John Galliano Fired From Dior: Anti-Semitism Rears It's Ugly Head Once Again

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Tell me, how does one work in an industry where many of the biggest talents are Jews, from designers to CEO's of companies? How about Ralph Lauren, Issac Mizrahi, Calvin Klein, Donna Karen, Diane Von Furstenberg, Dana Buchman, etc.,etc... just to name a few. John Galliano, Christian Dior designer, didn't seem to mind getting a paycheck signed by Jews. But now, after too many drinks (pulling a Mel Gibson?) at a bar two weeks ago, and a video of his disgusting comments, he has been fired. Oscar-winner Natalie Portman, Israeli-born and the face of Christian Dior's latest scent, has also found him disgusting. "Having watched the racist rantNatalie Portman, the Israeli-born face of Miss Dior Chérie, also released a statement last night. The newly crowned best actress said: "I am deeply shocked and disgusted by the video of John Galliano's comments that surfaced today." Christian Dior 's CEO Sidney Toledano, said the following, "I very firmly condemn what was said by John Galliano, which totally contradicts the values which have always been defended by Christian Dior."

I, too, am angered and saddened by this recent public proud to see people stand up to this act of prejudice as it is indeed , just plain ignorant!



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celt said:

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Galliano is a disgusting idiot and should be fired. Now if we could only get rid of the Islamophobes half the talking heads on TV, amongst countless others, would be out of a job as well. Of course, unlike anti semitism, hatred of Moslems is fashionable and passes without notice or comment.

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