The teacher said he drew a picture of a heart incorrectly because it was lopsided. I immediately pulled out my lopsided silver heart from Tiffany by Elsa Peretti to explain that it was considered an art form along with her financial success. My exact words to him were, "perfect is perfectly boring." So once again to prove my point and, hopefully to celebrate all women who are unique, I have decided to do a weekly post on, "Perfect is Perfectly Boring." Look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions.

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Spring Trends 2010: Ready-to-Wear and Ready For YOU!


Spring Ready-to-Wear runway shows have hit the marks for 2010 and I have to say, I'm more excited than I've been in years.  Flirty, feminine looks are beginning to show up again and luxury is on it's way back:  bye, bye, Recession Blues! 

Lagerfeld for Fendi:  always F(!)antastic.  His Fendi line took the gold for me this season with looks that showcase the easy, feminine drape of many Spring lines.  The ecru silk tunic with asymmetrical hem and half sleeve continues a great trend that's oh-so-easy to wear: over-sized.  In the gallery, you'll notice pales pink, teeny tiny silk shorts with a high hem and also a great drape.  Lagerfeld also masters the art of juxtaposition; the tailored white blouse with an expertly draped half sleeve and a deep keyhole detail from the prim neckline to the bust is also completely sheer.  Hot!  Paired with a paper bag waist stiff cotton skirt in chocolate brown, we get an interesting mix of tailoring with an unstructured flirty skirt.  He also shows a beautiful fringe-y, furry, feather-y jacket with a halter neck and a tiered asymmetrical hem dress in pale pink satin with a taupe organza crossed overlay around the neckline and bust.  I love it when he steps away from his traditional love of black and white to dabble in the subtlety of warm creams, taupes, and pinks.

But Karl's not the only one showing earth tones for Spring 2010.  This season you'll find low-contrast, high voltage looks from Bottega Veneta, Burberry, and D&G.  Throw on your sass-filled jacket; and let's go shopping, dear!  As evidenced by my top four jackets in the gallery below, menswear inspired pieces are still reigning supreme.  Consider a feminized, ever-so-chic Gucci motorcycle jacket, or pick an updated boyfriend blazer from either Alberta Ferretti's Philosophy or Louis Vuitton.  A rougher option is the military style double breasted offering from Comme de Garcons.

One last thing I feel compelled to cover is the resurgence of overalls. Overalls!?  I almost can't believe my eyes.  I'm reserving judgment (for now).  I love a jumper, with pants, jodhpurs, shorts--but overalls?  While a few tickled my fancy, some where down-right-wrong.  As long as we go the right direction (as one of the designs from Gaultier below seems to be doing) I may just love the look.  But, if all we have is a denim bib, I think I'll take a pass.


**I hope you enjoy the pictures I culled from some of my favorite designers' shows and I hope I can help and inspire you to help others on our joint quest for warmer days and hotter nights enjoyed in some of these gorgeous garments.  Stay tuned for IN or OUT? coming tomorrow and every Wednesday!**

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Guest Blogger: Christina Fan, Designer of C/FAN


Spring 2010 Trends:

...with Christina Fan...

Girl Meets Boy:

Or is it Boy meets Girl?  Lately, fashion is blurring the line between masculinity and femininity with styles such as dropped crotch pants, boyfriend blazers, and even men in skirts.  YSL was one of the first in the industry to shock us with the tuxedo for women (gasp!) with a campaign that focused on an androgynous model. 

Nowadays, it's a common occurrence for women to wear their boyfriend's jeans or shirts.  In many cases, these styles are often viewed as the most fashion forward.  With designers such as Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana, trending towards the epicene, smaller brands will soon follow suit by the masses.  While to some of you this trend may seem risky or perhaps even unattractive--I believe it is all about embracing comfort and ease.  Warning! Don't just grab one of Dad's old suits.  Pair a menswear inspired dress shirt with a pair of leggings and hot heels and call it a day. Easy!

**Visit the gallery below to view some images collected by Christina Fan, just for you!  Also, check out her fabulous collection, C/FAN, offering beautiful garments that shift seamlessly from work to play...BE SURE TO CHECK BACK TOMORROW FOR OUR "IN OR OUT?" POST!!**

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Man-Up Monday: Know your 'Dos


Happy Monday to all my Chicago men!  Today on Man-Up Monday, we wanted to quickly discuss a topic very important to all of your wives and lady-friends:  hair cuts for spring!  Yes--we know, we know:  "Well, what's in it for me?", you ask.  Though these new 'dos apply strictly to the ladies, we thought it would be nice if you had a little "style education" in the hair cut arena.  These tips come right from Michael Jacobson, stylist and co-owner of the very popular Michael & Michael Salon (take your babe there for the best cut in Chicago!)  After all, having a well-rounded knowledge of what your woman likes (hair and clothing) can only help you in the long run!  (Plus, there's some pretty hot photos in the gallery that you wont get yelled at for looking through.  (You're welcome.))  So, polish up on your "bobs and bangs" and you just might be "the lucky one" tonight!


p.s. Check back next Monday for another Man-Up Monday post and don't miss our Guest Blogger, Christina Fan, as she shares with us her style knowledge tomorrow! 

Sexy Hair for Spring:

...brought to you by my friends at Michael & Michael Salon...

This spring, shorter textured cuts are in - still balanced, blended and feminine, but with a little rock star thrown in.   Hair that is too long, flat, and straight is definitely out.  Think choppier layers, still with some length, not too clean, but not too messy either. This slightly shaggier look, when done right, still reads as completely feminine and playful.  (Kristen Stewart)

Even classic shorter cuts like the bob and pixie can still be in and edgy - with a couple of twists.

Consider updating your bob by adding a razored or more textured finish.   For a shorter bob, the length should land at the jaw line (Katie Holmes). A longer bob should skim the shoulder (Heidi Kluhm).  To create some drama, add bangs to either length bob - this will pop the eyes and cheekbones and create a really sexy, flirty look (Rhianna).

To transform the short pixie, add a longer asymmetrical bang.  This softer, but still dramatic, look will also bring out the eyes and cheek bones (Keira Knightley).

Determining which shorter, edgier shape is right for you, ultimately depends on your face shape, neck length and overall head shape.  And make sure your stylist knows the difference between drama (Victoria Beckham) and disaster (Kate Gosselin:  pre-extensions)!

-Michael Jacobson

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Accessory Friday: Hair Ornaments

Every blue moon, we all have bad hair days! S,o what do we do? Well, we can always hide our hair under a hat, but why not opt for something more stylish? Barrettes, head scarves and headbands are a great solution and accessory. Yes, I know that most of us haven't worn a barrette since we were in grade school, but they can look cool again. Why not try something new? Your hair will love you!

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Guest Blogger: Christina Fan, Designer of C/FAN


Spring 2010 Trends:

...with Christina Fan...

To Harem or Not to Harem?

Women of Chicago, what are your thoughts on the harem pant trend? While I admit these roomy pantaloons are a very comfortable and stylish alternative to the constant legging or skinny jean, not every woman can catch Aladdin's affection like Princess Jasmine. If you've been skeptical of this trend, now is your chance to test the waters. Thank the Spring winds for they have blessed us with an update to the much feared harem! 

This season's runways overflowed with roomy trousers that said an enthusiastic goodbye to the dumpy pants of yore and a hearty hello to roomy trousers.  Rather than screaming "Wayward Traveler," Spring 2010's dropped-crotch drawers joyously shout, "Crisp, Class and Ease!" With heavy hitting majors such as Givenchy, Dries Van Noten, and Lanvin forging the way, this season's must have is available in a variety of patterns and textures for versatile wearability. Designers have even considered the warmer months by offering shorter versions that cleverly resemble skirts.  So get your cartwheel ready ladies, for with these easy bottoms, wardrobe malfunctions are now a thing of the past!

**Visit the gallery below to view some images collected by Christina Fan, just for you!  Be sure to check out her fabulous collection, C/FAN, offering beautiful garments that shift seamlessly from work to play...  Follow our guest blogger next week as Christina brings us more trends for spring/summer 2010!**

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Man-Up Monday: Proper Hair Grooming


Happy Monday to all my readers!  Today on Man-Up Monday we bring you an important topic that is vital to all Chicago men in the city (and really, in the world!)  Yes, it's time to tackle those brows and backs and beards for a little conversation about proper hair grooming.  These tips come right from Michael Jacobson, stylist and co-owner of the very popular Michael & Michael Salon.  So, to all my friendly (furry) fellow's:  Have a look, get some tips and try them for yourself!  After all, what do you have to lose?  Other than all of that unattractive and unruly hair...



Men's Hair Grooming 101:

...brought to you by my friends at Michael & Michael Salon...


Complete grooming for the modern, stylish man goes well beyond getting a good haircut and shaving your face.  Too often, men overlook the importance of also maintaining the hair on the rest of their bodies.  As men age, they often start to lose hair on their head while at the same time seeing hair grow more in places where they don't want it - the nose, ears, eyebrows, neck and back.   Chest hair, too, and become unruly and need trimming.  It is just as important to manage excess body hair, as it is the thinning hair on your head.


To look your best, follow these grooming tips:

(1)  Thinning Hair.  Don't kid yourself - cut it off.  Growing thinning hair longer only accentuates it and makes the scalp look barer. NEVER try to hide it with a comb over or any other "combing trick" you may come up with!  This makes hair loss even more noticeable.    Keeping the hair shorter on top with the sides and back high and tight actually makes the hair look thicker.  Creating a square shape cut also makes the face shape appear more square which tends to look thinner and younger. Hair products can also help.  XFusion is a hair powder made up of organic keratin fibers that can hide the scalp and help thinning hair look thicker and fuller.  A very light pomade or gel works best to style thinning hair.  Be careful, though, not to  use too much gel or pomade as this clumps hair together and exposes the scalp more.

(2)  Maintain the sideburn.  Sideburns affect the overall shape of the hair cut and face shape and should be cut at approximately mid ear depending on ear size and face shape - not too long and not too short.  To maintain the length when shaving, turn your head to the side, place razor straight and then down stroke.  Turning your head to the side ensures keeping the razor strait so you won't cut the sideburn at an angle.

(3)  Nose and Ears. There is nothing more unattractive than sprouts coming out of your nose and ears!   Get a good nose/ear trimmer and trim both areas as often as you shave. 

(4)  Trim your bushy brows.  Your stylist should trim your brows as part of your haircut.  To do it yourself, comb the brow down and while holding the comb flat against your head, clip any hair that comes through the comb.

(5)  Don't get caught looking like a Bear.  Too much hair on the back and chest is not a good thing.  (Especially if you're spending any time at the beach.)  Invest in a clipper with a guard like the one's a barber may use.  You should shave the hair short (cropped) but don't shave it off (unless you are in great shape and have the pecs and abs to show off) No shiny bellies or man boobs please!  Use the #3 guard on the chest and #1 on the back.  Waxing is an option for your back, but it can be painful, expensive and cause irritation resulting in in-grown hairs that can become infected resembling acne.  If you go the waxing route, see a licensed professional.


Most of the overall grooming listed above can be done by your stylist or barber (excepting nose, back & chest) and simply maintained by you in between visits.  Your stylist should cut your brows down, clean hair from ears, trim and shape sideburns and shave the neck.  The rest, is up to you.


**Have a look at the gallery (if you dare!) and see some of the exact reasons why this post made its' way to Man-Up Monday!  Many thanks to Michael & Michael for bringing this all too often NOT talked about topic to the forefront.  See below--and get buzzing, clipping, or cutting!"

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Guest Blogger: Christina Fan, Designer of C/FAN


I'm excited to announce that the beautiful and talented Christina Fan will be our guest blogger for this month!  She will be addressing some of the hottest trends for Spring 2010 that will soon hit our favorite Chicago stores like H&M, Zara and Forever 21.  Christina is a Chicago-based womenswear designer.  Her line, C/FAN, was recently featured in the 2009 Gen Art "Fresh Faces in Fashion" Show and will be carried at Le Dress,
Jake, Bonnie & Clyde's, and Tula.  I am so pleased to have Christina share with us some of her expert advice on one of my favorite topics...

Spring 2010 Trends:
...with Christina Fan...

Move over skimpy dresses and make way for the new hit trend of Spring 2010: Separates.  Follow this season's ABC's with designers such as Alexander Wang, Balmain and Chloe, all of whom embrace versatility and texture with separate pieces that easily convert from work to play. 

With a nod to the consumer's need to budget, designers are opting for pieces that can be worn time and time again while slipping seamlessly into existing wardrobes.  Don't be fooled though, today's separates are far from any old sweater set.  Chicago's boutiques will stock up on key pieces such as sexy jackets, draped tops, and body hugging bottoms in a variety of weights and textures. 

The best thing about separates?  You can make a bold statement by combining lace, leather and sequins or just add a bit of *pop* to your outfit with a sheer top.  Ladies, charge past 2009 with force and dressing accordingly; find your favorite separates in a flattering neutral and layer to your heart's content!

**Visit the gallery below to view some images collected by Christina Fan, just for you!  Be sure to check out her fabulous collection, C/FAN, offering beautiful garments that shift seamlessly from work to play...**

Gallery sneak peek (16 images):

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New Year's Eve Fashion

With New Years Eve only a few days away - I'm sure some of you have already begun to stress over what you're going to be wearing out to dinner or to the clubs.  Well, we here at InFashion thought that we'd give you a little holiday help, providing you with a few ideas of how to look great, and stay comfortable, while ringing in the New Year.  Take a look at the video, featuring the very lovely, and beautiful Trisia!  And, to all my readers, please have a fun (and safe) New Years Eve and I'll see you in 2010!  

Saturday Morning: InFashion with Barbara Glass on WGN Radio!


Please join me tomorrow morning, Saturday, November 28, 2009 at 9a.m. as I speak LIVE on WGN Radio during the ChicagoNow Saturday Morning Radio Show!  I will be sitting down with host, Bill Leff, to discuss a variety of topics including the hottest trends for men and women.  I will also share some ideas on where to get the "best buys" of the season!  This will surely be a program you don't want to miss..

Join in on the fun on Twitter by tweeting your questions/comments to @chicagonowradio during the show.  The best questions and comments will be called out on air for discussion!

To listen live online, simply follow this link:

I look forward to 'speaking' with all of you and to have a chance to answer any questions you may have about fashion, Chicago and anything else that comes up.  After all, Live radio always leaves room for spontaneity.  Talk to you soon!

-Barbara Glass

Thanksgiving Dressing

We all know the question that comes to mind when the holidays begin to roll around is, "What Do I wear!?"  As an Image & Wardrobe Consultant I hear this all the time.  Well, I've decided to be extra generous this Thanksgiving season and give away some free style advice on how to stay fashionable, elegant and, most importantly, comfortable this holiday season by utilizing pieces that every woman should have in her closet.  Take a peek at my video and, to all my viewers, have a very happy Thanksgiving!  

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