Oversized Rimmed Glasses: "IN or OUT"

Over-sized rimmed glasses, also known as "nerd" glasses, have been around for seasons now.  They have changed shape, color, and size, and still seem to be sticking around.  Designers like Tom Ford and Dior have jumped on the band wagon as well.  Celebrities like Kanye West, and Justin Bieber have been spotted wearing the glasses on multiple occasions.  What do you think, are the nerd glasses still cool, or are they out?...

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Andy-Kid said:


OUT! Come on, this shouldn't even be a question.

Barbara Glass said:


Thanks for your comment. Some of us never want to part with our favorite pair of glasses and eventually they may come back in style.

r_vance_b said:


most of those aren't even prescription.... lame. i've been wearing nerdy glasses for decades, on accident.

The Chicago Snob said:


Like everything else, it depends. However, anything associated with Justin Bieber should just shrivel up and die a slow, horrible, death. On the whole, I think these glasses are ridiculous. In my opinion, people should stop trying to make fashion statements and let who they are set them apart from the crowd, instead of what they wear. And for those of you claiming "self-expression" as a justification for dressing like this, get a clue. If it was true expression of Self, there wouldn't be a gazillion other people wearing the exact same thing.

Barbara Glass said:


Some of us set the trends, others follow them. Thanks for your comments.

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